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  1. R

    Cant set 4k resolution on my gigabyte 1060 G1 card

    I have bought a gigabyte gtx 1060 G1 3gb card. My computer is connected to a 55inch sony 4k tv using the HDMI port. When i try to adjust the resolution above 1080p, I just get a black screen, till it reverts back. I have reseated the card, checked the hdmi cable with a 4k player, the power...
  2. C

    New PC build, is this good?

    I'm going to get a new computer soon and I'm wondering if this build would be alright: I plan on playing games like GW2, Assassins Creed, PUBG, and Warframe, and I would like to know if this build would be able to get 60-120 frames (I...
  3. A

    CMOS Settings Wrong

    PC gets stuck at this screen everytime I try to boot. On the bottom it says 'CMOS Settings Wrong, Keyboard not found, Mouse not found'. Keyboard doesn't function at all, although the keyboard is fine. Here are the things I have done so far: 1. Changed the keyboard, mouse. 2. Performed a CMOS...
  4. A

    shooting problem in cs 1.6

    after one fire click it keeps on shooting the whole roung automatically untill it runs out of ammo. Need help . anyone?
  5. D

    Gaming performance getting worst

    Hey, I've recently noticed my pc's performance is getting worst. I have mainly noticed this while playing GTA 5. When I first got it a few weeks ago it would run at around 50 fps. Now all of a sudden when I play it runs at like 28-30 fps. I don't know whats happening. All the settings are...
  6. U

    Losing Internet Connection With Static IP

    I want to set up static IP for my PC to enable QoS on it since my router sets it using ip address range only. But everytime I set it to a static ip (either through my router or device itself) my PC no longer connects to the internet.
  7. D

    Can i upgrade my acer aspire e14 processor and ram? Is it worth?

    I need to know if it worth to upgrade it and how about the cost
  8. Rafael Mestdag

    How good is my rig for gaming and editing?

    My Rig: i5 3570K Stock MSI H61M-P20/W8 12GB DDR3 Ram GTX 750 1GB 500W PSU Windows 10 Home Edition
  9. M

    Laptop is running slow

    I just bought a laptop which is new and its really slow, help?
  10. R

    More RAM or more Mhz

    I had 2GB ram 1333Mhz I wanted to i bought 4GB ram 1600Mhz... Now I wanna upgrade again....can I put them both in? I know the 1600Mhz will underclock to 1333Mhz ...But overall it will be faster right?? (dnt suggest buying anymore rams plz..i m broke)
  11. M

    Computer BSOD after boot

    So I recently returned back to my home and was excited to rebuild my computer to play some games. Before I left I took apart my computer and put the parts back in there boxes for storage so nothing would happen to them while I was gone. After I rebuilt my computer I started to experience a...
  12. alexharsh


    I've been getting this bsod over and over and I don't have a solution to fix it despite all the research I've done on it Pc specs: i5 6600k OC to 4.3 GHz 8gb ddr4 2133 memory GTX 970 120917-11187-01.dmp 12/9/2017 9:46:46 PM IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000a 00000000`00000001 00000000`000000ff...
  13. D

    GPU Works fans don’t spin in game

    I start up my pc the fans turn on after I boot up from the bios screen they stop it’s displaying and it works in game the FPS is normal I have a EVGA GTX 1060 6GB it’s lights are even on as well I was told to look at the nvidia control panel and there’s nothing about the fans in there is there...
  14. wittypixel

    Vega 56 now or gta 1060 SC now (wait next year for true 4k card)

    so I wanna game at 4k 60 fps question is should i see what cards are gonna drop in 2018, and wait for those? OR! should I buy a cheap RX Vega 56 now, I don't need ultra settings. medium to high is fine for me. Extra credit: will amd drivers get better with vega? i hear the haven't...
  15. K

    Laptop dell inspiron

    Dell Inspiron 15 i5565 is this meeting the requirement AMD A9-9400 processor for the sims 4
  16. A

    PSU Upgrade Help

    Hello, I'm planning on upgrading my PSU in my computer to a Currently my motherboard (Dell 0KWVT8) requires a 12V 4-pin power connector from the PSU. The PSU I want to get comes with a 12V...
  17. A

    System does not recognize Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080-O8G

    I just finished building my new computer which will be used mainly for editing and some gaming. The problem is after installing the latest Nvidia drivers the GPU is recognized as a GTX 1060 6GB, instead of GTX1080. Ryzen 7 1700x Asus ROG Strix B350-F (BIOS updated to 1001 version) Asus ROG...
  18. J

    No bios splash when i boot

    I just built a pc and i am having this problem with the bios i cant acsess them i have two gpus but they are not in sli because they are two different card i have a gtx 750ti and a gtx 745 i need to acsess the bios to change my OC so plz help
  19. P

    I5 8400 with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

    I want to buy I5 8400 with some b or h mobo next year but I have dilemma will this Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo fit in my Cooler Master 690 first version?
  20. hmazuji

    not spending $800, not installing a 250W card

    my 65 watt 750 ti is working great. i would rather go with that again or go with onboard video of an i7. but i am not spending eight hundred on a 250 watt device. the 750 ti is several years old, but is it still the best 65 watt video card? if i build another system, should i go with the i7...