Sep 19, 2011
Hey, so I just bought some RAM for my pc, very old, specs are:
Sempron 3100+, s754
1 GB DDR1 400MHz Kingston ram (original) and the old one is adata, same specs
So I opened my case, grounded myself and put the stick in the 2nd slot, fit perfectly.I turned on my pc, it recognised the new ram on the first loading screen(displayed memory testing: 20.... instead of 10....), and then it starting booting over and over. My CPU was a bit oc, so I returned it to stock (No increase in either component's voltage). There was a message saying my windows was corrupt, so I put my dvd in.I got a blue screen when entering the setup to reinstall it.I tried going into safe mode, didn't work either, got a black screen (not sure if I got black screen from safe mode and blue screen from entering Windows setup or vice versa).Then I figured I should try removing my new stick of ram, and voila, no errors, no nothing, everything loaded up as if nothing had happened.
So, any tips on what I should do to get my new stick up and running?


The new ram may not be the same spec. as the old. This is very common. Even if it says same timings and voltage there are other parameters that are not listed on the label. It is often recommended that if you are not adding the same model number you go ahead and do a complete replacement.