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  1. S

    Cheap Gaming laptop

    Hi there! I’m looking between the Acer aspire e15 and the dell Inspiron 15 3000, would they able to run games like the sims 4 (also cc) ok? Aswell as a few other games here and there! I’m not the best when it comes to buying what laptop. Also one that won’t break my savings. (if there are any...
  2. C

    Weird issue with onboard Ethernet port

    My motherboard, which is now roughly 3 years old, has two integrated LAN ports on the back. Around a year, year and a half ago, one of them stopped working (completely random from what I can remember). The other worked fine and I put it down to a drive issue and never really paid much attention...
  3. M

    Lenovo Thinkpad or Apple MacBook Pro 2018?

    Hi, I am drawn between Thinkpad 480, X1 Carbon Gen 6 and MacBook Pro 2018. I have lots of QC issues of both manufacturers. Which is better hardware-wise and have good after sales support?
  4. B

    thermal compond cpu

    what in your opinion is the best cpu thermal paste for lower temps?
  5. Y

    Vga monitor to dvi graphic card 580

    Just bought and monitor that has vga compatibility but doesn’t know that my graphic card was dvi i know I need an adapter but do I need an passive or active link an adaptor that’s best I guess btw I’m using rx 580
  6. B

    Expand my storage

    My laptop doesn't have enough memory. Can I use my external hard drive to expand my memory?
  7. I

    First time building a pc - need recommendations and guidance

    Hi, thanks for coming to my thread. I am completely new to pc's(switching from ps4) and need a lot of guidance in building my new pc. I have copied and pasted the 'How to ask for build guidance" info and would greatly appreciate any sort of help. Approximate Purchase Date: Have not purchased...
  8. C

    How to fix my problem to b250f strix

    Help me.guys to fix my m.2 ssd show in.bios.but. The sata information doesnt show the storage
  9. C

    Downloaded windows 10 on SSD. Then computer says No bootable device

    So windows detected my SSd then I downloaded it. But after I resetted it my computer said No bootable devices, press any key to reset. I also can't find Legacy or Ueif in BIOS. Any ideas?
  10. S

    8gb Ram 2x4gb on inspiron 530?

    Hello, i was thinking of upgrading my old pc (its not my main rig) and i was wondering if you can put a 2x4gb 8bg ram 800 mhz dimm in there? The name is dell inspiron 530 Thanks!
  11. S

    Which are some effective data erasure software?

    I am willing to resell my hard disk drive and I have manually deleted the stored data. However,I am being told by my friends that a data recovery software can recover the deleted data unless data is erased by a professional data erasure software. Is it true? If yes, then please suggest a...
  12. jasonbroody13

    6GB ram enough?

    Can i play watch dogs and farcry primal ultra setting on this configration pc?? i3 2100 6gb ram ddr3 Gtx560 oc 720p monitor.. Game will lag or shutter?? Tell me friends..
  13. M

    New/first pc build

    I have a question. I am building a new pc with ryzen 3 1200 and with a gtx 1050ti i was wondering if a evga 500W 80 plus rated psu is enought
  14. S

    Computer not recognizing headphones

    My headphones are not being recognized by my computer. They are plugged into the front panel, and yes, my headers are verified connected. In device manager, Under Audio Inputs and outputs the only two are Realtek Digital Output and Speakers. Under sound, video, game controllers there is NVIDIA...
  15. B

    My system doesn’t turn on with my new gpu

    Hi, I have been trying to jump into VR for a while and so I got a new gpu. My system works fine without it but when I plug it in the system doesn’t work and the only thing that remains on is the gpu light indicating power, someone pls help. Specs: Ryzen 5 1400 (Motherboard) ASRock AB350 Pro4...
  16. R

    Better chip for less gpu or inverse ?

    Hey, I'm looking fwd to build my first pc and hesitate a bit with these choices : Should I get an R5 1600 w/gtx 750 Ti or an R3 1200 w/gtx 1050 Ti ? (btw excuse me for my english)
  17. L

    Normal psu for gigabyte b250m-d2v

    Hello, can anyone pls help me ... Can I use a normal psu for gigabyte ga -b250m-d2v motherboard. There is two 12v port in motherboard. Normal psu have only one. Spec is gigabyte ga-b250m-d2v with Pentium g4560 + Corsair 4gb ram. There is no graphics card. So , can I use a low end 450w psu...
  18. J

    Battery not charging

    All of a sudden , can't get battery to charge ? Unit is 5 yrs old , but used very lightly.
  19. jadeprior

    Old GPU crashes in new build. Strange crash pic within

    Hi guys, I posted previously and got no replies but I feel I have more information this time. I have just built a new PC with my modest budget, all new parts minus my GPU and HDD which I carried over from my old PC, they were working flawlessly there. The system is running relatively well until...
  20. K

    $500-750 general home PC with some gaming ability and upgrade potential - first build

    I am currently trying to build my first PC. Approximate purchase date: 1-2 weeks. Budget Range: 500-750 total after shipping and rebates System usage: At first this PC with be used as a general home computer for internet browsing, streaming. This would be the most important requirement. It...