Winsock error


Jun 11, 2008
my sister has a laptop that is running fine, except she can't connect to the internet. she finally brought it to me to look at and while i figured something had failed with her hardware, that isn't the case. it appears there is a problem with her winsock catalog however. a small amount of research tells me this can be easily fixed with numerous online free scans and registry fixers. problem is of course, she can't connect to the internet and that's why i need to fix the winsock problem.

right how i'm at my parents for christmas and they don't own a thumb drive and i can't find any cd's to use with their burner, so i'm wondering when i get home, is there a way to put something on a thumb drive that i can then put into my sister's laptop to fix this winsock problem.

thanks for any ideas or specific places to go (as there appear to be so many options).

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