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  1. BDumon02

    [SOLVED] Problem with darkflash dr12 pro fans

    Hi, So i bought the 6pack kit of darkflash dr12 pro rgb fans and I connected all 6 fans to the hub, in order, so from 1-6 (there are 8 connection points), then I connected the hub, which is molex to my power supply, so the hub is powered, ass well as the fans, but when I turn on my pc, the fans...
  2. milleniumxxx

    Question please help me choose a good case

    hey guys only case is left to build my first pc wich case has good airflow for heavy gaming please recommend me one from this website
  3. J

    [SOLVED] MSI GTX 970 Gaming getting up to 93c

    Hello all, As per the title my GPU is getting upto 93c while gaming. Mostly Skyrim with mods. I think I know why, but need confirmation. My PC case supports 4 120mm fans. I have two exhausts at the top, one exhaust at the back, and one intake at the front. That was the configuration that...
  4. xTaTanKa

    Question case compatible with h115i pro in front mount

    hello! I bought a h115i pro for my new i7 9700k, but I found that doesn't fit my case, neither on top or front. So I am looking for a case da can fit it in the front, considering that I have a long GPU(RTX 2070 super X trio). Thank you in advance
  5. Claken

    [SOLVED] Is it worth getting a new Case? What CPU Cooler for the 8700k?

    Is it worth upgrading my Corsair 750d to the Airflow edition or something else if you can persuade me? What CPU Cooler should I get for my 8700k? I currently have the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo. Also I need to replace the thermal paste, any advice? Which one to get etc.. Edit: Current Case...
  6. Y

    [SOLVED] Are 4 stock case fans enough for overclocking with these specs

    Hi, I am relatively new to the modern gaming pc scene because I builded my last pc around 12 years ago and I have been wondering if 4 stock case fans (120 m.m)-(3 front 1 rear) would be enough for a healty air flow with overclocking. By the way cpu and gpu already have their own fans and I...
  7. [SOLVED] best place to put my pc?

    that is my setup i can rotate my table too if i can get better place for my pc. so i started thinking about moving my pc elsewhere because its in a corner :(. place for good airflow
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Be quiet! Pure Base 500 Tempered Glass vs. Corsair Carbide 275R Tempered Glass (non Airflow version)

    Hi all, Which case performs better in airflow, and which has newer features?
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Corsair 280x Case Radiator Fan Placement

    Hello all, I have a Corsair 280x case and I'm planning to put a radiator at the top, would it be better if the fans were placed on top of the radiator or underneath it?
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Crazy temps in my case When intake fans are on Temps increase when intake fans are off temps reduce

    Crazy Temps when Intake Case fans are on RX580(PowerColor Red Devil Golden Sample) and HDD(Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM, 128MB Cache) During Gaming temps are 80-85C on GPU and 46-47C on HDD (When intake fans are on Temps increase when intake fans are off temps reduce) Idle GPU on 40C(Fan stops...
  11. T

    Question Please could somebody help me with making my PC quieter.

    I have a budget of £90 to spend on making my PC quieter (it's literally a jet engine) and need help in deciding what is the most important thing to buy: I could spend all my money on a really good quiet case (eg. be quiet! Silent Base 600) or something. Or I could buy a better CPU cooler (eg...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] need help with fans

    so basically i bought an a320m mother board. all well and good. but i have a corsair spec delta rgb case that has a fan splitter which requires me to plug it into a 4 pin 12v connection which the motherboard i have doesnt have. there are only 2 places on the mother board where i can plug fans...
  13. playboi.real

    [SOLVED] PSU Fan Facing Up or Down?

    Should I face my PSU Fan up or Fan down, My GPU runs hots like 86c Max maybe split second peaks a little high, being a XFX RX 590 Fatboy with terrible cooling. My main question is with how close my GPU and Power Supply sits whats the best position for my PSU, but also Considering would my GPU...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] should I add one more fan ?

    Hi , In my current setup I have 1 fan on the back (came with the case , 120mm ), 1 on the top(xigmatec fan of 120mm) and 1 on the front (some chinese unbranded fan that bought on ebay ) ... the case could have 1 more on the front of 120mm and two on the side of 120mmm or one of 200mm ...
  15. T

    Question Budget 80 Euro MATX Case

    Which is a good under 80 Euro case that has good airflow? It needs to also have good quality and amount of preinstalled/pre-supplied fans, so that I do not have to buy any externally and install it myself or reposition etc. existing fans?
  16. mkharman

    Question Best case for this list of components

    So I'm building my next rig and here I have my setup of components so far. I need a case that will fit all of that, and it has to be functional and allows a great airflow so it can stay cool. Looks and RGB are very low priority. This is the list: PCPartPicker Part List Type|Item|Price...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] first time builder, have a few questions

    first off, here are my parts: using a 570 but took it off because i have already bought it. the 2200g is just a placeholder for a 1600af, since pcpartpicker doesn't have it on their site PCPartPicker Part List Type|Item|Price :----|:----|:---- CPU | AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5 GHz Quad-Core...
  18. alduin bane of kings

    Question case buying help

    hello recently i bought an xfx RX 590 heatboy and i have an old case with very limited airflow( only 1 exhaust fan from the back). and i want to upgrade my case for better gpu and cpu temps. i need help as i dont know much about gaming cases , usually all i had are those 2000 metal cases. my...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] New system, need your opinion

    Greetings all, I have recently ordered my new system, i'm so happy about it since i haven't got something new since 2014! The specs will be: -Case: Corsair 275R -Motherboard: MSI MPG x570 Gaming Edge WiFi -CPU: Ryzen 3800x -CPU Cooler: Stock Wraith Prism -GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super -RAM...
  20. X

