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  1. R

    PC Freezes but mouse still moves / BSOD

    My computer has been freezing for like two weeks. I don't really know why is that happening. It all started when I was installing GTA V and during installation I got BSOD. I don't really understand BSOD's error codes, I've been able to screenshot them though. Now my PC just freezes randomly...
  2. D

    Bought new motherboard and connectes. The pc turn on but not screen

    I bough new mother board asus rog strix b360-h gaming and i connected what i think was connected on last motherboard. Everything works perfectly but screen does not turn on. Can i get some help asap please I bought motherboard and cpu intel i5 8400 but i dont think...
  3. A

    Dead PSU (at the very least), looking for a replacement

    Intel Core i5-4670k Gigabyte Z97x-UD3H Black Edition 2x 4GB Corsair DDR3-1866 XFX HD7870 Core Edition 500 GB WD Blue SSD PSU was an Antec NeoEco 620c rated for 620W. It basically slowly sputtered and died over the course of this week, with repeated black screens whenever I started up a game. I...
  4. P

    tridentz rgb 3200 B-Die ?

    [Trident Z RGB] F4-3200C14D-16GTZR curious if these are B-die, ive searched the web and cant find a good answer
  5. G

    Gaming laptop or gaming pc

    I want to buy gaming laptop maybe rog strix scar 2,but is it worth the money or just go build a gaming pc with the same budget? And how much the performance difference between both of them? Im a college student ill use it for 3d rendering maybe 24/7. Budget max $2000 since the rog scar 2...
  6. C

    PSU and mobo

    For the CPU pins on mobo, some of them are round and some of them are squares. My PSU has those pins, but not in the right order. Let's say I have 2 squares up and two circles down. My PSU has those like one square and on circle up and two circles down. Does it matter?
  7. M

    DVI-VGA performance on 1080p60hz

    I have dvi from my gpu into vga in monitor. My case is damn stupid and because of a tiny metal thing(not removable) i cannot use any hdmi ports. Does this affect my gaming on gtx 1080 for 1080p 60hz? I got decent enough components otherwise. Thank you!
  8. T

    Accidentally hit clear CMOS button with pc on. Pc won’t boot now

    So pretty much as the title say. Was putting together a build after finally fixing my long broken pc...many rma parts trying to figure out what was wrong... and it works! But than my finger slips and I accidentally hit the clear CMOS button on the back and it won’t boot past like 2 seconds...
  9. G

    Amir Camera 3-in-1 Lens Kit Review: So-so Budget iPhone Lenses

    If you're on a budget and can overlook a few imperfections, the Amir Lens Kit may meet your needs. Still, we recommend spending a few extra bucks for the Aukey Ora kit. Amir Camera 3-in-1 Lens Kit Review: So-so Budget iPhone Lenses : Read more
  10. Z

    building new pc with 1070ti, recommended components?

    HI, I am building a PC and already have already picked several components, need recommendations: -GPU = GALAX GeForce GTX 1070ti EX -CPU = Intel Core i5-8600k -Mobo = ... (anything below $200) -RAM = ... (preferably 16gb) -PSU = Seasonic Prime Ultra Gold 650GD -Hard-Drives = 500GB Samsung 850...
  11. W

    best cooler for i7 8700k ?

    so i have bought an i7 8700k to upgrade my pc with but up on reading some threads it seems to be a very hot cpu my budget is limited right now since i have shipped the new motherboard,ram and cpu to my country (companies generally dont shit to georgia so i have to use a third party company to...
  12. J

    Microphone Pc Problem

    My microphone isn't working and I think it is because of my pc. The reason why I think this is because I am plugging it into the microphone port, turned all the levels all the way up and It says that it's registered but nothing comes out. I think it's a problem with my motherboard as I built the...
  13. E

    Black border after Windows update

    Hi, I had a Windows 10 update yesterday (OS Build 16299.371) and after installing, I now have a small black border (about 3mm thick) around both of my displays that weren't there before. I looked at my laptop which is running Windows 7, and asked a friend, and both have a black border maybe a...
  14. W

    every games are lagging and high cpu temperature

    My main problem is every games are too lagging even on minimum video setting. cpu - intel core i7 4790 (removing dust just done but no thermal paste currently) gpu - msi nvidia geforce gtx 950 (with clean installed latest driver) board - msi h97 gaming 3 (latest bios) memory - 16gb os - windows...
  15. H

    Help me! I think my GPU is dead!

    Last night I went to bed like normal. When I woke up, I realized the firmilliar hum of my computer had stopped. I thought it was nothing and I'd just have to press the power button. Not the case. I have spent the past two hours attempting to troubleshoot the issue. I have narrowed it down to the...
  16. P

    PC suddenly crashing during games.

    Hi guys, So I built my own PC about 6 months ago, and it's been operating like a beat up until about a month ago when I suddenly started running into problems. The more notable ones are, after about 25+ hours of game play in Dying Light, my game now crashes without an error message, just...
  17. P

    Monitor Signal Problem

    I have a ryzen 5 1400, asus prime b350 m, and a rx 560. Everything turns on and all the parts work, but when i try to put in a display source my monitor says no signal. ive tried many ways and used a vga and an hdmi none work.... help
  18. J

    Looking for ATX mobo with lots of GPU room

    I currently have an HP Pro 3500 Series. And since my PCIe x16 slot is blocked by the RAM since my motherboard is a FOXCONN 2ABF. And another thing is that it only has two DIMM slots, and the RAM maximum is 8GB. I was looking for an upgrade. My computer case seems to have plenty of room though...
  19. pmg225

    Motherboard high temps lower fps

    Hello, So yesterday I was until 3 am trying to figure out my PC's problem, and I think I've found it. So my first impression was that CPU was getting hot, because every time it reached 100% usage, my fps would drop like a lot, from 100+ to 20-, and people have told me before that it was thermal...
  20. W

    nb255 wont turn on after claning

    I spilled a small amount of water on the keyboard. The laptop continued working with the exception of four or five keys, So i used canned spay air on the keyboard and turned the power off. Now power light comes on but the system doesn't turn on or boot up. Any suggestions on how to bring the...