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  1. NiaNia

    4790k Won't OC or even turbo.

    Hello All! I had originally gotten a 4790k because the ability to overclock was appealing. My intention was to eventually OC when my CPU started aging. The CPU is amazing and I haven't noticed any problems with it. However, when I was monitoring temps the other day I noticed something. My CPU...
  2. I

    Windows OS: How to get it?

    For my PC that I am building, i was looking up how im gonna get windows operating system on my PC. Its looking like im gonna have to buy windows 10 which is 100$. I already have windows 10 on my personal laptop (The one im building is for my son) But will i still have to pay for that or can i...
  3. terry4536

    "My Timeline beta" has been blank for nearly two days??

    It is pretty simple. I select "My followed tags" under my account. Normally "My timeline beta" comes up with a list of forum posts that meet the tags that I'm following. But now the list of posts is missing. It is blank. The only things that aren't greyed out are my followed tags and the...
  4. O

    [SOLVED] Playing game on hp folio

    Can I run gta5 on hp folio 9470m.. and fifa 17.. spec: 8gb ram, intel core i5, 4000U,
  5. R

    rtx 2070 wattage/psu

    just wondering since i just ordered a rtx 2070 to replace my gtx 970 and i've been using a corsair rm650x gold psu. just wondering if this would be enough wattage to handle this card along with my overclocked 7700k
  6. C

    If I'm gonna use an SSD, should I get a seperate, smaller SSD for Windows only?

    As the title says, I'm wondering if I should get a second smaller SSD for Windows 10 only or if that doesn't matter. Thanks, -Joel
  7. freejack013

    Cloned harddrive will not go on the internet.

    I have a dell system. I have wanted to upgrade to an SSD drive. Now I have problems connecting to the internet. I cloned the systems 3 times Macrium reflect. the system boots fine and the speed is great. I cant ping but I can access my router's login page. I have rebooted the pc and the...
  8. D

    Switching between HDD and SSD

    Hello. I have a laptop, the OS is Windows 10 and the drive type is HDD. I recently bought a drive type SSD and installed Windows 10 on it. Now, I want to try the SSD, install it on the laptop, replacing the HDD. Just to try it, not permanently. My questions are, if I install the HDD back on the...
  9. J

    Help creating a 'future-proof' 1440p rig for under $1000

    EDITED OP 10/5 for length and clarity Hi all, Thanks for reading. I'm buying a new 1440p, 144hz monitor soon and looking to build a system to match for about $1000 (with the hopes that holiday sales will drive it down to something like $900). Monitor NOT included in that price. Idea is to set...
  10. A

    I'm still confused

    When you talk about form factor, are you referring to the MB size, or the box type. I want to buy an upgrade for my H50-55 but I keep seeing this form factor stuff. how do I find out what mine is? Also does the graphics card have to be ddr3 when the ram is? Thanks
  11. A

    Battery of desktop pc

    When i must change battery of motherboard? my pc is from 2010 October.its desktop pc.
  12. N

    Would these fans perform well on a rad?

    So currently I'm trying to find some addressable RGB fans to go onto my rad. Right now I found these cooler master fans but I'm not sure if they would perform well on a Rad. So I need help and your suggestions! Thanks! Link:
  13. B

    Aorus Ultra Gaming X299 stopped working (red CPU light on)

    Hi, My machine decided this moring to not wake up from sleep. It ended up in a loop and restarted every other second. Just one time after hitting the reset button a couple of times, I saw the BIOS logo and for a second the windows start logo. The PC was working flawless since I built it 6 month...
  14. V

    Is it worth upgrading 950 to 1050 ti?

    its just as the title says just wondering if its needed the games i will be playing are such as CSGO, Overwatch, Fortnite, Tf2, and i might start streaming. My Specs: Cpu: i3 6100 Gpu:Asus Gtx 950 Motherboard: H110M-R Micro Atx Ram: HyperX Fury black (1x8) gb 2133 Mhz Psu: Corsair 350W
  15. C

    How to install Logitech Z333

    So I'm looking for some speakers for my new computer and I found the Logitech Z333 as my choice. Now as I was watching the video on them, I saw that they use a 3.5 mm jack and not the green and other color cables. I'm not sure if I can use them in my mobo because it dosen't have the certain...
  16. L

    Building new pc , recommended components?

    Hi I am going to build a PC and I didn't decide what to buy for Monitor and GPU. About GPU I want GTX 1080 and Monitor with 144hz, 27in, 2k/4k, 1ms and gaming but not too expensive. Any suggestions?
  17. E

    (Estimated electricity bill)

    Any experts there who could estimate how much electricity bill per hour or per day or per month does a Ryzen 2700x run at 50% usage. Im kind of using it for mining wherein it uses cpu not gpu
  18. K

    Looking for a saving solution

    I have installed Need for Speed Payback on my PC but if I shut down the laptop, there is no save data and I have to start over. It shows the autosave icon during game play but I wonder why there is no saving taking place. Solution?
  19. H

    Fire stick volume too loud

    I have an older Vizio and my firestick volume is too loud. Is it the tv or a setting on the fire stick?
  20. R

    Dual channel vs single channel

    Hey everyone, what's up? I came with two options for RAM on my new PC build: This...