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  1. C

    Question PSU for dead computer + future build

    Hi. My computers PSU (650W) died after 10 years of service, and I am thinking of upgrading said computer pretty soon. At E3 I saw that AMDs releasing a "2070 equivalent" in the RX 5700 XT card which will hopefully lower prices on the 2070 when it releases. The question is how big of a PSU I...
  2. Scar The Silent

    Question Reference RX 5700 XT or Aftermarket RTX 2070?

    Hi all, I'm currently in the planning stage of a new rig to replace my current, dated one. I have an i7-4790K and a GTX780. While those are still pretty great, it struggles with VR. I know AMD are releasing their new cards at the beginning of next month. I was looking at the RX 5700 XT, but...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] RTX 2070: EVGA Black or MSI Armor?

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my PC and I'm stuck between getting an EVGA Black or MSI Armor 2070. Currently, I'm thinking of just getting whichever I can find cheapest on the day I purchase as they're both around the same price but can fluctuate between sites by quite a large margin. After...
  4. B

    Question What GPU should i buy?

    i have a I7 8700K for my cpu and im aiming to get a new graphics card around $500 USD. I want to aim for 1440p gaming at 144hz, Idk which is the bbest to buy. and also i could go used or new. Anything will help. Thanks, Ben
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Another Classic No Display After Graphic Driver Install

    TL;DR: no display after installing new and old Nvidia driver's. Tried manually and GeForce experience. Same result. Safe mode works. Hello all, I built a rig from here back in December. Everything has been working perfectly until yesterday morning. I was playing Fortnite and in the middle of a...
  6. Z

    Question RTX 2060 vs 2070

    Hey guys, i currently use GTX 1060 6gb and also have around $550. The price on my country for 2060 is $500 whereas 2070 is $850. Some info: i only play in 1080p 144hz, i use i5-8600k, 16gb of ram. Should i get the 2060 or save for 2-3months to get 2070? Thanks in advance.
  7. S

    Question Cant boot pc (ASUS Z390-H Gaming)

    This isnt my first computer, It is actually number five this year. Build: Case: h500i Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-H gaming Cpu: i7 8700 Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO RAM: Corsair vengeance 3200 2X8gb Gpu: EVGA 2070 PSU: EVGA 650W G3 Drives: Samsung 860 evo - WD Blue 1tb This build went really...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] 1080, 2070 or 2080?

    Hey guys, im just wondering whats the best value for money, i can afford all of the above but should i really be forking out that much for a 2080? Is it worth it compared to the others? Specs so far - CPU - i7 7700 Ram - 24gb DDR4 3000Mhz GPU - Asus GTX 1060 6gb (Giving to a relative to...
  9. I

    Question Been experiencing stutters and short freezes after BIOS update, should I roll back?

    I built my new PC a couple months ago and the last part I got was the GPU. After installing it and realizing I didn't have all drivers, my games were crashing and giving me issues so I reinstalled windows, updated my BIOS from the oldest version to the latest, and used the implemented ASUS...
  10. G

    Question RTX 2070 Chip

    So I heard there are 2 types of chips for the RTX 2070. TU106-400A and the non A so basically TU106-400. A is supposed to be capable of higher stable speeds. I've already ordered an RTX 2070 aorus Xtreme, does anyone know what chip that model has? Some say only cheap 2070s have non-A chips, the...
  11. kenzy9

    Question Rate my PC build with advice

    I will play CSGO competitive/ranked, Also PUBG, R6 Siege and AC Unity&Odyssey. Need at least 60-75 FPS on 1080p Max-High Setting preferred. (Might live-stream as well) __ Feel free to criticize/suggest improvements/adjustments with reason. Though still need to look into more finicky...
  12. gilsport

    Question New GPU ~500$

    Hi, So in 2 weeks I will be in the US. And wanna get a new GPU for about 500 USD (I'm a bit flexible with the price) my main game is destiny 2 thinking about buying anthem when it will be better This is my rig https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pbMG8Y What to buy? I do have a freesync screen and...
  13. Djavuln

    Question Question about twin PCIe cable

    Hi everybody, I am currently building my first computer, the graphics card I use has a 6-pin input and an 8 pin, I just wonder if it matters which of the two cables that the PCIe cable has goes into which connectors on the GPU, the cable is split so that there are two 6 + 2 pin cables, these are...
  14. C

    Question Nvidia RTX 2070 + 8700K weird stutters

    Hello, I bought a RTX 2070 to pair with my I7 8700K last friday. And I'm having some weird stutters, some of them happen when I play youtube music on the background and It lags my games. I managed to capture a video of me playing WoW and when the video changes the clocks go crazy. View...
  15. J

    Question New rtx 2070 weird stutters

    So I've got a new GPU last week , it's RTX 2070 Ventus. I've noticed that I'm getting huge stutters on games, and when my browser changes music on youtube (tested different browsers) it also gives me a huge stutter. I got a rtx 2070 and i7 8700k paired with 16GB 3200mhz from GSKILL.
  16. Sinlol

    Question Gigabyte 2070 oc white gpu cooling?

    Are there any alternative ways to cool my gigabyte 2070? it has 3 fans but boy does it get sorta hot. i went from a msi duke 1080(upgraded cause i have a white themed build) and it never got this hot. Now dont get me wrong its only going to like 70c while in graphical demanding games. but i was...
  17. R

    Question Should I get a 2070 over 1080?

    Reason why I ask this is because 1080s NEW are like $700 and up when 2070s are $400-550. Yet SOME 2070 outperform 1080s by a little. Willing to spend 550ish. Currently looking at the 2070 rog strix. Note: Now I’d like to game in 1440p and be safe on future proof for the next 4 years. Also I...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] PSU With Ryzen 2700x and RTX 2070

    I have an 550W Coolermaster bronze certified PSU and currently running a ryzen 2700x with an GTX 1060 I'm planning to upgrade to an RTX 2070 soon but do I need to upgrade my PSU? (Cooler master GM550M
  19. J

    Question Windows crashes after loading only when running on GPU

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit frustrated and can’t seem to find a solution so naturally I came here. My specs Asus ROG 27” 1440 TN panel 4th gen i5 CPU Asus ROG Strix 2070 PNY 770 (spare GPU) Asus low end mobo (can’t remember the model) So I’d been using my 2070 for 2 months now without a problem. 2...
  20. F

    Question Possible cause for GPU breakage

    Hi all, I recently moved houses and when I plugged my PC into the new house I immediately started to have issues with my PC. It would completely freeze and have to be restarted and some times would have to be restarted 10-20+ times in order to get any video output and get into windows. I tried...