How to Manage Automatic App Updates In Windows 10


Jan 5, 2018

Since the most updated Windows apps are easy to work with because of their increased efficiency and intuitive interface, Microsoft Store is already configured to update them automatically as soon as their latest versions are released. However, if any virus, malicious script, or an ignorant user changes the default settings and disables automatic app updates, the programs may eventually get obsolete, and you may experience some severe performance issues while using them.

Apart from the above, there might also be instances where you deliberately want to turn off automatic updates. Reasons may include testing some programs, capped Internet subscription, etc. That said, here’s how you can manage automatic app updates in Windows 10:

    Launch Microsoft Store
    Type MICROSOFT STORE in the Cortana search box, and click Microsoft Store from the Best match list. This launches the Microsoft Store app. From here you can obtain both free and paid apps as long as you’re signed in with your Microsoft account.

    Get to the Microsoft Store’s Settings window
    Click the See more icon (icon with three horizontal dots) from the top-right corner of the interface, and click Settings. This opens the Settings window of Microsoft Store. From here you can manage how Microsoft Store behaves. For example, you can manage if it should display live tiles, automatically play the videos, require password during each purchase, etc.

    Manage automatic updates

Turn on the Update apps automatically switch (if disabled) under the App updates section, or turn off the switch (if enabled). When you turn on the Update apps automatically switch, the updates for the apps are automatically downloaded and installed on your PC. On the other hand, if you turn off the switch, the apps would be no longer updated automatically, and you must manually update them if need be. Depending on how you want Microsoft Store to deal with the app updates, you can pick your option.

Initiate Manual App Updates
    Launch Microsoft Store as described in the first point of the previous section.
    Get to the Downloads and updates window
    Click the See more icon (icon with three horizontal dots) from the top-right corner of the interface, and click Downloads and updates. This opens the Downloads and updates window. Here you can find a list of Microsoft Store apps your PC has, and when was the last time those apps were updated.

    Initiate manual app update

Click Get updates from the top-right corner. This searches for the updates for the apps, downloads them if available, and updates the apps accordingly.