Question Graphic Card/Cards issue

Feb 13, 2019
So, I bought a pre-built pc at a good price that came with a 580 4GB. The card worked but after a few minutes it would crash with a pink and black texture. I had an 8 GB of the same card so I tested and it worked fine and have been using it ever since.

Recently I decided to upgrade to a 2070 which came today and when I tried it the MSI light would turn on but, no fan spinning and no display. I thought this was weird that another GPU wasn't working so I decided to look for differences in the one that worked to the 2 that don't.

The only difference I could find was that on the golden/bronze "pin" things on the pci plug, both the ones that didn't work had one pin that was half there in the same spot and the one that did, didn't have this. Is this the issue or am I just being dumb.