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  1. S

    Question Please Please help.. Malware/Virus corrupted my windows

    Hi Ill try t be berife .. Im running windows 10.. and i downlaoded a couple files... and after placing one of them on my desktop.. things started getting very weird.. i was not able to install or launch anything including task manager and everytime getting error message ".... ... the...
  2. C

    Question Random Shortcut Appeared on my desktop

    Hello hello, Today as i logged onto my computer i noticed that there was a stand alone internet shortcut sitting on my desktop. I use a two monitor setup and I dont have any shortcuts on my second monitor so it was strange to me that this internet shortcut was by itself on my second monitor...
  3. P

    Question How do I remove the RosaCanina extension from my PC ?

    Hi everyone. I was using my computer like normal and went to use the search engine and it kept searching with yahoo instead of google. I went into the chrome settings and made sure it was set to google which it was. I then found an extension called RosaCanina in my Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The...
  4. O

    Question Can just visiting a website cause a virus or malware on your system?

    I visited a website called earlier which seemed a bit dodge to me, I didn't download anything but I am a bit of a noob and am worrying whether just by visiting a website it can cause a virus or malware on your system? Thanks! I have Chrome up to date and have anti-virus installed.
  5. Sinatra

    Question Suspicious activity on router logs, constant port scanning and attacks

    I was experiencing major drops in my performance 2 weeks ago, contacted my ISP & they advised it was resolved. One week ago, the connection suddenly dropped completely & this happened several times consistently for the following days - checked the security logs & found the following. Please let...
  6. BlunderScore

    Question Possible Discord Malware? Ransomware? RAT?

    So I entirely fell for one of those 'Will you try this game?' scams on Discord, still feel really dumb since I should have known better but for some reason I thought a friend had actually sent it to me... turns out they were also hacked. I stupidly followed the instructions and next thing I...
  7. J

    Question Internet SIM Card

    Hi, guys, I would like to ask whether it is possible to somehow compromise a SIM card inside a dongle plugged into PC for internet connection. Thanks!
  8. themankid

    Question Is this caused by a virus/malware ?

    Hello! I have reached a plateau in troubleshooting these issues. A few weeks ago after a Windows update I have been unsuccessful at updating or reinstalling my ASRock 6700xt Phantom Graphics card. Keep getting error that windows has taken over the driver. Well then I discovered that external...
  9. _dawn_chorus_

    Question Are cheap tablets a security risk?

    I am just wondering if cheap android tablets from Amazon could be a security risk? My mom wanted me to get her a tablet "for her cat" so I got this super cheap one and as I was about to log it on to her wifi when it dawned on me this no name (literally no branding on box) Chinese tablet could...
  10. W

    Question Accidently ran a .SCR and found malware, is there any more around?

    Hi, I accidently ran a .SCR sent to me via an artstation message. After a about 2 weeks my Steam was compromised and i was aware of my mistake after my items were sold on steam marketplace. Changed my passwords and Malwarebytes picked up a few of the viruses and removed them. Just wondering if...
  11. A

    Question SSD Keep reverting changes after reboot.

    Deepfreeze like effect. Deleting any files , downloading files will revert after reboot. Diskpart clean/delete partition/format are also reverting. I can't clean install OS because of this. It happens after i downloaded the wrong version of noxplayer. Any tips? Ive tried malwarebyte , ease us...
  12. R

    Question I'm having several issues with my PC

    Having issues with my PC 😢 I can't seem to pinpoint what the issue is. Sometimes my PC runs perfectly normal then it throws a fit out of nowhere! Please see some points below... Issues Freezing, mouse dragging slow, almost feeling heavy to pull across the screen Black screen flashes. The...
  13. O

    Question Iphone: Virus, malware etc. / hacking - Internet sharing / hotspot

    Dear all I have an iphone. I have a laptop with Windows installed. My iphone is not jailbroken. It is full updated. I have no suspicious apps installed. 1. Can my iphone get virus, malware etc.? 2. Can iphone virus, malware etc. infect a Windows system? Can Windows virus, malware etc. infect...
  14. O

    Question Malicious software and hardware in mouse?

