[SOLVED] Windows 7 Product Key Validation Error

May 1, 2020
Hello, a long time ago, our family invested in a family laptop. That laptop was an ASUS G60VX with a completely legitimate version of Windows 7 Home Premium. About a month ago, I got my hands on a DELL Inspiron 570 Desktop computer with many missing parts. I replaced as many parts as I could, one of those being the hard drive. The only hard drive that was in the house and not being used was the one inside of the ASUS Laptop. I plugged in the hard drive and everything was working as usual, except that apparently something happened to the validity of the OS. Now, this wasn't a big issue for me at first, I just closed out of the messages telling me to validify it, and that has worked for months on end. But recently I just realized that the Windows Firewall on that OS was completely corrupted. I have searched for multiple weeks and spent many sleepless nights scouring through the internet trying to fix this Firewall to no prevail. Absolutely nothing I have found, nobody I have contacted, not one single soul can fix this Firewall. I have performed multiple virus scans with multiple antivirus programs, I have tried running /SCANNOW, I have tried using a different firewall, I have tried editing registries, changing permissions, using windows repair tools, running a countless amount of command prompt commands, neither contacting Microsoft support or ASUS support has helped in any way shape or form. A while later I decided I had enough of the constant bs that this Firewall had put me through. I wanted to do a complete reinstall of windows, come to find out, that I need a product key to do that. The ASUS laptop product key sticker was completely unreadable. People suggested lightly rubbing led over it to fill in the rubbed off parts, I was able to get a few letters out but only about 6 or 7 let alone the 25 required. I found a whole plethora of people with the same issue that said that they solved it by running a vbs script that found their product key. I tried this but upon entering it on the Microsoft webpage I was given this error:

We encountered a problem with your request. Please visit Microsoft Support Contact Us page for assistance. Refer to Message Code 715-123130 and Transaction ID 25565af7-03a7-43f3-887a-861bca52ea41.

I'm not sure what to do anymore. I have been thoroughly defeated by this operating system and would be so grateful if somebody could provide any useful knowledge. Thank you in advance.
If you entered the correct product key you pulled from that tool.
Microsoft Windows (oem) product keys will work with windows oem os only.

After the installation part of windows and it asks you to put in the product key.
Leave it blank and finish the installation, activate windows if prompted.

You tell microsoft that your old lappy died and you got another replacement just like it.
The microsoft reps should go ahead and activate it again as long as you or someone else didn't abuse the key multiple times.

This is my own copy of windows 7 home 64bit, when I fix other peoples computers.

Use the windows 7 usb tool to make the processs easy on your back and use a good quality flash drive like sandisk.
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