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  1. K

    Which windows 7 is better? home vs pro vs ultimate

    Looking for anybody who has fooled around with all three windows 7 OS can somebody guide a nOOb to the right chioce? People are XP vs Vista vs 7 but not which 7 to pay attention to or not.
  2. iceman845

    Some programs files on dif. hd= permission problems!

    I have very little room on my ssd, so i installed a few programs to a folder called program files on one of my 7200rmp hd's. Last night and the week before that, everything was fine. When i booted up today, i can't access the programs that are in that folder as it says you need permission to...
  3. A

    Reciving Less E-Mails

    Ive Installed Windows 7 on My moms Laptop(Acer Aspire 5630) And ever Since shes said shes receiving Fewer E-mails-Thinking That no one loves her any more, but she was supposed to get an e-mail from someone and never received it(?) on the other two windows 7 pcs e-mails come through perfectly...
  4. L

    System problem

    Hi. I have an HP Presario dv9000 laptop operating with Windows Vista home. I recently had Yogi remotely fix a problem, and while in the process of fixing it the tech brought up a screen from my system 32 files that showed a bunch of "error" entries. I was told that they were why my computer...
  5. C

    P5w dh deluxe bios drivers for windows 7

    Can any1 tell me what bios drivers do i need for windows 7 i cant get my graphics card drivers to install can anybody shed some light
  6. R

    Flickg red light

    can u help me to see wats da problem wen connected to power da pc blicks red light
  7. G

    Ms word asking for key on windows 7

    I am using system 7 and when I bring up word it only lets me view not edit. What key do I need to fix this problem
  8. J

    Remove DVD region code

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there a way to remove the region code for the following drives Philips DVD+RW 8601 and JLMS DVD -ROM XJ-HD166 which came with an 8400?
  9. Comsat

    Dual booting Win7 and Ubuntu (64bit)

    Hello - I just built a new system and I'm moving on to installing the OSs. I would like to dual boot Ubunto and Windows 7 Home Pro (both 64 bit). I've never done this before and I'm a little nervous about partitioning the drive. I've been reading this how-to on Lifehacker as a guide but I'm...
  10. T

    Copy write on your sd card

    I cannot copy any files to the SanDisk SD Card (1GB) using the SD Card reader embedded in the notebook. It throws the "Cannot copy xxxx file. The Disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk" message.
  11. P

    Windows sound card problem

    please help me anyone i have 5.1vx sound card i want driver for it .... im running windows 7 now ... please help with a link ... my email is
  12. M

    Can't start my PC!

    I am running Win 7rc on a Gigabyte ex58 mobo. I have my TV connected as a 2nd monitor so I use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo from my recliner. I also have a wireless mouse on my desk and a wired keyboard there. None seem to interfere with each other. I hit some button on my programmable...
  13. D

    Easynote F7300 Screen Problems

    Hi, I've been having some issues lately with the screen on my Easynote F7300 laptop. At random moments the screen will go blank. If I open and close the lid numerous times, the screen tends to come back on eventually. Also, when I had my laptop set to hibernate when the lid was closed, I would...
  14. P

    Which company is better Seagate or WD?

    Which company is better Seagate or WD
  15. 3

    Constant lag/stuttering in games!

    Hi folks! So basically my problem is that every game i play on my computer lags. Its like a constant lag/stuttering/low fps when large and detailed areas occur. I've had this problem for a long while now, and I got a tip from someone that my CPU would be a bottleneck in my build, so i replaced...
  16. M

    Amd dual graphics, need help fast

    hello, i have an amd a4 3400 and a radeon 6670, i wanted to use the dual graphics option, i changed the init display type in the bios from peg to onboard and pressed f10 to save, and now i don't get any monitor response, please help me fix this
  17. G

    Which Firewire on Latitude D800?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello all... Does anyone know if the Firewire on (a very recently purchased) Dell Latitude D800 is Firewire 400 or 800? Thanks in advance for any answers! William
  18. mjmjpfaff

    Obama Has A Number to shoot for Obama needs to create 261,200 jobs each month for the rest of his first term and his second (if he even gets it) to get back to the unemployment numbers back in December...
  19. Q

    Headphone problem Cd- Player

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) When I put my headphone in my cd-player on my pc, there is no sound coming out of my headphone. Do I have to activate it or something ?
  20. M

    new installed memory not recognized-Dell Inspiron 8500

    I've searched for a while, but I couldn't find the answer to this problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 8500. I decided recently that I wanted to upgrade my RAM. I originally had 2x256 MB, so I decided to buy a 1 GB card from Dell. Dell's site said that the maximum memory that I could have was 2 GB...