Yet another ram question

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Aug 26, 2007
I am sporting an Asus P8P67 M pro Mobo with an I5-2500K. I let the mobo overlock automatically, and I think the ram is subpar.
I am using 8 gigs of Corsair 1333 mhz ram.

Question, is, 1600 is so cheap now, I was thinking of upgrading to 8 gigs of it.
I play BF3 and other intensive games at max everything with an Nvidia GTX460-1gig in SLI.

The asus overclock fails on occasion, and I think its the ram that does it. Would upgrading to the 1600 make the games play better and would the OCing be more stable? I think in the case of the OC it should be.

So if upgrading is the way to go, which ram should I get? There are so many options and configurations.


Any suggestions are appreciated.
Not open for further replies.