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  1. zeldas12

    Case has USB 3.0 connecter, motherboard has USB 2.0 header.

    I know there's an adapter for USB 3.0 to 2.0 with 2.0 speeds. But is there an adapter for USB 3.0 that uses a 2.0 connecter with 3.0 speeds?
  2. H

    Suitable games for 1600x900 resolution

    Hi all, i have a screen resolution of 1600x900 and graphic card is GT210, running windows 7 on i3 2120....which games will be suitable to a smooth play, or what should i upgrade?
  3. M

    Logitech G930 or PC360?

    I'm thinking about buying Logitech G930 or Sennheiser PC360 + ASUS XONAR DG. I just can't decide. If I'm buying G930 I'm not buying the sound card. What I use my headphones for? It's for mostly music and some gaming. I play CS:GO (very casually) and LoL. I don't really care about the...
  4. J

    Computer msi p67a gd55 motherboard no longer displays any picture after bios update

    I have a MSI P67A-GD55 motherboard and a radeon HD6850 graphics card. When I first built my computer a few years ago, everything was fine. However, I bought a new r9 270x graphics card recently and for some reason it would not display any picture. The 6850 would display with no problem but the...
  5. S

    Motherboard power led missing

    Just finished my build using a msi gaming 3 motherboard. I plugged it in and the system works fine but there is no power led lighting up on the motherboard. Is this normal?
  6. C

    Blue Screen crashes during some stuff playing (games,videos)

    I play games like World of Warcraft and watch videos on Youtube so far and get these blue screen crashes, almost everytime on videos and almost every few hours in World of Warcraft. I use Motherboard: Biostar (idk what type my dad was the one who put it in and can't ask him either) Power...
  7. B

    How long does AMD's RMA process take?

    hello, recently my amd a10 7850k is like is not working after a month of purchase because every like 20 minutes after my pc is turned on it works perfectly with games but after that the fps drops at unplayable levels at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees celsius so i wanted to claim the...
  8. M

    how to turn on wireless msi model ms-n014

    how can I turn on the wireless on my MSI model MS-N014
  9. S

    windows setup cannot is not showing any disk drive to install the windows. help

    I was installing windows and when i reached the point to select the drive to install the windows. there is no disk drive to install the windows setup. how to solve this help. i am installing on Hp pavillion notebook.
  10. exfileme

    Microsoft Giving You More Time to Update to Windows 8.1

    You now have until June to install Windows 8.1 Update. Microsoft Giving You More Time to Update to Windows 8.1 : Read more
  11. A

    gaming PC budget $800

    Hello i am new here i hope to be on the right forum :p could you guys help me with some builds for that budget i want to play games like LOL, Diablo, titanfall, Skyrim etc this is the first gaming pc that i will build soo want you guys opinion and tips Thanks & Regards.
  12. W

    Can you set memory clock speed to lower if the motherboard does not support it?

    Sup, I am looking to buy an AsRock 970 Pro3 and with that board some 2133mhz ram for super cheap (2x 4gbs for 70$ @ 2133mhz!!!!) because its on sale. The board only supports 2000+ OC the normal supported memory is up to 1866mhz. so my question is if i can set the ram speed in thhe bios from...
  13. S

    Boot up Issue

    Tried to find a solution, hasn't worked, think it might be something else, and I might've been scammed by a friend. Heres the brief situation...built the new PC...didn't have Windows 7 so buddy offered to install it for me if I brought the PC to his place to install for cheap. So I did. PC...
  14. T

    High speed data transferring cable!

    Hey guys! So, let me explain my dilemma first. I am (trying to be) a YouTuber (don't worry, I'm not asking for views, like, subs, etc) that does gaming vids, and usually I just pop the video into Windows Movie Maker and make simple trims and jump-cuts, then I let it convert the file and I...
  15. EdwardElric

    Is this a good mid to high pc build? plus which GPU shall I accommodate this build with?

    I am looking to build my first gaming pc, mid to high parts, which hopefully has components which are relatively future proof. plus which GPU should I add to the specs below. thanks for any opinions on build.
  16. M

    how to clone a hard drive with a boot sectors ?

    I am getting a new hard disk to replace it with my current one i want to copy my os and programs to the new hard disk without having to install them all over !!
  17. E

    Need advise for choosing my next CPU.

    Currently I'm looking to upgrade my CPU, which would also imply changing my MoBo, since currently I'm using an Intel Core i5 650 (Socket 1156). Within my budget (and availability in my country) I can get an Intel Core i3 4130 or an AMD 8320 for about $300 USD with a MoBo, I would appreciate...
  18. J

    Multiple BSOD errors

    Recently I've even having multiple blue screens of death on my custom computer which is about 9 months old now. The most common is the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD, then it's the pfn_list_corrupt, and finally the bad_pool_call. I've ran memtest86+ on both sticks of ram separately and together making...
  19. F

    PCI 2.0 vs 3.0 for SLI setup

    I currently have an asus sabretooth 990fx. I also an SLI setup with 770's. I'm told that I would see a drastic boost in performance if I were to get an MBO that supports pci 3.0. Is this true? And by how much? Thank you?
  20. L

    Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit Install Size

    I just installed Win 7 on an SSD drive and noticed it takes up an incredible 20 gig. Is there any way to cut that down?