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  1. sallaks

    Question Ram compability

    this ram: ram corsair is compatible with Asusx670e-a gaming?
  2. dedcntrl

    Question does ssd m2 pcie 4.0 x4 compatible with 1 x M.2 connector (Socket 3, M key, type 2242/2260/2280/22110 PCIe x4/x2 SSD support) (M2M)

    Hi everyone! I have a question regarding the compatibility of my SSD with my motherboard. Configuration: Motherboard: Gigabyte B365 HD3 SSD: Kingston KC3000 3D NAND TLC 512GB M.2 (2280 PCI-E) NVMe x4 (SKC3000S/512G) Issue: Will the Kingston KC3000 SSD (PCIe 4.0 x4) be compatible with the M.2...
  3. M

    Question Will this monitor be supported by my GPU or is it too much ?

    Hi again, since my last post I have been collecting all parts to build my pc but i have decided to change the monitor to the KOONUI 27E3SQKS (KOORUI 27 Inch Gaming Monitor - 240Hz QHD (2560x1440) Computer Monitor, AdaptiveSync, Fast IPS 1ms MPRT, DCI-P3 90%, HDR10 Monitor, Eyes Care,Tilt...
  4. somecoolusernameimusing

    Question RAM Upgrade Mystery: Legion Y520 Won't Boot Without Specific Module

    Hello. I wanted to upgrade my RAM on my Lenovo Legion Y520-15ikbn, but I discovered some strange behavior of my current RAM modules. I have 2 modules - 2gb and 4gb one. They are Ramaxel Rmsa3270mb76h8f-2400 and Rmsa3270mb86h9f-2400 respectively. I cant launch my laptop without 2gb module in...
  5. Wheel in the Sky

    Question Why won't my new NVMe SSD work in an external enclosure?

    I bought an Addlink Addgame A95 NVMe SSD, 4TB ( I also bought an external enclosure for it: MAIWO M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure Adapter ( I hook...
  6. M

    Question So im new to building a pc and need help if these parts are compatible

    I'm sorry but I'm new so i don't understand most of this but will the AMD Ryzen 5 3600X be compatible with the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT ? And if so could someone help me with suggestions of other parts needed 🙏🏾
  7. KappaKool

    Question Can't access Bios on my Gigabyte B560M aorus pro ax, VGA led on on startup

    Hey, I just assembled my components but when I turn on the system, the VGA led on the motherboard stays on, and can't even access BIOS to change any settings. My CPU doesn't have a integrated grpahic core on it (i5-11400F), so can't boot using onboard graphics. And I don't have another spare...
  8. HeroChino

    Question Does those parts work well together?

    Sub, I'm in the process of building a new PC primarily for streaming and gaming. Additionally, I plan to use some software features like a voice modifier for my streams and some other stuff. While I have my eyes on playing Cyberpunk 2077, it's not an absolute necessity. I've recently developed...
  9. H

    Question Question on different Distros and hardware compatability ?

    so for starters, my specs GPU: RTX 2080ti CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X RAM: 32 GB DDR4 2600 Mhz i have worked with PCs almost my whole life, but am a Linux noob, i have tried out a few different distros including, Mint, Ubuntu, POP OS and Manjaro, and with all of these distros, everything seems to run a...
  10. P

    Build Advice Build Suggestion for $1800/1900 max (without case) ?

    Hello everyone, I'm writing because I have around $1800 to spend on a full gaming PC. I would use it exclusively for gaming, both for AAA titles (1440p), but I'd like to stay above 200fps in some competitive games (like Valorant and Apex, for example). I would appreciate various suggestions...
  11. yuvaldo

    Question RAM compatability issue?

    So I recently completed the following build : i5 13600k Asus ROG strix b760i 16*2 G.Skill Ripjaws S5 6000MT/s CL30 (exac model F5-6000J3040F16GA2-RS5W) And I was getting a yellow dram light after completing the build. I took the mobo to the vendor and he tested it out with his own ram's and...
  12. L

    Build Advice PC Build suggestions ?

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share my build with you because I could use some great suggestions. I would like to mention that I have already purchased the CPU and GPU. Now I need to focus on the other components. I'll list my items below. CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D GPU - ASUS Dual GeForce® RTX...
  13. jjj22

    Question Nothing turns on when I plug the 24-pin into the motherboard ?

    So my PC won’t turn on for unknown reasons and I have tried everything from resetting CMOS to taking everything apart and putting it back in. I have made sure everything is compatible. Or thought I made sure. All my parts (I have no other parts it’s my first time building): GIGABYTE B550M DS3H...
  14. vxoided

    Question Compatible ??

