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  1. D

    Question PC Slowly, then abruptly, stopped working. (HELP)

    Hello. My PC has been working fine for about 4 years now. It recently started having issues when it randomly crashed while I was playing DOOM. This started the pattern of my computer crashing every time I played a game. I thought it was just DOOM but, upon playing Minecraft, Hollow Knight, and...
  2. S

    Question Computer not recognizing USB headset out of nowhere. Boot time has increased x10-15 as well.

    My headset (steelseries siberia 800) stopped working yesterday out of nowhere. The errors i get are, "Unknown USB device (device descriptor request failed)" When i plug it in to any USB port it say's " the last usb you plugged in malfunctioned". Other problem is now when i bootup my computer it...
  3. Maciej__

    Question Laptop wont boot up

    Hello, my laptop won't boot up no matter what I try, after I press the power button nothing happens except dvd drive spinning up, even the fan doesn't turn on. Also after I press the power button and plug in the charger there is a short beep, the same when I unplug it. I already tried Taking out...
  4. I

    Question CPU Fan error, Press F1 to open boot up.

    Hi,all sorry if the grammar or it seems rushed as this post is written quickly(In a hurry).I ran into a problem when I moved around my pc a little.At bootup (Just moved it) I got my bios telling me "Cpu Fan error, press F1 to enter bios. This was unusual as I have never seen the problem...
  5. W

    Question black screen when boot up my pc

    Hello, when i bootup my pc there is no input to my monitor. The system is running just no input. I can only reboot by holding the power button. to start my pc i do this proces until i get input to the monitor, sometimes it works after 2 times and sometimes after 10 times. spec Intel core i5...
  6. W

    [SOLVED] Computer boot glitch

    tried booting up my computer yesterday and the BIOS boot screen started glitching, not sure what is causing it but when you press one of the buttons (end, delete) it freezes completely. happens every time I try to start it. any help appreciated, thank you in advance View...
  7. J

    Video editing build - 1080p in Premiere Pro

    Hi, Please comment on my proposed video editing build. Will be using Premiere Pro (and After Effects to a lesser extent) for 1080p video editing for Vimeo and YouTube - budget is strictly under £1400. I also require a silent machine and midi sized case as it needs to be easily portable. I'm not...
  8. L

    PC takes 30 seconds to connect to the internet

    I am on Windows 10. My PC for some reason takes 20 to 30 seconds to connect to the Internet when I boot it up and some programs need to be online to work so they close instead, and I have to wait 30 seconds every time I start my PC to do pretty much everything. Is there a way to fix this...
  9. R

    Internal HDD works in old computer, clicks on startup with new computer

    Hello, I've recently upgraded to a new DIY computer based around an ASUS Z270-A motherboard. I plan on keeping my 1tb data hard drive (Samsung HD103SJ) while having a new SSD for Windows, programs, etc. The 1tb drive continues to work in my old computer (a 9-year-old computer with an...
  10. 9

    SuperMicro X8DTI-F motherboard

    Hey guys, Can this motherboard be used for a normal desktop PC usage? (heavy tasks, gaming, net surfing) I'm planing to buy this motherboard and pair it with 2 Xeon x5670 cpus. I'm just worried if the full capacity of CPUs will be presented on it. (like on a workstation) thanks regards
  11. S

    My computer has 2 graphics cards and it picks up the bad one?

    I bought my computer a week ago and I don't think I bought one with 2 graphics cards.. I am sure I bought the 1050 ti one.. I did a GPU test on and it said that I had an intel 630.. is this normal? The only real game I played until now is black desert online everything on...
  12. N

    Help me choose a case

    I'm really struggling to choose a case. Features I am looking for. 1. Mid-sized tower 2. 360mm Radiator support in front and top 3. Tempered Glass side panel 4. Offset top radiator mounting holes to maximise clearance from mobo heat sinks and RAM. Tempered Glass side panel. 5. I want to see my...
  13. A

    Windows 8.1 pro vs Windows 7 for Gaming Performace

    I would like to know, if I should stick to win 7(SP1) or use win8.1 pro...I intend to play games with high graphics like Resident Evil 7 which one should i use My pc specs are- Intel core i5-660 3.3GHz 8GB ddr3 RAM 500GB HDD Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 2GB Also provide other reasons to choose...
  14. S

    My first PC build !

    Hi guys I'm planning to build my first PC and these are the components that I will use : - GPU : Msi Radeon RX480 4GB ( because the 8 GB version is like 300 bucks here in Holland ) - CPU : FX-8350 ( maybe the Wraith edition ) - MOBO : Asrock 970A-G/3.1 / Asrock 970 Pro3 R2.0 ( not sure about...
  15. Y

    768p Budget Build

    What is the best pc build for 768p (August 2016) that can slay most of the triple A games today at high to ultra settings? Please enlighten me :)
  16. I

    Replace Graphic card laptop

    Can I replace my Graphic Card for my laptop? The store were I bought it told me there's a chip in it that i can replace. ???
  17. S

    At a crossroad?

    Hello everybody, Long time lurker, first time poster! I am trying to determine if my system has bottlenecks and what components are causing them. Being that I am a novice PC builder--the system in question being my first build--I would appreciate any advice or critique of my computer. I've...
  18. W

    How is this laptop?

    I need a laptop for university that not only has power but can also be used to take notes. I came across this which is little bit over my budget of $1000, but I think I can afford it. My main concern is the build quality of the laptop. I need this to last at least my 4 years of college and it...
  19. F

    RAID Card Confusion

    Let's say I have RAID on my motherboard and I also have a RAID card. Is it possible to put the hard drives plugged into the the SATA ports on the RAID card and the hard drives plugged into the motherboard in the same RAID array?
  20. M

    Win 8.1 can't see extra sata hdd

    I have a new build win 8.1 pc. My old hdd has all my files on it, and has win 7 installed. Im trying to get my old files so I've plugged the old hdd in to sata ports. I can't see the drive at all in win 8, but it is visible in bios. Any help gratefully received.