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  1. J

    Question Windows crashes after loading only when running on GPU

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit frustrated and can’t seem to find a solution so naturally I came here. My specs Asus ROG 27” 1440 TN panel 4th gen i5 CPU Asus ROG Strix 2070 PNY 770 (spare GPU) Asus low end mobo (can’t remember the model) So I’d been using my 2070 for 2 months now without a problem. 2...
  2. F

    Question Possible cause for GPU breakage

    Hi all, I recently moved houses and when I plugged my PC into the new house I immediately started to have issues with my PC. It would completely freeze and have to be restarted and some times would have to be restarted 10-20+ times in order to get any video output and get into windows. I tried...
  3. H

    Question 2070 low usage

    I have a 2070 and ryzen 5 2600 and the usage on fortnite is low. I cant break 144 fps on low settings on fortnite and the usage stays at 40-60%. I have dual channel 3200mhz 16gb ram. Anti aliasing also barely works on all games and it looks disgusting. Im considering 1440p. Would love some help
  4. V

    Question What is causing this "flickering" on my ROG Scar II laptop?

    I recently purchased an ROG Scar II laptop with a GTX 2070 (not max-q version) and am having issues with an intermittent flicker that appears every once in a while for 1 single frame. The flicker isn't just a black screen, it looks like a thick gray bar going across the middle of the screen. I...
  5. W

    [SOLVED] Do old GPU cables bottleneck new GPUs?

    So I've upgraded my entire PC to overpriced gaming products, and I have an ASUS RTX 2070 GPU, and it is extremely loud running games at 1440p 144hz which is concerning bceause I'm told that Asus has nice cold quiet cards, and I realized that I'm actually using this new GPU with the cords that...
  6. S

    Question Every game crash at 100% GPU load. Rtx 2070

    Hello! I just bought a new RTX 2070 to replace my old Gtx 970. At first it was great, but then i started suffering constant crashes in games. After short investigation i concluded that my games crash exactly when my MSI Afterburner shows 100% Gpu load. Also i don't have any visual artifacts on...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Please help me decide on a graphics card!

    Hello everyone, I’m building my first PC and I can’t decide on a graphics card. My CPU is a Ryzen 2700x, so can someone give me insight and or just some details about making a choice, Im thinking of running a GeForce 1080 TI, 2070, or a 2080. Can someone help
  8. Sadlah

    Question i5-6500 Bottleneck RTX 2070?

    I'm looking to upgrade my GPU from a GTX 770 SC, I've been looking to some cards and in my budget is an RTX 2070. I was wondering if my CPU is going to bottleneck my GPU extremely bad. I play at 1080p @ 144hz. Build is below, Also will be overclocking the CPU using BLCK. ���������� CPU Intel...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] CPU upgrade? Or GPU upgrade?

    I currently have a 6600k paired with a Radeon 480 and am looking to upgrade my computer. Do I upgrade my motherboard to a gen 2066 socket and upgrade to an i7 7800X? Or upgrade my gpu to a 2070? I can’t get both at the same time due to budgeting. Thank you
  10. C

    [SOLVED] would these parts go together correctly?

    I am trying to make a PC build for 1200 US dollars so I have been looking around and after deciding I can reuse the power supply I have come up with this list, https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ychV8Y Any suggestions?
  11. V

    Question Graphic Card/Cards issue

    So, I bought a pre-built pc at a good price that came with a 580 4GB. The card worked but after a few minutes it would crash with a pink and black texture. I had an 8 GB of the same card so I tested and it worked fine and have been using it ever since. Recently I decided to upgrade to a 2070...
  12. R

    Question Which 2070?

    I'm in the market for a 2070 but I'm not too sure which one to get. I have an i5-8600k. I will primarily be playing games so I'm looking for a better performance card.
  13. A

    Question Is it worth upgrading my graphics card or should I upgrade my CPU first?

    My current specs: Motherboard = ASUS P8H61-MX R2.0 GPU = EVGA GeForce GTX 970 CPU = Intel(R) Core i5-3470 @ 3.20GHz Ram = 8GB DDR3 SSD = Samsung Evo 970 Evo 500gb HDD = 1TB PSU = Corsair Hx520w Modular PSU I want to upgrade to a RTX 2070 gfx card , but I was wondering how serious the...