    Hello I assume a mouse like Logitech G302 can hold some data? Since it autoruns software / driver, when you connect it. 1. Can you transfer malicious software to a mouse like Logitech G302, and then use it to infect a computer with malicious software? 2. Can you scan a mouse like Logitech...
  15. P

    Question Malvertising warning and computer freeze

    Hi Yesterday I clicked on a seemingly fine looking website and my anti-virus came up with a message saying it had blocked it due to malvertising. I closed the tab as soon as the anti-virus message popped up. I didn’t click anything on the webpage, the site hadn’t even fully loaded. I ran scans...
  16. Luger1945

    Question My pc got hacked what should I do?

    Someone from russia hacked my pc on the 12 September Right after I downloaded a sketchy file. He managed to gain access to my Gmail, Steam and Epic Games accounts. I got his IP address and I am not sure if that’s a VPN or not. Anyway Malwarebytes is blocking all connections from his IP to my pc...
  17. C

    Question Cursor moves on its own on ASUS Vivobook ?

    I’ve had my ASUS Vivobook with Windows 10 for a few months now and everything went well. Turned it on for the first time in 2 weeks and suddenly the cursor was moving and clicking on its own, and it’s been going on for a few days. (I don’t use a mouse, and I’ve cleaned the trackpad multiple...
  18. 5

    [SOLVED] How to keep my system safe from possible malware & virus infected devices on my network

    Hi! Quick introduction related to my question: My household has zero clue about internet security and IT in general, and their systems (notebook, phones) constantly get malicious softwares/codes due to their unresponsible internet activity. How could I prevent my devices getting infected by...
  19. A

    Question Apps/Specific Browser Searches closing on Windows 10

    Today, when I woke up, I realized I cannot google anything regarding viruses and I can't access certain emails. For example - I needed to reset my instagram password and an email was sent to me for it - once I open it from any browser, it just closes. When I try to search, for example, any...
  20. TheFlash1300

    Question How to scan the BIOS for viruses?

    Hello. I want to scan the BIOS for viruses, but i don't know how to do it. This is the BIOS: Brand: Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Version: V1.09 -AMD AGESA StoneyPI V1.3.0.G I need to see if there are viruses in the BIOS. I'm not aware of any anti-virus program that can scan the BIOS. After all...
  21. TheFlash1300

    Question Can there be a virus in an empty storage device?

    Can a virus be hidden in an empty store, and then infects my files when I paste them into the storage device? For example, if I paste an infected file into my USB flash drive, can the virus be a type that hides in the USB, and becomes invisible and undetectable, meaning that if I delete the...
  22. TheFlash1300

    Question Security with absolute certainty ?

    I have very important files on my laptop , and I want to keep them safe from viruses and ransomware that can encrypt them and steal them from me. I have several back-ups, but I'm still paranoid. My question, is how to have absolute certainty that my laptop definitely doesn't have viruses? As...
  23. Z

    [SOLVED] Can you get infected by previewing an image on Google Image?

    Hi, everyone! I hope you are all well! I have a silly question, but I'm paranoid because I have been screwed by viruses/malware before. I apologize. My antivirus (Avast) sometimes abort connections when I click on images on Google Search (I use Google Chrome with Avast and Malwarebytes...
  24. TheFlash1300

    Question How do Windows 7 users prevent viruses?

    If Windows 7 is no longer supported and is now no longer a secure operating system, how do people, who use Windows 7, protect their privacy and computer from viruses?
  25. JeanFromGrenoble

    Question Should I buy a Google Pixel 6 Pro because of its strong security rating? How much more security would I get?

    I am trying to decide between the Google Pixel 6 Pro vs the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Device security is very important to me, so much so that it could be the deciding factor for me with this choice. I'm very paranoid about malware and hacks that could steal passwords, implant keyloggers, hack...
  26. J

    Question Urban VPN Considered Threat according to TotalAV

    So I do a full scan with TotalAV. I go to look at quarantine and found that UrbanVPN is considered a threat. I google if UrbanVPN is safe and I couldn't find a single website saying it's not unsafe. Everybody is saying it's safe. So my question is if it's not a threat, then why did TotalAV put...
  27. E

    Question Possible GPU degradation?

