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Forum discussion tagged with nvida.
  1. B

    Question What should I upgrade my Zotac GTX 1060 3GB to?

    So I built my pc 3 years ago and im looking for ways to improve it, only for gaming purposes. I can run RDR2 on high settings with (40-50fps), and AC odyssey with med settings for (40-50fs also), but it feels like with every new game for example H:ZD, i have to really downgrade my graphics to...
  2. T

    Question 627$ prebuild pc (Indonesia)

    the spec is: *Processor Core i5-9400F Generation 9 2.9Ghz Up to 4.1Ghz 9Mb *Mobo Asrock H310CM HDV *Ram Team elite 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz (2x8GB) *VGA Colorful Nvidia GTX1660 6GB DDR5 Dualfan *SSD Midas force 120Gb Sata 6gb/s *HDD Seagate 500GB Sata *PSU Infinity RGB 500WATT 80+ Bronze...
  3. G

    Question Final questions before I start ordering the parts

    So this is the final build I’ve come to Here. If there is anything you guys would recommend to save a little money or anything. I just want to play mordern games on a high or ultra setting. Would love to play war zone on ultra but with my budget of $1000 idk how do able that is. I’m new to...
  4. D3K1DS

    Question This build look good to you guys?

    I kinda want to change the motherboard, but honestly, this seems like a decent build. Also, the graphics card they have on that list is always sold out... any replacement ideas? Other motherboard (more expensive.. worth it?) PC BUILD Thanks
  5. R

    Question Can't change laptops display from 120hz to 60hz?

    Hi, So I'm trying to play old games that won't launch due to the refresh rate of my gaming laptop. I've tried Nvidia Control Panel, Intel Control Pannel and Windows Display Settings and all don't give me and option to change it just says 120hz? I have a GTX 1050TI, i5 3800M, 8GB RAM. Any help...
  6. L

    Question Poor Pc Performance

    Hi all recently been getting very poor performance on nearly every game I play, cannot run most games at 60fps for reasons i do not know, not even at the lowest graphical settings. I notice there is a reoccuring theme across most games and that is that the gpu usage always seems to be on the low...
  7. snkmr

    Question Best graphics card with I5-7400 .... AMD Radeon RX 590 vs AMD RX 5700 XT

    My CPU is I5-7400 ... I do streaming ... I am planning to upgrade to RX 590 which is good for streaming latest games on ultra settings ... My friend suggested RX 5700 which is far better but i don't want bottleneck also.. Please suggest me what should i do ?
  8. MeesterYellow

    [SOLVED] Star Wars Battlefront 2 keeps CTD

    The CTD happens randomly in-game whether I'm playing multiplayer or single-player and it is very often. I've tried capping the fps at 144 with MSI afterburner's fps monitor tool, deleting the game folder in my documents, repairing the game, turned on borderless, disabled origin in-game, and...
  9. TheUltraMarine

    Question The time has officially come, is this $1200(ish) setup good?

    How is it going everyone! After 4 years, after so many part lists I've posted on here and saving up money, the time has finally come to build my Gaming PC! This setup has the idea in mind that I won't have to change it for about the next 4-7 years (hopefully), I've included 5 fans, 3 for intake...
  10. S

    Question New GPU and CPU no maximum usage on gpu

    I recently just bought a RTX 2070 super and every game I play I’m getting decent FPS around 144 but no higher but it is really back and forth and the the FPS will dip on ultra settings without the card ever going over 55 percent usage can someone pls help. An yes I already have the maximum power...
  11. N

    Question Uninstall AMD drivers and settings?

    Hi I upgraded my PC with a RTX 2070 super. My old gpu was an AMD RX580. So, I uninstalled the AMD software, drivers and settings. But the AMD settings icon still appears in the bottom right and If I click on it, a window pops up saying something like "The AMD something can not be found". There...
  12. iQizXuco

    Question what graphics card should i buy?

    yo tengo [I have]: CPU = i7-6700 3.40 GHz (no K) MBD = GA-Z170X-Gaming 5-EU GPU = Asus GTX 960 4GB OC SSD = 111GB ADATA SP550 HDD = 931GB SEAGATE ST1000DM003-1SB10C POTENCIA = Tacens Mars Gaming Zeus 750W 80 Plus Silver Modular ¿Qué opinas de esto? este gráfico no alcanza los fps en los...
  13. H

    Question Graphics Card Overclocking itself

    I have an MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB GAMING X and i've only had it for about 2 months, i've recently noticed that it clocks itself when i am in game to 1980Mhz instead of the 1605Mhz base core clock speed, i have msi afterburner but haven't touched any of the overclock settings due to the...
  14. S

    Question Nvenc OBS settings?

    Hello, I have recently bought a 2070 super and I am trying to use it to record when I play. I have watched a few videos for settings to use for nvenc in OBS. Whenever I use these settings, my recording is very choppy and has many dropped frames but the quality is fine. The thing is whenever I...
  15. Hamza 5129

    Question Will it perform?

    I want to buy amd ryzen 3 1200 and a nvidia gtx 1050 ti 4gb. With a 8 gb ram. I have a 1080p 60hz display.
  16. G

    Question Low FPS on Lenovo Legion Y720 with GTX 1060 6GB

    Hello, I´ve been having problems with my Lenovo Legion Y720 recently. My FPS are very low when running games like AC Odyssey on low settings. Here is the benchmark analysis from the game for further details: https://ibb.co/n8wVcSK What could be the problem? Thank you!
  17. J

    Question Upgrading Graphics Card (Drivers)

    So I’m upgrading my first PC component going from a GTX 1660 to an RTX 2060 Super. Do I have to uninstall all the GTX 1660 drivers or can I just put the RTX 2060 Super in and do an auto update via GeForce Experience? Will they removed all the old files etc automatically? I’ve seen a lot of...
  18. W

    Question Nvidia driver issues

    ok so hope I can explain good, so I did a complete pc upgrade Mobo: asus tuf b450m-plus gaming Cpu: amd ryzen 3200g with radeon vega 8 graphics 16gb ram msi GeForce 1050ti oc 4gb graphics 1tb hdd air-cooled 750 watt psu Windows 10 ...So, the problem is all the sudden everytime I play a...
  19. T

    Question i5-6500 vs Ryzen 5 2600

    I currently have a i5-6500 and I am bottlenecking a gtx 1070. I was told a Ryzen 5 2600 would be an upgrade from what I can tell it is. Is it worth the upgrade though? Or if I am upgrading should I just go for the 3600 for the extra $100? Or is the 2600 even that much better than the 6500?
  20. J

    Question Infrequent Black Screens

    Hi, Recently I have been experiencing infrequent black screens on my PC. It only happens on my primary display and not my second monitor. I believe it is an issue with my GPU but I don't know how to fix it. Any help world be appreciated. I have a Strix GTX 1060 Thanks