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  1. C

    Is this PC good for what it costs?

    I am looking to build a $500-$550 computer and came up with this I'm going to be playing and recording games like Modded Minecraft, G-Mod, Modded Skyrim, and some newer games like GTA and possibly No mans Sky. Would this build work for that and is it worth...
  2. R

    GTA V FPS Drop

    Hello everyone. I have a notebook ASUS G56JK-DM156D with this configuration Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ 2.50GHz, Haswell™ , 15,6" Full HD, 4GB RAM, 1TB, DVD-RW, nVidia GeForce GTX 850M 2GB, and i have fps drop after 5-10 minutes to play. I try all the settings graphics but same problem . I have...
  3. A

    CM Storm Quickfire XT Cherry blue switches VS. Logitech G710+.

    see, I want to build a new gaming PC, but with that, I want to update my peripherals. Im currently running an Apple wireless keyboard, and a cheap HP mouse. I've already bought a new mouse (Mionix AVIOR 7000 via massdrop), and that's on it's way to me, but I haven't decided on the keyboard. I've...
  4. X

    I am having a problem with internet

    Okay so here is my problem... right now I have WiFi (A USB Adapter, don't ask about getting a PCIe one because my graphics card covers the slot up.) So I can't have ethernet because my router is on the other side of the house, and with the Powerline adapters I heard once you plug something in...
  5. G

    I need help choosing the right gaming mouse

    I am kinda stuck between these gaming mice. I mostly play first person shooters so i don't need too high dpi settings .2-3 macros would be great and i need a mouse that will last long and will have a percise sensor . 1.Razer Deathadder 2013( i 've heard its quality is bad) 2.Logitech G402( the...
  6. S

    Dead PSU vs MB?

    A friend has been having a problem recently: Computer wouldn't start up, waited a few months and tried it again and it worked. Same problem occurred last night, reset CMOS and computer booted up again. Is the power supply failing as it gets older? MB can't be dead as it boots up here and...
  7. C

    How is this mobo+cpu+ram?

    Friend building a new pc he's going to use his gts8800 untill he gets more money.
  8. H

    CPU Spikes to 100% - Everything freezes up for about 10-30 seconds

    For about a month now, my CPU has been spiking to 100% and everything kind of just freezes. I can click around and everything, but nothing will work. My browser just continuously loads, although I can open a new tab. I usually only notice it when I'm browsing the web. Sometimes it happens...
  9. D

    "SLI is enabled" but it still is asking for SLI bridge to be connected?(Updated with PICTURE) (UPDATE got a picture) /|\ In the Nvidia Sli control panel it says that the SLI is enabled like in the picture above but bellow the SLI enabled there is a line of text "For optimal 3d...
  10. J

    Budget PC Build $800-$900

    Hey, This is is my first ever gaming PC build but I have a tight budget of $800-$900 Australian dollars. Is there any chance someone would be able to write up a build in that price range that would be able to ran most games at ultra or even Very High. Thanks Josh
  11. R

    Multi use monitor

    Hi, I can't decide if i should take a ips or tn panel. I need some convincing. I do play games, but alot less competitive than i used to. I do alot of everything now. Watch movies, play a bit of games (i dont use editing software). I already searched for some monitors and came about some 24"...
  12. Z

    Planetside 2 showing CPU limited fps with I7-4790k and GTX 780?

    So, I have gotten into Planetside 2 as of late and so far I really like the game. It's a great first person shooter but I noticed something that struck me as a little odd. The game features an on screen FPS monitor and also states whether your GPU or CPU is limiting the game's frame rate. My...
  13. winaster

    Wifi problems when playing MMOs

    First of all I have a Windows 8 64 bit Acer Aspire computer and I am less then 10 feet from my router. As far I can tell I always have 5 bars full signal strength as well. My problem is in League of Legends when I get into a match I often suddenly disconnect but its not just from the game no...
  14. H

    Desktop Internet speed slow all of a sudden?

    I live in a dorm at a University, and have been having problems with the internet today. Yesterday, the internet was fine, download speeds probably ~30Mbps (not great, but certainly usable). Today, I think my genius roommate drunkenly unplugged the modem and router on accident, as when I got...
  15. P

    Gigabytes G1 Gaming GTX 970 + Cougar Spike

    Will the Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming fit inside the Cougar Spike Micro atx case?
  16. Sandstorm3000

    Suddenly Lagging laptop

    Hey there! Well since a week or two my laptop its an AsusK50IJ, started to lagg very hard. The games i play on it are WoW and LoL, Normally it could handly LoL on a steady 30-35 fps at lowest settings with a normal resolution. It also played WoW with a steady framerate. But since a week or two i...
  17. K

    Looking for Budget Gaming Build Advice

    Hello, I am looking for advice on putting together a inexpensive system to play modern games (i.e. current releases). Without further ado, here is the template. Approximate Purchase Date: by 10/24/14 Budget Range: ~$400-$450 with some wiggle room (possibly $50 more if it really makes...
  18. W

    Best gaming keyboard/mouse under $50

    I am looking for a keyboard and mouse that is a good price, under $50. The mouse does not need to have any extras on it and the keyboard does not need to have backlight on it.
  19. Samsamproducts

    Windows 8.1 wrong CPU speed? 5.63 GHz?

    Hi everyone, I overclocked my I5 3570k to 4.4 GHz, and the windows 8.1 task manager is saying it is running at 5.63 GHz. It says my max speed is 4.4 GHz. Is this a windows problem? Is it turbo boosting up to that speed? I didn't touch base clocks or anything, just the multiplier. My temps are...
  20. K

    Would HP 15-g002AX suffice playing all games in mid settings ?

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy the following laptop for playing all games in mid range settings, would this specification is ok ? Laptop Link