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    Question PSU little pop sometime when I turn off and on the pc

    Hi , i've a Be quiet pure power 10 700W and more less from the first week i've used (i'm using from 2017) i noticed sometime a little pop after switching on /off the psu main button specially if I don't turn on the pc at all. Could be the realy and it's just fine or I maybe be need to worry and...
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    [SOLVED] PSU with multiple weak 12V rails + 1 big single-connector boi (RTX 2060) = shutdown festival?

    Hi guys and gals, I've run into a dilemma advising on a PSU for someone's build. The guy is from Russia, and you've got to understand that we're choosing from the bottom of the bin. Forget your fancy tier lists, 9999W 80- Unobtainium Seasonics, etc. The way I see it, the bare minimum needed...
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    [SOLVED] Is this PSU worth getting?

    Be quiet! Pure power 11 600W is this Tier 2 PSU worth getting? and will it work with B365M / I5-9400F / GTX 1060 6GB ?
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    [SOLVED] Is it possible to get decent aeroflow with minimal dust in the Aerocool Cylon

    Hello I am a casual gamer on a budget and I want to get my temps down in my pc. My case is the Aerocool Cylon. The case has a back exhaust fan, a space for a fan at the top with a filter, a bottom filtered space for the psu, and 3 spaces for fans at the front, those spaces can also be populated...
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    [SOLVED] Antec C400 Aftermarket Cooler "hack"

    Hello everyone! I bought an Antec C400 cooler for my Ryzen 5 1500X. I don't like the stock Antec fan that's on it, so I was wondering, which fan should I buy and replace the stock one? I was thinking about the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 or maybe Arctic Bionix. The main focus here is on the silence...