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  1. F

    Question 2 Bottom fans intake or exhaust?

    In these cases: in both of them can be placed 2x 120mm fans in the bottom, they should be as intake or exhaust? also if i place them as intake will...
  2. Mohamed Abdelmoaty

    Question Can't control case fans !

    I have 2 fans in my case ( in the side panel ) and my case is kinda cheap but i connected fans pins but still , can't control them from bios , i tried to change thier speed in bios as they called ( system fan speed ) but i feel nothing changed ?? so maybe i installed pins wrongly on motherboard ?
  3. L

    Question 360 AIO placement for Asus ROG Helios

    Hi Guys, I've recently bought a 360 AIO and wondered where the best place to put it would be? At the moment the fans are setup as default: 3x 140mm as intake at front. 1x 140mm at rear as exhaust. I was thinking of placing it up top as exhaust as there are currently no fans up there. Graphics...
  4. D

    Question case +fan advice

    I'm going to be getting a 3080 soon and I am thinking to upgrade my cooler master half x case to a more up to date one for it, as its very old and very outdated now...iv been looking at the phantek 719 and I really like the look of it and it looks like it will be a good upgrade from the HAF -X...
  5. P

    Question Hidden hack to install more fans?

    My case has only ONE fan installed. I want to I stall more but I have no more spots to install one. Is there some technique that I don't know where you can have more ventilation without more fan spots?
  6. penguin_guy

    Question How many fans for Phanteks Enthoo Pro II Tempered Glass

    Thinking to buy a Phanteks Pro II ( and looking for fans. This case has lots of fan places. Will it be overkill to fill all of them? Total Fan Mounts = 15 x 120 mm / 8 x 140 mm (+6x +120mm) Front Fan = 4 x 120 mm / 3 x 140 mm Top Fan = 3 x...
  7. WubLyfe

    [SOLVED] Is Push-Pull worth it for an AIO?

    I've gotten some good feedback on this on Reddit, but I'd like to see what this community thinks as well. TLDR: Is it worth it to do push/pull on an AIO rad when not using high static pressure fans and the rad is the only case intake? OP: Ok, so: I'll be moving from a Dark Base 700 to a...
  8. O

    [SOLVED] PC temps bad?

    Hello everyone. I have a gaming rig that I've built myself here are my specs. Motherboard: MSI H61-P31 (G3) CPU: Core I5 2300 (Stock cooler) GPU: GTX 970 4GB Windforce G1 8GB DDR3 ram 1333mhz Toshiba q pro SSD 128GB Toshiba HDD 500GB Power Supply: Corsair RM750 80plus gold Case: NZXT 510 Fans...
  9. Moth254KF

    Question Good Airflow case for a 60 usd budget?

    Hi, is me again, I am searching for a case with good airflow, ATX form and space for ssd but the thing is I have a limited budget: the sites of my region we I live are and (because I live in the south of mexico and I forgot to mention it in...
  10. Moth254KF

    Question How much money should I spend on a case?

    Hi, I only have 60-80 usd to spend on a goodbudget case. I searching for one who has good airflow and is ATX, but the good ones I found are like 100 usd, so Should I spend more in a case or I can go with a cheap one? I forgot to mention, I live in a zone with lot of moisture EDIT: I forgot...
  11. Lemonzard

    Question Top Mount AIO Cooling Case

    Hello everyone, Was looking into getting a case that provides great airflow through the front, and top for a top mount AIO. Cooler Master H500 is one of the first choices, but unsure if 3 intake fans, with one exhaust fan in the back with the radiator on top would be sufficient enough. Have a...
  12. Y

    Question Change from H510 to PC 011 D?

    So I noticed my PC's temps started to increase recently. My Cpu is around 45-50c on idle. Gpu is 50c on idle and a all high of 88c. I have a X62 upfront with 2 ML140 and a ML140 with a ML120 in the back. I dont know if I should get a new case. And if so, should I get a 360mm radiator and a set...
  13. D

    Question Asking for case advice

    Here I am again, asking for your help and advice :p -My case is garbage, I want to get a new one.- °it needs to fit my GPU, a gtx 1070 by Gigabyte, which is 30cm long °Should have a glass side panel so I can admire my gtx 1070 °Preferably white Which ones doe you recommend? Why? Price limit...
  14. Optimus_Durex

    Question Can I use two fans on a 360mm AIO?

    I recently bought the Nzxt Kraken x73 360mm Radiator... it comes with 3 fans. My case has already 3 fans in the front (really cool rgb fans) which means I would aim to do a push/pull config. The only problem is that I'm not sure if my case (Sharkoon TG6 rgb) fits all three of the fans on the...
  15. K

    Question What is thing thing my fans are connected to?

    both rear and front case fans are connected to this, I need to replace one of them but now I have no idea where to start. Picture
  16. J

    Question How to properly put fans

    Hey guys! Short question. I only have 3 case fans right now, should I put my case fan; 1 rear, 2 front or 1 rear, 2 top?
  17. B

    [SOLVED] which cooling system is better 240mm or air cooler for ryzen 9 3900x or 3950x?

    I have only the option of 240mm radiator as my case supports only 240mm and i am planning to setup a new build with ryzen 9 3900x(Confirmed) or ryzen 9 3950x(MAY BE!! In future) should I go for 240mm radiator? OR I should go for be quiet's dark rock pro 4(air cooler)? but I am not sure whether...
  18. Ash_GameKiller?

    [SOLVED] [Confusion] Is Air Cooling just Placebo for PC?

    Is Air Cooling just Placebo? Or does it really keep CPU(Processor) /CPU's case cool? Because I don't think that air stock cooler can cool down a processor which is operating at 50 or 70°C. When my PC boots up its stays around 40°C to little over 43°C. Isn't that hot?(Core i3 7th Gen) I know I...
  19. A

    Question Under water Cylindrical PC server

    Greetings, I am a chemist inquiring on how to build a submergible underwater computer and just had a few questions regarding such. The computer needs to be put into a cylindrical case that is 12 by 4 inches in diameter so I plan on using a Pico-ITX motherboard but was curious if i wanted to go...
  20. Question Need help building cooling in the case

    Hi all, Looking for help building my pc. the case I own is here: - Currently have Castle deepcool 240 AIO mounted on the front of the case (radiator is faceing the front side and fans mounted on the back and I...