[SOLVED] Windows 10 Admin Account Inaccessible


Dec 16, 2018
Please help! Urgent, university semester in the balance (can't access my main account with all my documents)

TLDR Version: While browsing on Opera, PC just started messing up (random windows opening, infinite tabs opening, taskbar flashing etc) - stopped once keyboard was unplugged (Corsair keyboard, uses software). Turned PC off at power source, turned back on, and I can't login to my admin account. Keyboard also broken, but on screen keyboard tried and no password works (spent 30 mins going through every possibility).

I have a second user account but it has no admin privileges and can't reset my main account's pw.. How do I get back into my PC? ALSO: I don't have the Windows 10 CD or USB, I bought this Desktop prebuilt

Long version:

Here's what happened

-Browsing web

-Stuff started appearing, minimizing and coming fullscreen, the taskbar was blinking. I turned my PC off at the source.

-Turn it back on

-Main account login picture is reset, can't login to admin account. No passwords work (on screen keyboard).

-Login to second user account (never use this one, just default user account) plugged in second keyboard, can't type. All keyboard mappings are off (this keyboard works on my friend's computer, the 2nd one). I know that this second keyboard usually works.

-Whenever I try to type in an empty browser tab on other account with new keyboard, keys don't register, and when they do it's a command like bookmarking the page or bringing up save option to save webpage as html file. Keys don't work in search bar or task bar either.

-When I plugged in the second keyboard and clicked on command prompt, it was typing the keys but would always input a "^" before... So if I typed in the M key 3 times, it would appear "^M^M^M". Same with MOST keys but some did random things like backspace (L key backspaced). Other usb devices are functional, the mouse is functional. Keyboard WOULD NOT type anywhere else but in CMD.

I include these details because they may ne related to me not being able to login? Some sort of malware or something? Either way I need to somehow get back into the admin account, it's the only computer I own and I can't do my assignments without it - thank you for your time!