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  1. D

    Games not working on my secondary HDD

    Hi, I have 2 drives. The main one where the OS is installed, which is the SSD (C:) and the HDD (A:). So I tried to install the same game Assassin's Creed Unity and it worked perfectly installed on C: but if I install it on A: it does not work at all, the game stucks on the launch splash screen
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Intel i7 7700 issues

    Bench tested my i7 7700 and it has come out in the lowest 31% of all of the same CPU's tested, I am having issues running Rust + Steam + Discord, this is my bench test, why is it so low? Constantly crashes my game, and then causes everything else open to crash also, This is a shop bought HP...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2600x or 1800x

    What would you choose for gaming and futureproofing?
  4. F

    I do not want Avast in my laptop, it keeps reinstalling, when using Revo uninstaller.

    This stinking virus they call Avast antivirus , keeps reinstalling itself, How do I get rid of this garbage app.
  5. Anti-grandbean

    [SOLVED] How well do the various manufacturers play together for RGB?

    So, I think I may have made on oversight on my current ordered build when it comes to a unified synced RGB set. I, honestly, just didn't think about how each may have a proprietary software to run each. I'll link my build from The parts are one day from delivery, so, I'm...
  6. A

    Asus P8H61-M LX with i5-3570k can I run it?

    Hello, I am a budget and newbie overclocker. I have some questions. Can I run and overclock i5-3570k on this motherboard (not sure but I think mine is rev B3) ? Which psu should I buy? Is this build able to handle gtx-1060 or 1070 or rx-580? Thanks a lot!
  7. K

    Bad smells and CPU spike

    Hello all, For about a week my computer starts to acting up. I started to smell something like a chemical, burning smell. It isn't super strong but it's there and it doesn't go away. It's sort of a gagging smell and elevate my heart beat, along with some dizziness. The second problem that...
  8. A

    Xbox One X vs Gaming PC build

    Hello guys, how are you all doing ? So I have some things I would like to ask about. Currently, I have a PC whith following components: Motherboard: S1150 mATX H81M-DGS (One ram slot is dead) CPU: S-1150 Core i7 - 4770 SSD: 120GB 2.5'' SATA3 HDD: 2TB SATA3 3,5'' 64M GPU: VGA GF GTX...
  9. S

    Windows installation keeps erroring and crashing

    So the problems arose when I kept getting an error when I tried to start my computer. The error read No bootable device when I had a hard drive with an OS that previously worked. The error would occur 50/50 the other times it would start windows. Windows was very slow and kept on giving me the...
  10. G

    Sennheiser Announces $250 Magic Leap-Approved AR Headphones

    Sennheiser's new AMBEO AR One in-ear headphones were designed to complement the Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset that debuted in August. Sennheiser Announces $250 Magic Leap-Approved AR Headphones : Read more
  11. zl3xt0ry

    Dual GTX 1050ti, i5-8600k BottleNeck?

    So I've heard if you have a GTX1050ti and a i5-8600k it will bottleneck but what would happen if you have 2 GTX1050ti cards?
  12. T

    [SOLVED] 1440p Monitor help

    Im getting used 1440p monitor from my friend. So my first question is currently i have I5 8400 with GTX 1060 6GB and 8Gb ram, just wondering if that is enough for decent 1440p gaming? Second question is that i have PS4 pro which i mainly play on so how does 1440p monitor work on PS4 Pro? Is...
  13. B

    Black line on laptop screen

    Black line on top of laptop screen White line on side of laptop screen vertical. Someone help me I have a blade 14 2017
  14. S

    Water cooling loop

    I want to buld a custome water cooling loop from alphacool My GPU is already water cooling Which part I need to cool my CPU and motherboard; CPU: amd Ryzen 2700x Motherboard: Gigabyte aorus x470 gaming 7
  15. C

    Space bar not working properly when typing (Asus laptop)

    My space bar does not always create a space between words.I have to push it multiple times before it moves
  16. D

    2 Antec cases

    Hello I need to choose one of the following ATX mid tower cases but can't decide which one is better - 1. Antec P7 Silent(the version without the window) 2. Antec VSP-5000 Which case do you recommend?
  17. S

    PSU compatibility on motherboard

    Will corsair vs550 psu support on my asus H110 m - CS???
  18. J

    Fans making very annoying sound

    Hi! I have had some problems over the past 3 days, and I can't really figure out what it is. There is this annoying sound that comes from one of the fans I think, but I don't know which one it is. My case is a bitfenix nova tg
  19. K

    Windows crashes even after a new windows install every other boot

    I've have windows 10 on my PC crash every other time I would boot it. For example I would start up the pc login to windows and maybe watch youtube or play some games for around 15 min and then BOOM! blue screen, sometimes it would even crash 5 seconds after I login. I would boot it up again and...
  20. J

    Fan Splitter not working properly.

