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  1. P

    Encoding of choice for DVD rips?

    I have a decently sized DVD collection that I'd like to shrink down by digitizing them. I have a 4TB raid (or 8, honestly I forget). What I've been struggling with is choosing the best codec to use. Since VLC can chromecast to my TV, compatibility isn't a huge issue for me. Though it would be...
  2. D

    Will my PC handle a gpu upgrade?

    Specs: Motherboard: MSI Z77 MPOWER CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K RAM: Corsair XMS 2x8 1600Mhz GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 670 2GB PSU: be quiet! Straight Power E9 - 480W Storage: 250GB Samsung SSD + 2 Toshiba HDD's The GPU I want is the MSI RTX 2070 Armor 8GB. My biggest concern is the PSU, as it is...
  3. L

    How to upgrade my PC

    I need help upgrading my pc, I cannot afford to do it all at once, so I was wondering what path would be most beneficial for me to take. As in what would have the greatest effect first, then where you would go with it afterwards to reach its potential. I have a SkyTech Archangel gaming pc. Some...
  4. M

    CPU too Hot while Gaming

    Case: CoolerMaster MasterBox Lite 5 RGB CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K (Non-overclocked) CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15S GPU: Asus GTX1080 Windforce 8GB OC RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-A Hardrive: Adata XPG SX6000 PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 Layout...
  5. Y

    Windows 7 to Windows 10

    if i upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10. will i lose all my data? and will windows 7 stay in my hard disk?
  6. P

    Disk Constantly Full Causing Crashes To Games And Inability To Download

    Hello, I would want to clear things up first. This isn't the first time it happened to me, the last time it happened was due to alot of out of date drivers, when I mean a lot, I mean a lot. The problem went away after I updated them. Now, the problem is back. All my drivers have been updated...
  7. K

    I want to upgrade my motherboard while making sure it's compatible with my current parts.

    I bought my pc back in 2014 pre-built but wanted to use to graphics cards with SLI only to find out that my current one does not support it. What's a better alternative that's still compatible with my current parts? Current Motherboard: Gigabyte - GA-Z97-HD3 ATX LGA1150 CPU: Intel core...
  8. J

    Gta v and r6s not running with i5 8600k and gtx 1060 6gb

    My steam games like gta v and rainbow six siege are running 1fps. Before the game starts it says that my system requirements are too low. Fortnite is running 120fps with epic settings. In rainbow six siege the cinematics before the game starts are running nicely. I have: I5 8600K Msi geforce...
  9. E

    Ohm setting for mix of 6 & 8 ohm speakers

    I have a marantz sr6010 that is set at 8ohm per channel. It has the ability to set speakers at 6 or 4ohm. My 5.1.2 setup consists of 5xDali fazon satellite speakers rated at 6ohm and 2x Dali phantom ceiling speakers rated at 8ohm. What would be the best ohm setting for the speakers, 6 or 8. What...
  10. T

    Looking to improve performance, what would be best?

    I'm looking to boost perfomance of my rig, current specs are; Ryzen 5 1600X on an MSI X370 gaming pro carbon, 16 GB Corsair Vengeance at 2933 (Hynix so haven't managed to run at stated 3200), EVGA 980ti and SSD boot drive. I saw marginal performance gain (5 - 10 fps in GR Wildlands as I was...
  11. S

    Asus x553m bios settings

    Hi all, A friend has asked me to have a look at his laptop as the bios keeps loosing it's settings. He bought the laptop second hand a little while back and we downgraded it to Windows 7 as he was struggling with windows 8. In the bios is a setting to set it to windows 7. He doesn't use the...
  12. K

    different ram, pc starts up fine, nothing from the monitor.

    my friend asked if i had any old ram around, i said yes but i didn't know if it still worked. i came home and the pc turned on fine, i thought i might as well do it now so i turned the computer off. i mistakenly forgot to switch the pc off at the psu, but thought it would be okay so i pressed on...
  13. E

    Honestly, 32 bit or 64 bit for best multiuse reliability?

    Ive been in I.T. a long time. I remember the benefits of a 64 bit system over a 32 in a networked environment on multi use machines. By multi use i mean, user having multiple applications simulteaneously, but honestly, only using one at a time. Yes and a 64 bit has more security and...
  14. M

    Browsing speeds slowing whenever downloading something

    Hi, We've recently had a new router installed and a problem has came up which has NEVER happened before getting a new router. The problem is, whenever I download something in my browser, my browsing speeds get super slow and my internet in general gets slow whenever the downloads exceeds...
  15. N

    Avast Driver Updater causing spontaneous cmd prompt pop-ups

    So on my PC I run Avast Driver Updater, Avast Cleanup and Avast Free Antivirus alongside CCleaner, and I've been experiencing command prompt interrupts randomly during normal use of my PC, it appears to be trying and failing to run DriverSetupUtility files for Gateway, Acer, HP etc. I have to...
  16. P

    2560x1080p75 on 25UM58-p

    So my monitor (lg 25UM58-p) has 75hertz but in nvidia panel it only shows 75hz on lower resolutions. My question is will my monitor break if i change it to custom resolution 2560x1080 with 75hz? Also my graphics card has hdmi 1.4 I already changed it to 75hz and its pretty smooth but I am...
  17. B

    Won't stay connected

    My laptop suddenly won't stay connected to the internet. Other computers connect fine. I have reset to factory settings still will not stay connected. It finds the network connects then disconnects. Any advice please
  18. GuppyFishNoob

    Hard Drive corruption?

    Hey guys ive run into a major problem that im hoping the wisdom of this group can help solve. I tried playing a steam game today and found out that the drive the games are on mysteriously got deleted off my steam account, my ssd still shows up. Tried adding it back and it said its not writeable
  19. M

    mosfet shorted gtx 770 !!

    Hi guys , i have msi gtx 770 tf , when i start my pc there is no signal and the fans run at 100% . When i check it i noticed that the mosfets and the electrolytic capacitors are shorted !!! And there is no short in the smd caps behind the gpu Please help me how can i solve this problem
  20. B

    Deleting Partition - Parameters is incorrect

    I have problem deleting two partitions on my one HDD. Everytime I tried deleting them, they will display "Parameter is incorrect". I've been thinking that it still being use by the system because everytime my windows 10 updated to latest version there will be folder called $WINDOWS.~TMP, this...