    I have a question regarding my Motherboard ( Asus Prime A320M-K) I wanted to get a newer Video Card ( Asus GT1030-2G-CSM GeForce GT 1030 2 GB Video Card) and I wanted to ask if the Video card is compatible with my Motherboard or if there are gonna be any issues when i connect the Video Card?? My...
  15. -resuki

    Question Multiple bosd

    Im having a lot of bosd with differents error codes and i don't know what could be the reason so maybe i can get some help here, the config : ryzen 5 3600, msi b450m pro vdh plus, corsair vengeance CMK16GX4M2D3000, corsair TX550M and a PALIT 1080. The bios as been updated and it can boot...
  16. H

    Question i7 4790k with an old ECS B85H3-M

    Hi everybody. I recently recieved an RX 6400 as a gift, so I could upgrade my old PC with an i5 4440 and 32 GB RAM (1600 Mhz). It is a big difference and they work great but I noticed the i5 is bottlenecking GPU in some games, so I was thinking to get an 4790k. Not sure if my mobo (ECS B85H3-M)...
  17. kyler1268

    Question What are safe upgrade options that fit this motherboard

    I currently have this motherboard Manufacture: Dell Inc. Model: 07KY25 Bus-specs: PCI-Express 3.0 (8.0 GT/S) Chipset: Intel BIOS: 1.10 Date: 11/24/2016 and its currently using a Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90GHz Frequency: 3.912 GHz Number of cores: 2 Threads: 4 L1 cache: 128 KB...
  18. kaphy

    Question Different RAM timings compatability ?

    Hello, I recently bought a RAM stick the same as the one I already had so they can both run in dual channel, both are Kingston Fury Beast ddr4 16gb 3200mhz, looking at CPU-Z they are in fact in dual channel mode but in the SPD tab I noticed they are from a different manufacturer (one is Kingston...
  19. Celalyvan

    Question RAM Mhz support for Aorus B450M

    HI! I'm currently in the grand crusade of buying a new set up, and since in my country (buying in amazon is not an option for Argentina, sorry guys :( ) there is kindda not many Motherboards & CPUs options, at least at the moment of writing this post, I was wondering: I have an Aorus B450M...
  20. Psycho381

    [SOLVED] Higher RAM frequency than the CPU supports

    My CPU supports ram speed up to 2666mhz, is there a point in upgrading to 3200mhz, are there any benefits going above 2666 ( mostly regarding FPS, but other stuff to) Full pc spec: RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2133mhz cl15 (2x16gb) Cpu: i7 8700k cpu info Gpu: MSI 1070ti data sheet, next week...
  21. th3reaperskullpt

    Question Upgrading to a Ryzen 7 5800x3d, help needed.

    Hello everyone, in the future I should upgrade the Ryzen 5 2600 to a Ryzen 7 5800x3d but I'm having doubts if my board currently holds up in terms of VRM the processor. MSI B450 VDH PRO MAX, It's a board that I still intend to use, I wasn't really looking to buy another board, if that's the...
  22. Y

    [SOLVED] Question about ram compatibility

    My computer currently has 2 sticks of 4gb DDR4 G.Skill F4-2133C15D-8GVR. I was wondering if the 4gb DDR4 G.Skill F4-2400C15D-8GVR would be compatible. They both have everything the same expect the model number from what I can tell.
  23. Ryoto

    Question Only ram lights up when gpu plugged in but everything works when it’s not plugged in what do I do?

    I have -prosseur: ryzen 7 5700g -gpu: gigabyte 3060 -motherboard: x570s aorus elite ax Ram: 2x 16gb t-force Case: Corsair 5000x CPU cooler: Corsair Icue h150i elite capelix Psu: 850w 80+ gold Storage 1tb so everything works normally when gpu not plugged it gets the graphics from my cpu but when...
  24. R

    Question RGB Fan light stays on and will not sync with software ?

    Hi Guys, I am a new to the forums. Please bare with me as I am also learning. I recently bought these fans for my self build. It says they work with numerous lighting software's but they don't. I've tried all of them, as on the box but the fans...
  25. Potato825

    [SOLVED] Is the Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE compatible with am5?