    I recently got a tuf b450m-plus gaming motherboard but when I connect the fan splitter only one of my case fans work. I tested the fan header with only one fan and it worked fine. Is it because I have the fans set to max instead of low? I will test the fan splitter on low but does anyone else...
  21. F

    Gtx 1080 ti 500watts test psu

    Hello, I buyed a evga 1080 ti that requires a minimum 600 watts psu, however I already have a 500 watts psu. So I buy a 750 watts psuthat arrives 3 days later, the question is, can I test the video cart with my actual psu, only for test, no gaming, justturn on the pc and prove the video output...
  22. V

    I7-7700K 100% Usage

    Cpu using 100% and only getting 10fps whilst streaming games on medium settings can anyone try and help and tell me whats wrong? CPU = I7-7700K Motherboard = Strix Z270 GPU = GTX 1070 OC Ram = 16gbs 2400MHz
  23. I

    Black Screen Crash While Gaming

    After building this rig, I've been experiencing a strange type of crash while the system is under load (specifically while gaming). After playing for a few hours, the screen would abruptly go black, no error message, and the RGB's on my GPU would go dark. Reset button is unresponsive, and the...
  24. 1

    AMD A8 Quad core good for gaming?

    I am looking for a decent gaming laptop and I found one in my price range. I was wondering if the AMD A8 processor can run games such as SimplePlanes, GTA V, Steam games, etc. If not, is there any other good laptops that have a good enough processor?
  25. M

    How do I overclock acer one 14 z422??

    Hey guys! I searched the whole internet but couldn't find any way to overclock it If anyone of you can help me out that would be great :) Thanks :D
  26. R

    How to Transfer Data From Your Old MacBook to the New MacBook Pro

    Upgrading to a new Mac book can be a great experience. If you just purchased the new Mac Book Pro and want to transfer data from your old Mac to the new Mac, the following steps will help you with the process. But first, let’s deal with some prerequisites: - Ensure your old and new Macs are...
  27. G

    Bush led tv

    Can't connect sound bar no optical connection or Bluetooth is there another way to connect
  28. R

    New GPU low fps

    Specs: GTX 1080 i5 7600k Yesterday I got myself a GTX 1080 for an upgrade to my 1050 ti. Though I noticed I was getting at most the same fps on games like overwatch (30-100 fps) I factory reset my pc to see if anything would work but it seems like its the same.
  29. M

    Windows 7 Thinkpad T43 Drivers

    I've got a new install of Windows 7 on a T43 Thinkpad. I got most of the drivers but am stuck on the last 2 if someone could help. 1) UNKNOWN DEVICE and its details are on Intel(R) 82801 FBM LPC Interfacr Controller - 2641 The drivers for this device are not installed (Code28) 2) SDA...
  30. N

    Dell laptop display is black with back light on on start up.

    I have a Dell inspiron 7000 series 7548 that is only 2 years old. I have been experiencing display problems with the laptop for about 2 weeks. The device starts up with a blank screen and the backlight is on. I have tried everything that I could to resolve this issue i.e. re-installing Bios and...
  31. E


    Please can this work on ddr3 motherboard. Nvidia GeForce 940mx (4GB).
  32. Y

    Having trouble deciding over FreeSync Monitors

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy a Freesync Monitor, but i am having last-minute issues in deciding over features. I'm from Pakistan, so some brands like Acer, Nixeus, Phillips and even AOC don't have their full range of F.S monitors available here. the main features i'm looking for are ...
  33. Z

    New CPU/Mobo worse performance

    Hi, i recently bought an i5 8400, gigabyte b360m ds3h motherboard and 8gb ddr4 ram (single channel) to star a new build using some old components like hdd and graphic card (evga gtx 670 4gb supercloked). The problem is that when im playing a game (Battlefield 1 for example), the performance is...
  34. S

    A10 vs i5 with 2GB dgpu

    Amd A10 or Intel i5 with nvidia 2GB gpu. What is best for Graphics ?
  35. S

    I'm Trying to Build A Computer

    So I have a parts list on pcpartpicker which I'm going to link so hopefully someone can look at. I don't know if it's ACTUALLY compatible, I remember once I put one together and someone told me some parts weren't. So I posted this thread for someone to check it out and let me know before I buy...
  36. S

    Cheap Gaming laptop

    Hi there! I’m looking between the Acer aspire e15 and the dell Inspiron 15 3000, would they able to run games like the sims 4 (also cc) ok? Aswell as a few other games here and there! I’m not the best when it comes to buying what laptop. Also one that won’t break my savings. (if there are any...
  37. C

    Weird issue with onboard Ethernet port

    My motherboard, which is now roughly 3 years old, has two integrated LAN ports on the back. Around a year, year and a half ago, one of them stopped working (completely random from what I can remember). The other worked fine and I put it down to a drive issue and never really paid much attention...
  38. M

    Lenovo Thinkpad or Apple MacBook Pro 2018?

    Hi, I am drawn between Thinkpad 480, X1 Carbon Gen 6 and MacBook Pro 2018. I have lots of QC issues of both manufacturers. Which is better hardware-wise and have good after sales support?
  39. B

    thermal compond cpu

    what in your opinion is the best cpu thermal paste for lower temps?
  40. Y

    Vga monitor to dvi graphic card 580

    Just bought and monitor that has vga compatibility but doesn’t know that my graphic card was dvi i know I need an adapter but do I need an passive or active link an adaptor that’s best I guess btw I’m using rx 580