Would this memory be suitable for o.c.


Dec 5, 2011
I'm currently looking to build my first system and will be using the 2500k, noctua nh-d14, and either the asus maximus iv gen3 gene-z, asrock extreme3 gen3 or this msi board

http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applicat [...] =M452-6228

just wondering with these boards abd the intent to overclock would this corsair memory work well?
http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applicat [...] u=C13-5823

sorry repost (already posted it in the wrong sub category)
That RAM is considerably overpriced. It should be around $45-$50. It should work fine but I would never pay that much for a standard 1600MHz CL9 1.35v kit. G.Skill has a similar kit except it's 1.25v and it's less than $50.

Just to be safe I suggest you check both motherboards memory QVL's to be sure the memory kit or any other kit you choose is compatible with whichever motherboard you choose.

After looking at the motherboards I kinda like the Asus more but it is much more expensive then the MSI and I hate buying things that don't have one or more pictures posted.