[SOLVED] ROG b450 f rgb issue

Sep 15, 2020
Hey guys,
This is my second pc build, and everything went smoothly except one thing. For the life of my I can't get the onboard rgb lights to turn off on my motherboard. My setup is in my room and it is very bright to try and go to sleep with unless I shut it down and switch off the power supply, that's the only way to turn the mobo rgb off. I've tried everything in the bios. I've put the board on stealth mode so theoretically it shouldn't have any rgb. I've disabled onboard led, and I've turned LEDs to be off while pc in on and while off. Whenever I set the mobo to have no rgb while off or in low power consumption modes, the lights stay off for a day or so, but then the motherboard bios forgets the setting and I'm back to blaring light while I sleep. For some reason that specific setting won't save in bios. All my other ram adjustments and cpu settings have worked fine and saved and the system is stable after stress testing. I've cleared cmos both by removing battery and by using the clrtc pins. Ive replaced the cmos battery although the build is only 2 months old. System specs are
Rog b450f
Ryzen 7 3700x
Msi 2070 super
Ripjaws V 3200
Powerspec 650w 80+ bronze (micro center house brand)
240 gb ssd (for booting)
Seagate barracuda 2 tb

Any ideas on how to get those lights to go off and stay off??