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  1. A

    Question Amd installs wrong driver?

    hi i got a amd HD 8470 gpu and i wanted to update it but when i installed amd catalyst and put it to update my drivers it installed a amd 7000 series driver and my games started having graphical glitches i was wondering is there any ohter way i can get the driver? i looked it up on amd site but...
  2. N

    Question New GPU, Freezing game but can still hear the game's sound

    Recently i just installed a new cheap AMD HD 7670 but when i try to game the game just freezes but i can still hear the game's sound! This problem didnt occurred when im still using my crappy integrated GPU. Things ive done Reinstalled gpu's driver (both from the website and from the gpu's...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] Thermaltake Riing 14 LED 256 Color Fan TT Premium Edition - 3-Pack - Fan Controller Problem

    Ok so im having a problem with my thermaltake fan controller everything is plugged in and i have tried pretty much everything to try and fix it. Anyone done something other than the basics to fix this? All fans connected, molex is connected, internal usb is connected. Things ive tried: -...
  4. M

    I bought a graphics card a gtx 960 and its not working on windows 7 why is it?

    My Gtx 960 is not working can somebody tell me why???
  5. J

    What do you all think about this Prebuilt system? Gaming PC

    Going for a high-end gaming rig. I don't build PCs Total Price: $1,961 Limited Time Offer [$9] - Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste - Increase your cooling efficiency with upgraded thermal paste Case iBUYPOWER Snowblind Element Gaming Case - Black/White with LCD Side Panel Case Fans Default Case...
  6. szogun

    i5 4690k overclock to 4.5ghz on MSI motherboard

    Can someone help me with the oc to 4.5ghz on my i5 4690k as I am currently able to get 4.3ghz at 1.26v and 4.4 at about 1.29v for some reason people on formus say they are able to get 4.5ghz oc with 1.25/26v how I have a 240mm liquid cooler at the front of my SilverStone RL06 Pro case and I cant...
  7. R

    Pc won’t boot with docp enabled

    Whenever I enable docp the pc either boot loops, freezes or crashes. MOBO: Asus Prime b450 plus CPU: Ryzen 2700x Ram: g skill trident z 2400mhz
  8. E

    Is 87 c ok for the maximum for cpu?

    I overclocked my CPU (i5 8600k) last night to 4.7GHz with a core voltage of 1.350 yesterday night and let aida64 to a stability test on it for about 8 hours. When i checked back, value was at 81 c, however the Max Value was at 87 c. Is this normal?
  9. D

    Wired headphones cutting out mid-game (front case ports)

    Hi everyone, hope you all had a swell Thanksgiving! I got myself a new PC this week and it's been running great! Except I have this audio issue where my headphones will only playback a few of the sounds while I'm in a game. The audio is normal when I first start, but mid match it will just stop...
  10. A

    please help me with my doubt

    i was using gt 710 now i upgraded to gtx 1050ti now can i use them both in same board...?
  11. N

    m5a99fx pro with asus 1070 gpu no video or bios boot

    hello, just upgraded from fxf amd rx 460 GPU to asus geforce 1070 o.c. gpu upon re boot i don't get video...or bios screen...Ive reset bios n mem-ok ect for the record this is a "like new" gpu from amazon.. so its used but 100% inspected? on re boot GPU fans spin up n then shut down ..n...
  12. D

    WiFi box problem

    My WiFi box keeps turning off every 20-30 min. All my devices get no signal from my box when it turns off.(All the lights go off in the box and turns itself back on) I try disconnecting the box and wait a few minutes and connect it again. Also bought a power bank for the box in case electricity...
  13. F

    Is this a decent build for gaming?

    First of all, thanks for stumbling upon this question. I am currently trying to come up with a build for gaming (with the help of and I finally ended up with these components: CPU: Intel - Core i5-8400 2.8GHz 6-Core Processor Motherboard: MSI - B360 GAMING PLUS ATX...
  14. J

    I have a great home theater setup for my tv and xbox, but I just switched to PC gaming. I miss my audio clarity.

    I'm using the Bose Companion II speakers right now, but my home theater speakers consists of 4 Klipsch bookshelf speakers and one 10" wireless subwoofer. Is there any way to connect these speakers to my PC? Im using a Denon receiver if that helps.
  15. A

    hdd password for parted magic locked ssd

    Hi , i am a non tech , guy from india, facing trouble from my dell xps 13 due to a peculiar problem i had to upgrade my 256 gb schynix 920msata ssd. got a better deal on 512 gb ssd for my existing ssd + cash . since i wanted to wipe my ssd i tried partedmagic , but the power socket switch i...
  16. G

    Windows 10 reset problem.

    I reinstalled windows 10 from the windows media creation tool since the default reset option didn’t work. It worked fine but somehow windows still says my hard drive still has my old data on it , even if I clicked delete all. Any tips our ideas?
  17. Y

    Anyone have the GIGABYTE B360M D3H

    I just ordered this board for an 8700 non-K since it has a VRM reviews on it yet, just curious if anyone else has one and if they like it :)
  18. C

    I5 4690 temp stock cooler

    when im playing AC Origins my temp is hitting 74c even when im testing using furmark cpu test it hits 80c is it dangerous? i have stock cooler with thermalpaste of deepcool z3 thanks in advance (sorry for my bad english)
  19. E

    Cannot seem to get AC1200 USB 3.0 Adapter to broadcast a 5ghz connection.

    I start up mobile hotspot within windows thinking this is going to be crazy easy. Connect with my LG G5 to make sure and bam! 65mbps, "excellent" connection, 2.4ghz. I bought this adapter for the sole purpose of broadcasting a 5ghz signal, and connecting to it with this one device. I can't find...
  20. R

    Windows HDD Clone

    Hi, I am sort of in the dark here, I've looked this up and can't seem to find an answer. I want to clone my HDD from my laptop that has Windows 10 and put new the HDD into my desktop. If I clone the HDD, will I have two working copies of Windows 10 or will it deactivate the copy on my laptop HDD?