XBOX Red-Green Flashing Lights with Error Code 16

Mar 9, 2019
So my original XBOX has been tucked away for quite a while now. It's softmodded (I think), and now whenever I power it on, I get a red-green flashing light around the eject disk button and the error code 16. I know this means a clock error, but I have no clue how to fix it. All the online instructions are far too complex. If possible I would like to keep the games that are already on the original hard drive, but if that is not possible, then I can always add them back later.

Many thanks.


Sometimes you just need to "dig in" and try to work through it all.

Read as much as you can find about the error code (16) and watch any videos that you can find via you tube etc. (As painful as some of those videos are to watch....)

Reading and watching does not absolutely mean that you need to or even should apply any given "fix". But you may discover some diagnostic clue that relates to the red-green flashing light. Or other symptoms indicators that you have not really noticed per se.

As you proceed, you are very likely to start getting some sense of what is necessary to resolve the clock error.

Key is knowing as much as you can about your original XBOX, model, version, even serial number perhaps.

Work out a plan on paper: what needs to be done step-by-step, what to expect, what to look for.

May not be as complex as you currently believe. But even if complex, then there is nothing to be done for it as that is what will be necessary.

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