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  1. J

    Question Can I replace my laptops (only) drive and reinstall Windows 10 with my Microsoft account?

    Basically, my drive is crap. If I replace it with a new one and use the install tool from Microsoft website can I install a new version of Windows 10 and have Microsoft recognise it's legit? I've signed into my Microsoft account on this laptop already so my account has multiple devices...
  2. U

    [SOLVED] HDD to SSD + Fresh Win 10 Installation Question

    Hey all. Sorry for the novice questions but I need to brush up on some details here to prevent myself from messing up. If you could help, it's appreciated. I'll give you a quick summary of the goal and then just lay out the numbered questions to make it clear what I need some assistance with...
  3. N

    Question Cannot reinstall windows due to BSOD

    I downloaded bad drivers (kX audio drivers for Live! sound cards) and makes my computer go into BSOD. I removed them following the developer's instructions but BSOD still happens. I want to just reinstall windows to get rid of the driver, but a BSOD occurs during the process. I get an error in...
  4. 6

    Question VAIO´s assist bypass

    I bought an used VAIO MODEL pcg61a11u and after formating it's HDD with another pc I'm prompted with a "operating system not found" screen. I feel that the original owner changed the BIOS to legacy but I cant acces the BIOS anymore since the assist function no longer exists. what can I do...
  5. D

    Question Installing/moving windows 10 to a new SSD from HDD?

    Hello, I have my currently installed Windows 10 on a separate partition on my HDD, however I feel like I want my system to boot faster and perform better so I bought a new 250GB SSD for system itself. The question is, is it possible for me to move Windows files somehow to the new SSD from old...
  6. C

    Question failed reinstalling Windows 10, blue screen

    everytime i started my pc i got blue screen, so i decided to wipe my harddisk. When reinstalling Windows 10 blue screen popped up and restarted the pc many times and i got a different stopcode everytime it restarted
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Best way to do a clean reinstall?

    Hello my PC is full of junk. Whats the best way to do like a clean reinstall of everything? IS it enough with the windows 10 media creation tool? Please tell me your opinions, thanks :)
  8. L

    [SOLVED] How can I fix/install a Lilo boot loader on a linux partition (not MBR)?

    I'm searching detailed instructions on how to fix or install/reinstall LILO boot loader on an AntiX linux partition. I don't want to write on the MBR, I want the boot loader (LILO) to be installed on the partition with an already installed AntiX linux /. Thanks!
  9. R

    Question GPU Not being detected after windows 10 reinstall.

    After the clean reinstall, the GPU (780m Geoforce) is literally no where to be found. I went to dell's website and used their "find my laptop drivers" and installed them, none of which included the Nvidia driver. The only thing I havent updated is my BIOS, and I can not and I wont update it...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Reinstalling and reactivate Windows after motherboard upgrade?

    I have tried to gather as much information about this as I can but there are still some things I am not sure about. My Windows is retail and I have my license connected to my MS account. Apparently, to activate Windows OS after a hardware change, you would want to click on the "troubleshoot"...
  11. D

    Question Java won't reinstall due to 'not being able to create a virtual machine'

    Whenever I try to reinstall java, the install is around 80% done when the error message "Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.", and this happens on all the versions of java I attempted to download, and it occurs on both 32...
  12. TMDrop

    Question Boot times still slow with newly installed SSD

    Hello everyone, I have a laptop (Acer Aspire F5-573T running Windows 10) and I elected to swap out the hdd with an ssd to speed things up a bit. I followed some videos and ended up cloning the drive to the ssd using a Sata to usb 3.0 cable and Mini Partition tool software. However, after...
  13. A

    Question Complete restart of the system, hidden data included?

    I was wondering, what's the best way of going about resetting everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, during a system reinstall? Specifically the things that get saved that aren't really an option to change, such as the registry and random data information that keeps popping up from my previous...
  14. D

    Question Why is my Laptop crashing when installing X Plane 11?

    Hi guys, i own an Acer Predator Helios 300: 8 GB Ram GTX 1060 (6GB) Windows 10 64-Bit I uninstalled X plane 11 then i decided to reinstall it. My problem is, when i try to reinstall it, my screen went black and a message popped up saying " No bootable device detected". I already fixed it...
  15. Computer savvy

    Question Firmware Replacement

    Hello Experts, I have software damaged 4G ZTE Dongle, I don't know how to fix them and i cannot find anyone to fix it, Is there someone to Help me....! :oops:
  16. wicked_sticky

    Question Reinstalling windows 10 new hard drive

    Ive windows 10 pro installed in a 250gb Sata SSD drive. Activated with a MAK licence. I've reinstalled a clean copy of windows 10 with the media creation tool 2-3 times a year. Reinstalling doesn't require entering a key and doesn't use up an extra activation licence when done on the same HDD...
  17. watsap147

    Question Black screen and errors configuring windows questions

    Hi, So 5 years ago i build a pc. Now the pc froze a week ago. After restarting i would get a black screen, although a different black screen than just when my monitor is off, I could go into bios and i could install windows again, after installing i can configure my starting windows options, but...
  18. O

    Question Rather Specific Motherboard/OS Upgrade Question

    My old motherboard recently bought the farm, so later this week it's getting an upgrade (ASUS z170 to AsRock z270), but that is neither here nor there. My main concern is the effect this change will have on my OS as I am currently running Windows 7 and I know that a reinstall of some kind will...
  19. S

    Question New system, old drives

    Hey everyone I want to build a new system but use my old ssd and hdd. The ssd has the OS installed on it. Can i just plug them both in and the system will boot normally? (Games are on harddrive, do i have to reinstall everything or can i just start my game like i would now?)
  20. javster22

    [SOLVED] BSOD, Reinstalling Windows

    I've been having a bsod issue recently (dmp file: I just want to know if a reset is enough to fix that problem or do I need to do a fresh install? (I want to keep my files)