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  1. genthug

    Accidentally deleted photos

    Recently went on vacation, and I accidentally deleted some photos off of my HTC One A9. I'm now incredibly pissed off with myself, and I need a way to even attempt to get my stuff back, if at all possible. I know this requires work arounds, I've read on rooting. However, kingo will not do it...
  2. R

    help writing a script to copy .exe to startup

    Hi there can someone assist i am trying to create a batch that can copy a file from a server then place it in the users startup folder. "\\server\folder\folder\folder\ICT\Shared Content\application.EXE" "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" that is what i have found so far on the net, i...
  3. M

    trying to build a gaming pc need help

    hi I have been trying to switch from console to pc, and I really need help because I have no experience In building a good pc Im willing to spend up to 2-3k$ as long as it runs everything. what specifications should I keep in mind when I'm building this pc? thanks
  4. K

    I think I solved freezing issue with FX-9590

    my Cooler is a Hydro Series™ H100i v2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler I got tired of my PC freezing over and over to the point I take my PC in (they fix it, lasts a day or 2) than I read online that the FX-9590 is overclocked from the factory (speedfan showed hot temps) if you don't mess...
  5. I

    Great gaming pc getting really low FPS on Rainbow Six Siege (GTX 1080)

    So let me start this off by saying, my computer runs all other games on max perfectly fine without any issues, but ever since a few days ago, after I finished a match of Rainbow Six Siege on the map Fevela, I started another game, and instead of being at 120 - 150 fps, I sit at 50 - 70. I didn't...
  6. R

    Antivirus for non SSE2 Compliant Processor.

    What are my options for an antivirus for a non SSE2 compliant processor? I have used AVG for years with great satisfaction. However, now it requires an SSE2 compliant processor. Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(TM) 1.2 GHz Memory: 512 MB O/S: XP / SP3
  7. X

    Old desktop not POST-ing(no beep when turned on and no display)

    My old desktop didn't POST today. There was no display output and the HDD activity light remained off. It worked fine a couple of days ago, any suggestions on what to do? Asus M2NPV Motherboard AMD Athlon CPU 4GB RAM Video card w/sound card installed in 2 PCI slots. Thanks in advance UPDATE...
  8. thedonquixotic

    Really really weird monitor problems after installing new motherboard

    I have 3 displays. I have 2 TVs being used as monitors, and a tablet monitor that i use for art stuff. I one TV hooked up using a HDMI to Display port (ViewSonic), one TV hooked up using a HDMI to DVI port(iSymphony), and the tablet monitor using a DVI to DVI port(Ugee). I'm seeing some very...
  9. J

    Is hyperduo function similar to cache on a standard hard drive or a sshd like a firecuda. i.e. bits or whole files?

    Want ram to preload bits not hold full files... Thinking of streaming application of large files.
  10. A

    z77 extreme4 with G.Skill Ares

    Hi! I have a asrock z77 extreme4 mobo and i cant find G.Skill Ares F3-2400C11-8GAB on the supported ram list. will it work with it? Is it safe to put it in?
  11. I

    Used Ram reliable?

    Is buying ram used or places like eBay reliable?
  12. J

    Looking for a Cheap Gaming Monitor

    To make a long story short(-er), about a week ago I accidentally knocked over my monitor. It fell "face" first onto my keyboard. Somehow this destroyed it. Computer can detect the display, but nothing renders. Then screen flashes on and off. Lasting a few seconds each time. Eventually it gives...
  13. M

    System random shutdowns/restarts

    Hello guys. I have an issue with the system I am currently using. Mostly I use the system to study and sometimes play some games. Lately I experienced some random restarts or even shutdowns. That was some time ago. I thought it might be the OS, i reinstalled it and it worked . But for two days...
  14. D

    Someone help me

    Hi, I want to know how I can use 2 disks I have a ssd and an hd but from what I'm seeing I'm just using ssd I was wondering if anyone could help me configure it to use both
  15. LilWhiteChris

    Can you record in 21:9 without black bars?

    I'm really interested in a ultra wide monitor, for the wider field of view. However i believe most displays use 16:9 and ultra wides are 21:9. So when recording gameplay from a 21:9 monitor it uploads to youtube with black bars. Is there anyway of uploading footage to play in full screen...
  16. M

    White dots on dark areas of screen (AMD Radeon R9 200 Series)

    White dots will appear on the dark areas of one of my monitors. I can temporarily fix this by unplugging the the monitor from the gpu and plugging it back in. It's occurred on both monitors before. When I move a window around that contains the dots, they stay in place relative to the window...
  17. Connorlul

    Motherboard + CPU for Gaming Photo+Video Editing

    Im looking for a Cpu and motherboard to upgrade my current PC ive been shopping about and these are afew ive looked at - MSI Z270 KRAIT Kaby Lake/ Krait B250 with a Intel Core i5-6400T Would this be a good enough upgrade when Paired with an MSI GTX 1050ti? EDIT - I was also looking at a...
  18. T

    Why does my computer still running slow

    My current Motherboard: gigabyte ga-f2a68hm-h Videocard: nvidia Gtx 750 Ti Proccessor: AMD A10-7890K Radeon R7, 12 Compute cores 4C+8G 4.10 GHz RAM: 16 GB I just put some new specs in my computer and it is still not running at the speed, I feel like, it should be. I don't know if it is not...
  19. T

    want to delete files only from drive c

    hey i wanted to know if there is a way to uninstall files only from drive c with a program like i obit uninstaller becuase icant seem to know what is catching all the storage on that drive