    I have a brand new Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE just laying around and I know a lot of am4 coolers are compatible with am5 boards but only if they don't use a custom backplate but I don't know if this cooler does uses one for the amd installaiton. I do know that a custom backplate is used for...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] xeon processor upgrade compatability

    Hello, I have a xeon w3550 in my lenovo s20 and am looking to upgrade to a xeon 5690. Same socket and tdp. Anything unusual I should be concerned about as far as compatibility goes? Ie propietary chipset? Thanks a bunch. Kind regards, -David
  27. yeetman9013

    Question i need to find the best lga 2011 cpu for my mobo

    i have an intel x79g 2011 mobo and the current cpu is a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz, can somone help me find the best cpu's possible? im having trouble with it.
  28. Druantia

    Question Building a new PC and it doesn't turn on with the old graphic card

    Hi, I'm building a new PC after my old one stopped turning on. Long story short it was a broken motherboard, so I set up to build a new one. I've got a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, and PSU. However I kept the disks and graphic card (my idea is to save for a new one in a few months). After...
  29. Max Lazer

    Question nVidia Driver 516.59 Cannot Detect Hardware

    I'm trying to update the drivers on my laptop, however when I try to install the current driver one of two things happen. If I use the GeForce Experience update option, the driver downloads but doesn't proceed past that point. If I try manually installing the driver, even if I have cleaned out...
  30. xoutostrela

    Question MSI MAG B460M Mortar WiFi - RAM Compatibility

    So I'm going to upgrade to an i5-10400F 2.9Ghz, nothing serious, just a small upgrade from my old i3-7100... Together with the MSI MAG B460M Mortar WiFi. My current rig runs on 16Gigs of ram from G.Skill (F4-2400C17D-16GIS ) So in the MSI page about the Ram compatibility i searched the ram code...
  31. J

    [SOLVED] AMD Component Compatibility

    Hi everyone, Had the itch to finally upgrade my desktop that has been out of commission for a while. Currently have an AMD 1600X on an ASUS ROG Strix 350b II motherboard (pretty old system haha). I've been looking to buy either a rtx 3060 or 3060ti and a 5600X. I was surprised when i plugged...
  32. ssbaraskar99

    [SOLVED] Is this NVME SSD Compatibility with Motherboard ?

    I have decided to add NVME SSD as an boot drive to my system I have decided to purchase this NVME SSD : WD SN570 But I'm not sure if its compatible with my motherboard ASUS EX-B365M-V5 So please can anyone help me out to know if its compatible? - Thankyou
  33. Crazyfireboy

    [SOLVED] Just checking...

    I was just wondering if this build i put together (honestly probably isnt good) if the parts are compatible with one an another an just wanted to have someone to proof check it if you dont mind. Im new to PC build,I'm most likely will see if best buy could...
  34. TheSAYAIN9000

    [SOLVED] Help with compatibility on the parts I chose for my custom pc and If should swap anything out with better/cheaper parts?

    Thank you for your time and input in advance! I am new to PC gaming and want to build my first PC using the rtx 3060 ti.
  35. baynoma

    [SOLVED] Computer won't turn on after BSOD while playing game

    So my gaming PC, that I built in 2021, died on my last month when I received BSOD while playing gaming(Tomb Raider, during a cutscene). The BSOD put all my fans on high and wasn't restarting, so I force shutdown it. I tried to turn it on, it would turn on but no display, my GPU had red lights...
  36. C

    [SOLVED] new PC, review my build :D Please let me know if you have any recommendations, or think there will be any compatibility issues / bottlenecking / overheating
  37. F

    [SOLVED] Will a PCI 4.0 GPU work in a PCI 3.0 slot ?

    Hi all, Almost 2 years ago I built a new PC with a Gigabyte Z490I AORUS ULTRA Mini ITX LGA1200 motherboard. At the time, the graphic cards were already quite expensive but I wasn't in a hurry and thought I would be able to get one at a decent price a couple of months later! :oops: Almost 2...
  38. S

    [SOLVED] What kind of SSD my mobo does support?

    I have and old 1TB HDD and Gigabyte H81M-S motherboard so I decided to buy an SSD. But I wonder what kind of SSD my mobo supports? I'm not sure if my mobo supports nvme SSD's, is it even that much faster than standard SSD? What connectors also do I need for and SSD? I've never possesed any of...
  39. kaamani

    Question What are some good budget motherboards for AMD 5000 Series?

    I'm new to PC Building and I'm going to be building my first build soon. My budget is 1000 CAD, since GPU prices aren't the best right now I've decided I'll go with a 5600g and use the iGPU from it for gaming. I'm trying to find a budget motherboard that has WIFI so I can just hook it up; no...
  40. Fergie2199

    [SOLVED] Building new Rig compatability question

    my pc died and although i can repair it the pc is 8 years old so im buying and building a new one in the current market of GPU issues is a pain so i have an idea of building my new rig while running my old R9 290X while the GPU issue runs on until the 3080 or 3090 becomes avail at a more...