May 31, 2006
Hi, i'm new here and i tried the search, im just not sure exactly what it is i am to be searching for...

i am having 2 new computers built, and the store is installing windows xp home edtn (oem). they said that i needed to buy 2 copies of windows (one for each tower). is this true? you cant use one copy and load it onto both?

also, office. i have a copy of 2003 and i was wondering if i could load this onto both of my comps, or do i need to buy 2 copies of this as well. sorry cuz i am noob.

You must have one copy of Windows per computer when it comes to OEM... I'm not quite sure about retail. Office 2003 may allow you to install on more than one comp, but I'm not absolutely sure.


Both windows and office are one computer per license. So you will need two licenses for 2 computers. You can not legally install the same copy on two computers.
Now if you have a volume license you can install the same copy upto the number of licenses you have. But you still need to buy a license for each computer.


Discussing that on this forum is technically breaking the rules. Sorry I cant help you with that.

All I can say is do some Google searches. The info is out there.