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  1. Question Bluetooth dongle issue - not detecting/connecting on Windows 10

    Hello, I recently bought Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. It unfortunately requires Bluetooth for the wireless ability and didn't come with it's own dongle piece like many do. So I thought ok, all I need is to buy a Bluetooth dongle online. I managed to get one and now it appears that it...
  2. F

    Question R9 280x ports stopped working

    I have an r9 280x which I have been using for 4 years with no problem when today it just stopped displaying to my monitor. The fans still spin when booted up but I get no signal messages displayed from my monitor when its connected via DVI-D. I'm using Windows 10 64 bit. Hardware: 8GB G-SKill...
  3. winlog666

    Question Dark Mode Not Working Correctly?

    Alright so I turned dark mode on the latest version of windows 10 and it works, but... it does not work in File Explorer. I went to, Settings>Personalization>Colors Then I switched "Choose your default app mode" to dark and it applied to everything except file explorer. File explorer is still...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Plz Plz Help 🙏🏼 Micro-Atx with 1150 socket that has 2 or more PCIe 16x slots??

    Hello, I really want to upgrade my motherboard and keep all of the rest of my components and in order to do that I need a micro ATX with LGA 1150 and that has AT LEAST two PCIe 16x slots, but the more the merrier 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Does anyone know of a motherboard that fits that description? I would...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Is there a difference ?

    Is there really a difference between optiplex 9020 and 990 if the CPUs are the same ? Sorry I’m new
  6. R

    Terrible FPS dips League of Legends RTX 2080

    So, as the title says. I play league from time to time with the wife and recently I noticed my fps dropping from 400+ to 90+ and everywhere in between. I've tried to cap my FPS at 120, helps with jerkiness of the ups and downs but it does not stay locked there. It'll go all the way down to 80+...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Gtx 1080 price

    Do you think 300 pound for a gtx 1080 is a good price got from amazon warehouse Condition is Used - Like New - Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged?
  8. R

    Memory upgrade questions...

    So faster memory is better, but should I just concentrate on the memory's speed, or should I also go for the lowest latency...?? Right now I am running ddr4 2666 cl13 and I was thinking of going to ddr4 3400. Any info is appreciated.
  9. G

    [SOLVED] What do I risk with a Thermaltake litepower 650w and can I solve it

    So that's my first build , didn't build it my self the store where I bought the components did it for me , and he recommended me a PSU so I took it , iam currently using a Thermaltake litepower 650w for a i3 8100 and a GTX 1060 6Gb on a Ashrock B360m-HDV but I read pretty bad opinions about it...
  10. D

    1x8gb corsir vengence LED

    Does anyone know where I could purchase one 8gb stick of Corsair Vengence LED? preferably in white, but it wouldn't really matter.
  11. M

    G-Sync, Fast Sync, V-Sync

    I am using a 144hz monitor with G-Sync for a while. Since I have it I turn G-sync always on and V-sync always of in all games. With G-sync I never experienced any screen tearing. I mostly play single player games in WQHD 1440p on highest possible graphics settings for best visuals. I only turn...
  12. C

    sound driver help!

    My sound driver uses up three ports. I can't connect both my speaker and headphone at the same time.
  13. koberulz

    Issues with External RAID0 Array - How do I Isolate the Problem?

    My video captures are dropping frames, a problem I've isolated to my external USB3 RAID0 array as I can capture just fine to my C:\ drive (which is obviously only feasible as a troubleshooting method). I have no idea whether it's one of the two 2TB 3.5" drives, or both of them, or the...
  14. R

    Net Protector Anti-Virus has dubious processes

    I have bought Net Protector Anti-Virus for my Windows 7 system. The task manager often gets filled with multiple instances (often 30-40) of Net Protector processes such as MAILGEN.exe and GZIP.exe and other non-antivirus processes such as PROCDISP.exe and conhost.exe. The issue is that sometimes...
  15. S

    Can my PC handle a second monitor?

    Heya, I currently have a pretty old 60hz monitor, so I'm going to buy a new 144hz one either way. I'm going to use the 144hz one for gaming while using the second one for youtube probably, and I'll also use them both for programming. Can my PC handle those 2 monitors while still getting me good...
  16. D

    Looking for a PC which is a worthy upgrade but was made before 2017

    So, here's the deal: I would like to buy myself a prebuilt (preferably Dell) desktop which will be an improvement over my current machine (Dell Inspiron 660 - i5 3340, 8 GB RAM, 750 Ti 2GB) but is made before 2017 / can support Windows 8 officially. I'm thinking I might buy a workstation since...
  17. S

    I think my graphic card is dead. Opinions?

    So i was chilling at my PC when the power gone down. When it came back i tryed starting my pc but the monitor was killed. But my problem is that my graphics card is not working too. It's an GTX 1060 6GB from GIGABYTE. My PC starts, no beeps, no nothing but the Card won't even give signal to my...
  18. F

    How to Increase Intel GMA dedicated video memory

    Hello Guyz I have core2duo (E6550 2.33Ghz) PC that has Integrated Intel Graphics Intel Q35 Express Family Chipset/ Intel GMA3100 it has dedicated memory of zero how can I increase it I don't have any other GPU and I have 2gb ram. I can't play some games and some games lag on high settings like...
  19. A

    i5 2400s, H61 booard.

    Hi I want to overclock i5 2400s @2.5 ghz On a Zebronics zeb h61 board. I installed intel XTU but everything is locked in advace option. I tried in bios. When i go to ICC option it says library missing or something like that. Please help me.
  20. B

    Free Anti Virus

    Any anti virus you can suggest? Ive been using malwarebytes like the free trial. But is there any free quality anti viruses?