Gigabit Router, Powerline Adapter


Jun 11, 2009
I just installed a Linksys EA2700 N600 wireless router with gigabit ethernet ports. I connected one of the ports to a Zyxel 200 Mbps powerline networking adapter.

My tests show that I am getting 100Mbps at the other end of the powerline adapater. My expectation was that I would get the full rated 200Mbps given that the 1,000 Mpbs would be stepped down, but I guess the only way to get gigabit performance is with gigabit ethernet adapters at all points? So the next question is, when would I ever be able to get the full 200Mbps from the Zyxel powerline adapter?
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speaking from personal experience 100Mbps is really good i never had more the 50Mbps on any of the installations I worked on.

There is something called Full-Duplex (ex. 100Mb/s Full-Duplex)

When we are talking about 100Mb Full-Duplex, we are talking about the speed of a port. It's not 200Mb per second, but it certainly has the capacity to be transmitting and receiving 100Mb/s simultaneously for an aggregate throughput of 200Mb/s.

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