Question Windows 11: How do I know the motherboard I am going to purchase has TPM 2.0 support or not?


Dec 22, 2015
I wanted to buy:
MSI B560M PRO-VDH WIFI Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard

but I don't know if it has TPM 2.0 chip or support for it. I cannot find anything on MSI's official website regarding which version of TPM support the Motherboard has.

Can you guys please help me out?

Thank you
The TPM in mainstream CPU's is a firmware TPM, or fTPM that's built in to the CPU or chipset. An fTPM fits the needs of most any home user perfectly so you also need to evaluate whether you really need a discrete TPM module.

The thing about any TPM whether discrete or an fTPM is it has to be enabled in the system BIOS and many mfr's never bothered exposing the settings, so make sure the motherboard has it exposed in BIOS. Intel systems can also call it something like PTT or Platform Trust or Platform Trust Technology so look for anything that sounds even vaguely similar in case the mfr. uses their own term for it.

If it does not currently have it exposed in BIOS then keep current on BIOS updates. Mfr's will doubtless be releasing them as Win11 comes closer to being an available upgrade. But I guess it kind of depends on your personal trust tolerance level if you want to trust they'll do it for a board you buy that doesn't have it exposed at the time you buy it.
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