Question Would I need 750w or 850w?


Sep 8, 2019
Now I had the option to buy gigabyte aorus P850W 80+ GOLD modular but it has become out of stock right now and unfortunately importing most goods is stopped right now where I live and now I have the option of getting the same model but with 750w. So my question is would I really be missing out or would it have negative impact on my PC?

My build:
I7 12700
MSI b660m mortar
2X8 3200 DDR4 rams
Noctua NH-d15 2 fans
Antec nx800
Gtx 1660 ti
2 sata hard disks are 500gb each
1 DVD room

Also would I be future proof? (bearing in mind that I would upgrade later to rx 6600 or 6700 xt at some point)

P. S I have picked that PSU because I have searched the tier list and found it on B tier so I think it will be good especially that I almost don't do anything other than gaming and minor video editing and also I am not into super ultra high settings in gaming. But anyway any other suggestions for PSUs are most welcome.