Question Windows 10 Login to Black Screen with Cursor

Apr 15, 2021
I have gone through many troubleshooting steps the past few days and even going as far as to try and reset my PC, but to no avail I'm stuck with this same issue after a restart or a power on.
Steps tried:
  • wsreset.exe
    • Just gets stuck on the window.
  • powershell reinstalling
    • Says "initializing" but never goes further.
  • uninstalling many apps
  • updating all drivers especially display drivers
  • changing a few registry value like AppX to 2 it was 3 before
  • restarting windows explorer task
solutions I've found:
If I go into my bios for any reason and then save changes I will login to windows.
I tried resetting my PC while "keeping my files" but it would just error and say no changes were made.
If anyone knows anything else I could try I would be extremely grateful!.


Win 10 Master
I assume its not this -

I have had a problem where I just got a blank desktop after logon, it can be caused by hardware not answering a driver at startup and windows just waits for it to time out. Try starting with minimum hardware, unplug any USB apart from mouse/keyboard, and anything else like speakers as mine was caused by my speakers not responding

which version of win 10
right click start
choose run...
type winver and press enter
current version is 20H2