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  1. D

    wifi outside home

    Can i use my home WiFi connection on my cell phone and take it with me to the store or to run errands if i like? meaning does any home internet provider like cox cable, or verizon, or at&t internet, spectrum internet, ex......allow customers to add cell phone or lap tops to your monthly internet...
  2. P

    which pc build is better to buy?

    First build INTEL Core i3 8100, 3.6GHz, H310M, Sata3, USB3.0, Crucial 8GB DDR4 2400Hz, MSI Aero GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5, Kingston 120GB SSD Sata3, Toshiba 1TB 7.200o/min Sata3 , Thermaltake Litepower 550W-cost 790$ Second build AMD Ryzen 3 1200, 3.1GHz, A320M, Sata3, USB3.0, Lan, 8GB DDR4 2666MHz...
  3. G

    Please advise on this i5 build

    It's been 10 years since I've built a rig, and some things seem to have changed. I wanted your overall advice on this build. For these components, my budget is around 600, I can go up to 700 if there's something really important to consider. Will these work well together, and is there some...
  4. W

    Will this CPU fit my Motherboard?

    My motherboard: GIGABYTE GA‑78LMT‑S2 CPU I want to buy: AMD FX-9590 Eight-Core Will they work together? (my current cpu is an AMD FX-4300 Quad-Core)
  5. B

    lenovo y520 storage drive upgrade

    hi, i just bought lenovo legion y520 -15IKBM 80yy with i7-7700- gtx 1060 6gb -256 ssd the proplem is that the laptop does not have a hdd only SSD and its 256 gb and as a designer and a gamer that is not enough so i was wondering if its possible to add extra drive as HDD or something, it says i...
  6. E

    Is my amd a10 7860k bottlenecking my rx 460?

    Some weeks ago i tried a friend's gt 1030 in my gear, the problem was that the first day i installed it i was getting the expected performance of a 1030 but next day the performance went down about 50%, the 1030 was running games worse than the a10 integrated graphics, i tought the gpu was the...
  7. D

    Help with my Lenovo S400 Laptop

    Recently my laptop has just been not booting up. Sometimes it does but it usually takes 2-3 days to boot up again. Please check this video to see more information
  8. A

    my laptop dell inspiron 6400 take several times press up of power button to boot. when i press the power button it turns but t

    my laptop dell inspiron 6400 take several times press up of power button to boot. when i press the power button it turns on but there is nothing on the screen, whereas when i press it again and again as turning off by pussing for a while and again push it to turn on it starts in multiple times.
  9. S

    New motherboard no bios

    So my PC wouldn't turn one day and I ordered a new motherboard. The PC turns on now but won't boot to bios. Parts I know are fine PSU Mobo Gpu Things i have tried Resetting cmos 2 sticks of ram 2 different psus I do not have a motherboard speaker All of the parts are from my previous PC...
  10. K

    Harddrive old laptop to new laptop

    My newer laptop's harddrive just died. It's a lenovo with windows 10 on it. I still had an old acer with windows 7 on it. I was wondering if I could put my old acers harddrive in my lenovo laptop. My acer laptop screen is completely ruined. Also wondering if I could change it. Could I get...
  11. T

    ASUS GPU Tweak 2

    Should I increase the voltage slider? Here's how I have it now ( and its stable but I'm not sure if I should mess around with the voltage slider bcs I have read that it has destroyed some PC but its now fixed or something. So I have no clue.
  12. K

    Radeon HD 6570 problems (Bottleneck?)

    So i have a "Classic" "Display driver AMD driver has stopped working and has successfully recovered" problem,unless it doesn't recover,and a TDR delay isnt fixing it,i tried numerous fixes,none worked so i thought it might be a bottleneck since my CPU is on 100% usage and GPU is up to 50% and i...
  13. J

    Hidden pendrive problem The entire pen drive is hidden. Cannot be accessed. Tried changing attrib / drive letter . Cannot be formatted too. Help is appreciated
  14. W

    Horrible Frame drops and Crashes - Please help

    Honestly I have no clue what to be looking for I have a high end system and I get constant frame drops in games like Counter Strike GO, PUBG and League of Legends. I honestly couldn't care less about them because I was going from say 140 in PUBG to 90 and It didn't really seem like an...
  15. T

    My computer won’t start. PLEASE HELP!

    Honestly I have no idea what happened, I got tired after playing some games so I went to lie down on my bed then about 30 minutes later my fans start going to 100% rpm speed and then my computer screens went black so I turn it off by holding the power button but now it won’t turn on at all...
  16. W

    Graphics Driver Issue

    Hey, I've had this issue for quite some time and have spent weeks trying to solve it. It first started when my screen started flickering constantly then I would get a blue screen of death and my PC would switch off. I assumed it was a graphics driver issue so I installed the latest drivers for...
  17. S

    Desperate: Tried installing additional RAM-blocks and now my computer turns on for 1second, then off and immediately on.

    Hey guys I previously had 2x4GB RAM in my computer. I've been thinking of upgrading to 2x8gb, but a friend said I should just get 2 more of the same RAM. So I did that, so I'd end up with 4x4GB of the same RAM blocks. This guy usually knows what he's talking about. Anyway, I got the 2 new...
  18. H

    Booting from ssd, please insert proper boot device

    I used 1TB HDD in uefi only so far, but now i bought a Samsung Evo 850 SSD. I unplugged the HDD, changed the SSD to GPT and installed the win10 from a USB on it. Ater that i restart the pc, disconnect the usb, and set the SSD in first place in the boot order. I get the please insert proper boot...
  19. testtube5

    Should I change this build at all before I hit the buy button?

    Here's the build: Looking to game AAA titles (and everything else) in 4k (Don't want to go SLI) at times, most of the time I want to max out 1440p at 144hz or around that. The NVMe drive is just a "I have to have it" item (though if you know of a better...