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  1. O

    Suggestions for a full tower case under $250 CAD

    I'm looking for a case that is good looking and has a lot of room inside. I don't care if it has a window panel or not. Thanks! Any help is appreciated.
  2. Dustichux867

    Only getting 100mbps with gigabit service

    I just got Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics gigabit service installed. But I'm only getting 100mbps up and down. I realize I won't ever get the full 1000, but I should definitely get more than 100. http://imgur.com/FGVlq6C This is my modem's page.^^^ I've tried changing the duplex settings, but one...
  3. ievi

    not sure if dvd issue or drive issue

    So I have a dvd that does not seem to play on my computer i'm able to see it there using other programs but it won't let me watch it, I have with two different dvd/roms. one being samsung dvd+rw and pioneer BD+rw both did not work. I tried the dvd on a xbox console that it worked on there, so i...
  4. E

    pcie extension cable?

    Hello i just scored a new computer for a pretty good price imo i got an hp elite 8300 small form factor with a 32 inch monitor and another case and crap of that sorts all for 300 bucks. i got this because it has a decent processor it has a 3770 non k processor in it. so i thought thats a great...
  5. N

    What Motherboard should I get?

    I am planning to upgrade my current build and have decided to get a intel core i5-4440 and was recommended a H81 board for a cheaper price than a 97 (I dont know the difference). Question is what board i should go for because from my previous research, the H81 boards are bitmining boards???? I...
  6. G

    whats my maximum memory?

    so i got this new computer,and its pretty good, but i was finding a little bit of lag. especially with live streaming. how much ram should i get? any recommended ram brands? whjat is my max ram? my cpu is quad core i3 3.4 ghz
  7. C

    $1000 Gaming PC Build (Including OS, Monitor, and Keyboard)

    Hello, I would like to upgrade and build a PC, I really don't know that much about building one right now, but I would like to have a nice Gaming PC starting probably with 8GB Ram, and a 1TB hard drive with room for improvement, (Extra Ram Slots, extra space for another hard drive) What am I...
  8. T

    Review my build before I place the orders?

    New to PC gaming/ building. This build was suggested to me. Would you change anything? Price before mail in rebates must be less than $700 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/gRVXhM
  9. P

    USB port doesn't recognise USB device

    One of my laptop(dell vostro 2421)'s usb port, i usually use for plugging usb modem, and sometimes usb flash. But one day, when i plug usb flash, it won't recognise. I plug mouse, also not recognise. But when i try to plug modem, it actually works. so Why it only work with modem but not other...
  10. R

    Advice for novice installing an SSD

    So after taking some advice from this forum I bit the bullet and order an SSD (120gb). (along with my 1tb hdd.) While looking up some info on how to best install an SSD I have come across many articles and I just wanted some advice on what I should install on the SSD (OS, Office, lightroom etc)...
  11. V

    What to upgrade next?

    Operating System Windows 8 Pro 64-bit . . . . . CPU AMD A8-3820 Cores 4 Threads 4 Name AMD A8-3820 Code Name Llano Package Socket FM1 (905) Technology 32nm Specification AMD A8-3820 APU with Radeon HD Graphics Family F Extended Family 12 Model 1 Extended...
  12. C

    USB keyboard and mouse disconnect randomly

    I have a USB keyboard and mouse. I have updated all my mobo with correct drivers and drivers for my keyboard and mouse. I have Windows 8. But recently, mouse and keyboard have started to randomly stop working. Usually mouse will randomly disconnect and reconnect and the windows sound will notify...
  13. A

    Uninstalling Itunes Thats On a Secondary HD

    so I built a new pc with a 120 gig ssd drive thats my boot drive and a 1 tb hard disc for most other applications. I installed itunes yesterday on the secondary hard drvie but its giving me an error right now and I want to uninstall it. Because its not on the ssd drive its not showing up in add...