XFX Radeon R7 370: Third Monitor will not work

Jan 26, 2019
HI everybody,

First: sry for my bad english^^

So i read a lot of the issues about the third monitor with my graphic card, but i still cant solve my problem.

I have a XFX radeon R7 370, My monitors are ASUS VS247, both connected via DVI.
This works fine.
I tried to use an "older" Samsung S22D300 as third monitor. I used the HDMi cable with an active DisplayPort Adapter.
But the Samsung wont get identified.

When I take off one of the ASUS monitors, so there is one Asus at DVI and the Samsung witrh the Hdmi/DP, it works.
So the problem isnt the HDMI cable or (active) DP Adapter or the Port on my graphics Card.

My radeon driver are actual and I turned off the Energy-saving-thing ( I read about problems with that and the DP port)

I also tried the Eyefinity Thing, but that also wont work.

I have no ideo what to try next^^
The Graphic Card should work with three monitors...

Any ideas?^^

Thanks for reading and try to help me :)