Your Experience with Windows 10

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Jan 1, 2014
I think win 10 is a POS it suks
installed it over win 7, thanxfully I cloned win 7 as a backup on another drive, which im back on win 7 now!!
firstly upgradeing over 7 to 10
many drivers and monitoring software cracked it and crashed etc and some devices such as wifi had limited connectivety and driver probs in device manager
msi afterburner no longer worked, asrock mon software didn't work,
and bf4 wouldn't load, and even after reinstall,
then I said stuff it and clean installed win 10 iso
had to use Ethernet cause wifi was borked after auto driver updates it finally found both wifi adapters, heh I team them hey
reinstalled bf4 and updates, heh then edge tried using inet explore then I couldn't get back in at all, but after having a game in bf4 with win 10 latest win 10 nv drivers as well, game was choppy and laggy, so BOOOrk I reinstalled win 7 from a clone and bf4 is smooth as silk and have all me stuff back...
heh and it said my key's for win 10 where invalid, I had 2 keys from MS, so go figure hey
so really when there better support for devices and bf4 etc, will have to eventually go to win 10 but it feels a bit immature!
So here's proof that Windows 10 is a RAM hog. On top of that, Windows 8.1 has much faster boot times, even on a slower SSD. Those images compare Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 with the same programs running in the background and since increasing my RAM to 24 GB after reinstalling my old RAM sticks along with the new ones.

Windows 8.1 idle stats:

Windows 10 idle stats:


Kaspersky uses a bit more RAM than BD free. But the thing is, the memory usage seems low now because I have 24 GB of installed RAM on two different RAM kits in dual-channel configuration. I had up to 48% idle RAM usage on 8 GB RAM and 32% idle RAM usage on 16 GB RAM. Since combining all RAM sticks, the RAM usage has dropped even lower. I recently installed a new 16 GB RAM kit and my old 8 GB RAM kit was lying around, so I said heck, why not use 'em all?:pt1cable:

MBAM is installed in 8.1 also, but I disabled it from Windows startup. But even with it not running, there's still less RAM being used by the common running programs in both OS's. So I would figure 11% in Win 8.1 and 16% in Win 10.


Something else seems up. Maybe a windows or software memory leak(I have seen powerDVD services eat memory until almost all the free memory is gone.).

My Windows 10 does not seem to be a memory hog(The system has gigabytes).

With a 1gigabyte ramdrive loaded(437megabytes of it used)


I would also look at actual memory usage instead of percent because it seems misleading.

Please note I am on Insider build 10525, but 10240 did not seem to be any more memory hogging.
Since going full-on with my four RAM sticks, Windows 10 does not seem to want to be such a memory hog anymore. It's been stuck at 16-18% for quite a while now and that's far better than the 32% on the 16 GB RAM kit alone. In fact, about 50% the RAM usage by adding just 33% more RAM. And while the task manager showed my new 16 GB RAM kit running at 1333 MHz and my BIOS showing 1866 MHz, the task manager and BIOS showed all my RAM sticks together running at 1600 MHz. And the old 8 GB RAM kit is rated at 1600 MHz and the 16 GB RAM kit is rated at 1866 MHz. Quite odd.
I found out that having my old RAM kit installed slowed down the total system RAM to 1333 MHz. WTF??? So I removed the old RAM sticks and left the new ones in there and now the system reads 1866 MHz. But the old RAM sticks were rated at 1600 MHz. Possible Windows 10 issue or motherboard BIOS bug? Rather than going through a BIOS update, I'm just going to have to run only the new RAM kit. I will keep monitoring the RAM usage for possible memory leaks in Windows 10, but I don't think it will be a problem.

James Mason


Not really a bug, that's just how ram is, hence why mixing ram kits is a bad idea.

Yeah, I sort of figured that. 1600 MHz CAS Latency 7 vs 1866 MHz CAS Latency 10 just did not get along with each other. I'd rather have faster RAM than more of it.


Dec 3, 2014

Longer boot times? Really??? I upgraded from windows 7 and now the boot is like insane fast...I'd estimate 6 seconds from post to login screen. BTW, I'm using an ocz vertex 460


Dec 8, 2014

Win 10 uses stupidly little memory here as well, compared to 8.1
Can't speak of boot times, I have 6 mechanical drives that need to spin up, so the ssd doesn't really come into play with regards to boot times.



Dec 8, 2012
I quite like Windows 10. It's like windows 7 with hints of 8 and not to mention that UBER fast boot up time which I really like :D
While this is way ahead of windows 8/8.1, I still prefer Windows 7 cause of aero and it's much more simpler.


Keep in mind, everybody who is experiencing faster boot times, this is no different than with prior windows versions, especially after a clean install. Most boot times have little to do with the OS and everything to do with the number of installed programs, especially if those programs have startup routines or services that have to be loaded. Once your system is loaded back up with applications like your old installation was, you'll likely have fairly close to the same boot times.

That being said, if you're moving from Windows 7 legacy mode installations to a UEFI fast boot installation on Windows 10 and have either disabled or have partial initialization of USB devices set in the bios, you'll almost certainly see a faster boot time due to that. But that's really more due to the UEFI mode than it is the OS.


Mar 16, 2013

Exactly! OS reinstall gets rid of a lot of cruft, even if it is simply an Upgrade to a new OS. A 'clean install', even more so.


Fast startup will also make a noticeable difference.

I recommend having it off for SSD's because they are fast to begin with.

A bit of streamlining the startup process may help, but you are 100% correct about programs. My Windows 7 and 10 load at a similar speed with the same software(different ramdrive because I figured it was a good time to try something different.).