Question Would there be any issues for gtx 1080 with i5 2400?

Jan 31, 2019
I'm upgrading my home's old computer with a gtx 1080. The thing is that computer(mobo : GA H61m-ds2 intel i5 2400) is having some sort of display problem like flickering and flashing and nothing changes after I tried switching few monitors. It's like crashing down after using few minutes. So I assume CPU problem?? Well that's why I'm trying to add a graphic card into it since it doesn't have any, and try using graphic card for display. Ok that's the story and now I found a gigabyte GTX windforce 1080 with 50% discount and I had ordered it. I think that if it doesn't solve or the rig is too old, I can still use the 1080 to future use, as it's still beast right? So I'm just asking if there's any issues that pairing i5 2400 with a gtx 1080? or will it harm the graphics card as it bottleneck so much? Do windforce gtx 1080 a good selection? And also the PSU, is it necessary to buy an expensive like around $80. I'm asking that much because it's my dad who paying and he's not going to pay more in buying these computer thing. For me I will probably change a newer mobo, cpu, ram and psu. Do you guys have any suggestion?
Jul 3, 2019
If you're going with a GTX 1080 you are going to want to upgrade the power supply to a minimum of 500W. And the I5 2400 will bottleneck the 1080 quite a bit.


It is RAMBO ATX switching power supply
model no. ATX 500H
It says output
250W true power
350 peak power
That power supply is horrible, not even close to what you need for a 1080. For that older motherboard you also want to make sure you are on the latest BIOS. 1080 at half price must be used, or a fake one, did you make sure it was working?

This is a good price for one, a bit older design but very good quality M12&cm_re=Seasonic_M12-_-17-151-095-_-Product