    Okay so my Sdd and Hdds had been neglected for a few years and I had built up a fair amount of malware. This is just backgrounf however as one day I was playing Colonial Marines (whom I blame entirely for no real rasson) and it crashed with a dying flourish of graphical corruption\artifacts...
  28. S

    [SOLVED] Windows Explorer Filepath glitching, causing various other issues?

    After about a days worth of use, the file path in windows explorer becomes glitched, rendering completely incorrectly and bringing in bits of other application icons, the clock, etc. When this happens, Copy/Paste functionality is lost from ShareX's screenshot utility. It also seems to break...
  29. tsomek

    Question very weird "" being added automatically before all of my links in gmail - do I have malware?

    Hi all I noticed today some of the links inside of emails in my gmail aren't quite working. (this is on windows 10 & firefox) On closer look, it seems this "" is being added before all of my links...! (see screenshot here...
  30. Kajstrl

    [SOLVED] Temperature goes up while doing nothing.

    Hello ive got a problem with my cpu usage and consequences of that is high temperature. The problem is while im using my computer normally (moving with mouse) everything is alright cpu usage is about 20 % a temp about 45 degrees, but when im not moving with the mouse cpu usage goes up and temp...
  31. H

    Question Visited an infected website, more info in thread.

    I visited local restaurant's website and clicked on contact tab to get their phone number, then i got redirected to a website named (don't remember exactly the link as i don't have access to logs anymore) robotcaptcha or something like that, closed that tab immediately. Then when i switched to...
  32. D

    [SOLVED] Identifying a malicious Chrome extension

    I use several browser extensions on Chrome and recently realized that one of them is responsible for installing a malicious search engine called "SearchNet". For obvious reasons I want to get rid of the extension, but removing them one by one while reseting all my browser preferences is not a...
  33. fizzyElf

    Question I am pretty sure I have malware that I can't remove (users folder is locked) ?

    Yesterday out of a sudden the computer went to BIOS and acted like there was no Windows in my drive anymore. Tried to reinstall Windows, had a bunch of issues throughout the last 2 days with write protection (tried everything). I just figured the SSD died somehow and ordered a new one. Then...
  34. A

    Question What is this program running while my computer idles?

    I’m having trouble identifying this app that keeps running when my screen sleeps. I thought it might have something to do with halo infinity since I seem to notice if after installing halo and icon looks like a spartan helmet with a key. When I wake up my screen, it is running for half a second...
  35. PrisonMoose

    Question For the first 5-10 minutes, my applications fail to respond (VIDEO)

    View: I just keep getting prompted to "End process". This has only been a problem for about the past 3 weeks now. Its annoying. No idea if its a virus or what, but I'm pretty good at being cautious and secure.
  36. J

    [SOLVED] How can I find a virus that my antivirus program won’t detect?

    In Windows 10, my cursor moves around and opens files and closes tabs on my browser. It does it in airplane mode and moves around in the login screen. Avast does not detect it even in the boot scan. Malware bytes won’t find it in safe mode either. Also, reinstalling windows will not solve it...
  37. T

    Question Hacker?

    I met someone at a previous job that employs an entire tech company to do his bidding. I think he or one of his lackeys are hackers and may have some sort of scripts or other sneaky software on my devices. I've had weird things happening across my android devices and windows 10 machines since I...
  38. malancinas

    [SOLVED] Virus / Keylogger pls help lol

    So this has occurred a few times over the last few weeks. Only happens sometimes but does happen and I cant find it with malwarebytes. When it happened just ten minutes ago i instantly did a malwarebytes scan and a few minutes in my PC crashed :// So what happens is when i (not always) past...
  39. Veinz

    Question Internet malware?

    Ok, so, I made a post a while ago, talking about my disk usage. Today, I discovered that if i disconnect my ethernet cable from the pc, the disk consumption gets lowe. Could it be a internet malware?
  40. Cuzinbob45

    [SOLVED] Adware keeps on coming back

    Hi everyone, So recently, I have noticed a certain adware (Adware.SpecialSearchOffer) that keeps on reappearing after I delete it. I am using malwarebytes pro to detect and get rid of it. After every time I delete it, it gets detected by malwarebytes again after a few hours after I shut down my...