XP2500+ vs. xp3000+


Apr 19, 2003
Ok.. about to upgrade again. currently running an xp1700+ on an MSI k7n2-Delta-L with 512 of 2100ddr.. I intend to up to either 2700ddr or 3200ddr, depending on which chip I go for (wll be Barton core either way).. but my question is which one will offer the biggest boost in preformance, vs. $, currently on pricewatch its 71$ to 157$, but will the 400 fsb make that big a differance vs the 333..thats my deciding factor ath the moment, I'm not really into oc'ing, either, but can get it done... so.. thoughts.. opinions..?

edited: to clarify ram/cpu

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The xp3000+ has come down a lot in price. I still think the xp2500+ is the better deal. Get the pc3200 ram, just the same. I would get the 2500+ then bump the fsb by 1 mhz a day until things weren't working perfectly, then back off a little. Chances are good that you would end up with better performance, but no guarantee. Part of the fun is the gamble.


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I'd OC, but I'm not sure you'll be able to reach 400 bus with the 2700+

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Nights L has a good point. You could use the xp-m 2500+ on your board with your current ram. You could oc if you wanted by increasing the multiplier.
Later you could get some pc3200/DDR400 and set your multiplier to 11 and fsb to 200.That's 3200+ speed. Most people get the xp-m 2500+ to that with less heat than a stock 3200+.
Even later, if you were bored, you could actually try your hand at overclocking. I'd put money on another 100mhz, and give good odds on 200, 300, and even 400 mhz more.