    [SOLVED] NZXT H500 vs. Lian Li pc o11 Dynamic xl

    AS of right now I am currently running a NZXT H500 with a msi 1070Ti titanium with a i5 8600k being cooled with a Corsair H100i pro. Recently, I've noticed that there has been a increase in temps on my GPU not sure if this is because of me changing resolution from 1080p to 1440p. The most...
  21. Mockss

    Question looking for a case upgrade

    this is my current case im looking for a case with 2 front fans already installed ( RGB fans ) and im going to add my own one to the rear side. A case im currently looking at is the...
  22. T

    Question Arctic P120 or F120 for Zalman S2

    Hello, I just purchased components for my new pc which is a mid range system with ryzen 5 3600 and gtx 1660ti.. I want my system to have low temps for longevity sake, while keeping it reasonably quiet. I was looking at budget fans which don't break the bank and have a good price to performance...
  23. M

    [SOLVED] Determining the Best Case Fan Placement

    So I'm about to begin a new build in the next week or so--my first! I'm awaiting my case and two additional fans that are in the mail. I've been trying to decide the best way to position all my case fans. The case is a Fractal Design Meshify C, the fans are the two pre-installed Fractal Design...
  24. Ki-Kak

    Question Do I need front intake fans ?

    This might seem like a really dumb question, but do i need front intake fans for the nzxt h510 case? The case comes with two 120mm fans, one in the rear, and one in the top. My question is two more intake fans in the front needed? The components that i’m going for are a ryzen 5 3600 and a...
  25. I

    Question No pins for case fan on motherboard?

    I've just upgraded my system. I used a microAtx board, only realizing it had no pins for case fans when it was too late. This is my build: PCPartPicker Part List: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor Motherboard: MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX Micro ATX AM4...
  26. S

    Question Case fan not spinning

    I just bought a new PC, custom built at a local store, and it's specs are the following Geforce RTX 2060 6G Intel i5-9400f 2.90GHz Gigabyte h310m H 2.0 Spectrix RGB 16GB 3200MHZ SSD Crucial BX-500 480GB Don't remember exactly the HDD. Finally the case is a DT3 Edge Glass, which came with a fan...
  27. S

    Question Looking for white case with good RGB possibilities but with specific cooling needs.

    So basically I am rebuilding my PC to incorporate RGB fans and just freshen things up a bit since I was planning on adding new components anyways. I have a NB that has always run a bit hot like hot to the touch and while I used a fan in the past the one I used was cheap and didn't work well (I...
  28. D

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 TI Overheat Closed Case

    Hi, I've been experiencing some strange symptoms where my GPU (RTX 2080 ti Windforce OC) temperatures get to throttle temperatures (88 Celcius) with simply the power limit set to 110%, and the fan speed is set to 100%. What's strange is that with an open case, the temperatures stay 77-79...
  29. U


    Hi, i wanted to know what's the quietest BEQUIET case. Thank You
  30. U


    Hi, I wanted to know what is the difference between DARK, SILENT and PURE BASE cases. Thank You
  31. U


    Hi, I wanted to know what is the smallest be quiet case. Many Thanks
  32. J

    Question PCIE Slot column bracket

    Does anyone know what the bracket that goes into this space is called? View: I bought this case off my friend and he said he wasn't able to put the bracket back on. Does anyone know where I can buy one of these because alot of dust is building up on top of...
  33. R

    [SOLVED] Need a new case

    Would anybody be able to recommend a new case that would be good with airflow since I have 4 fans atm and hopefully the new case could include some fans as well so I could have 6 so 3 for inputting air in and 3 for outputting air out or even 4 and 2 I’m not the best with knowing how airflow...
  34. R

    Question Use a 2 pin PSU fan with mobo

    My PSU recently got fried and all I can salvage is 2 pin fan from it. Its 12 V so it should work like any other case fan. All the fan connectors on my mobo are either 3 pin or 4 pin and I am not able to find a suitable connector/adapter for it. May be I am searching for the wrong terminology...
  35. V

    [SOLVED] Airflow setup for Phanteks Luxe 2 + NH-D15?

    Most setups I found online uses some sort of water cooler for CPU, so I have no idea how having a NH-D15 as CPU cooler changes things. I assumed something like this: Normally I would put more exhaust fans on the top but with how NH-D15 push air to the back I have no idea how that would...
  36. Arno__Dorian

    Question Which case is better in terms of cooling and noise generation ?

    Hi guys, I am confused between buying the Corsair 780T case and the CoolerMaster H500P Mesh case . Which do you think is better in terms of cooling and noise generation ? Assuming all fan slots are occupied except one where a liquid cooler radiatior is placed as exhaust . My GPU is Zotac rtx...
  37. [SOLVED] Upgraded Cyberpowerpc Build....What next?

    I recently purchased a great deal on a cyberpowerpc. It came with surprisingly good parts. currently I've swapped out the motherboard and added another m.2 SSD. The current specs are: Intel i9-9900k Gigabyte Z390 Auros Pro Wifi MSI Ventus RTX 2070 Super Adata X9G Z1 3000MHz Memory, 16GB...
  38. I

    [SOLVED] Thermaltake a60 better cooling?

    I'm in Australia and summer is around the corner (30-40 C) and my current uni accom only has a ceiling fan. I want to keep my Thermaltake A60 but I want to make it cooler. It has 3 fans already (1 intake 2 out). Is it best to upgrade the stock fans and can I add extra fans? Really unsure about...