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  1. G

    [SOLVED] Compatibility?

    Will the EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 XC Gaming GPU be compatible with my current MSI MS-7893 990FXA Gaming motherboard? I can't find a really reliable source. After all these years I'm looking to...
  2. Eyro316

    Question R5 1400 and ECS A320AM4-M3D

    hello, i was planning on building a new pc is my ryzen 5 1400 compatible with a ECS a320am4-m3d? sorry if this is a stupid question for you guys
  3. F

    Question Fist Build — Recommendations / Help

    Hello, it is my first time building a pc. I read many reviews and watched many videos over the last weeks. (1500€ limit) But I am still not sure if my build is good. Would be greatly appreciate if you guys could help me. That's my part list: I am not...
  4. F

    Fist Time Building a PC: Is my Part list good? Any recommendations?

    Hello, it is my first time building a pc. I read many reviews and watched many videos over the last weeks. (1500€ limit) But I am still not sure if my build is good. Would be greatly appreciate if you guys could help me. That's my part list: I am not...
  5. N

    Build Advice First pc build help

    So this is gonna be my first pc build when ever, I will probably get it when the dreadful quarantine ends but this is the parts picker and I would appreciate if someone confirmed if the products are compatible and if this pc build is good enough for years to come. HAIL THE MASTER PC RACE...
  6. Tyson0811

    Question Looking For A Reliable Motherboard For $100-175

    I'm basically looking for a reliable motherboard that supports ddr4 ram, an intel core i5-4690k, and ssd m.2 anddddd within 100-175 dollars im on a budget any help would be great thanks!
  7. M

    Question Is this card be compatible with my case/ motherboard?!

    Motherboard Case GPU I want Let me know if this cards compatible and if not find me a 1050ti 4gb that is! Thanks :)
  8. A

    Question Pc Newb looking to upgrade

    Okay so, long story short I was lazy and bought a prebuild from IBP when I was younger, (ring the shame bell from GoT). This is the build ~ for some reason the power supply is some large secret...
  9. N

    Build Advice Compatibility check for a new upgrade?

    I am currently in the process of making some significant upgrades to my PC. I am currently running a Intel Core i5-7500 with a EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 all connected through an MSI z270-a pro motherboard. I was planning on upgrading my CPU to an i7-9700k and my motherboard to the MSI z390-a pro...
  10. M

    Question ROG STRIX B450-F compatibility with Gen 3 Processor

    Hey guys, I recently built my first PC and had a great time doing it! I'm having an issue that I hope someone can help me with. I realized after I put my PC together and booted it up... that I have a ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING motherboard which "out of the box" isn't compatible with my AMD Ryzen 5...
  11. S

    Question Router Compatibility

    Suddenlink has been screwing us over for the past 5 years so we're going to change our Internet 200 plan to an Internet 400 (maybe even a gig) and getting our own router and modem so we're not spending an extra $10 for the ARRIS we're "renting" from them. The issue is that when looking at...
  12. eForb

    Question Compatible system?

    I'm looking to build my first PC on a relatively small budget. Is this build compatible? (Especially the wifi adapter and whether or not the motherboard will work right out of the box for my cpu) Thanks in advance, eForb
  13. noahmb

    Question CPU and GPU compatibility

    I have an AMD A8 5500. What kinds of graphics cards is it compatible with?
  14. C

    Question Will this system work?

    Need to know if this system will work together and all be compatible. The GPU that will be going in this is a GeForce GTX 980ti Please see below for specs (click the link). Here is also the bottleneck calculation for CPU & GPU -...
  15. O

    Question Conecting my PSU to GPU Help!

    PSU: Novatech 500W Power Station V2 ATX Power Supply GPU: sapphire pulse radeon rx 580 8g Motherboard: gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3 (rev4.1) My PSU has its two 8 pin slots and two of its 6 pin slots available. The GPU has an 8 pin connector. Now my worry is the Pin designation, i cant find out the...
  16. K

    Question Is this PC build compatible? (It keeps freezing).

    Hey, so ive recently purchased some upgrades for my PC. When i built it all it would turn on but then it would freeze on the windows loading screen. the spinning dotted circle would freeze. The parts i bought are listed as below. ASUS TUF B360M-E GAMING Motherboard Intel Core i5-9400...
  17. F

    Question Will these two ram modules work together?

    Hello everyone, I've been wanting to upgrade from my 1 x 8gb stick of hyper x fury 2666mhz ram ( for a while now, but can't find any model that is similar to mine online as they all seem to have been replaced by a newer...
  18. A

    Question i discovered that my ram's supported processors doesnt include my cpu ?!

    Ok so i have crashes in games and unexplained ones like freezing and needing to restart the whole system so i have been troubleshooting all the time trying to figure out then i stumbled upon this which says under compatibility (what is written) while my processor is Amd Ryzen 5 2600 and vice...
  19. M

    Question Can I put a ryzen 5 1600 in an inspiron 5675 without having to update the BIOS?

    My Dell Inspiron 5675 desktop came with a ryzen 3 1200 cpu. I recently broke the cpu (long story) and i wanted to upgrade a little while there's reason to however I don't know which cpu's would need a BIOS update to run or if some would perhaps run basic functions just enough for me to download...
  20. P

    [SOLVED] Will a ddr4 2666mhz ram matchwith my mobo and processor?

    Hi i want to know will any 2666mhz ddr4 ram match with my motherboard and proccesoor? Mobo: Processor: Thanks!