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  1. V

    Question Sata Ports

    Hi, I have an old system that I built in 2013. The system specs are as follows: Windows 10 Home 64bit Intel Core i7 4770k Asus Tuf Z87 SABERTOOTH PNY 250 GB SSD Corsair Platinum 16GB 1600mhz Dram Asus Dual OC RTX 2770 8GB Corsair 500w gold plus PSU Sama Mid Tower Case The system had been...
  2. K

    Question I need help with CPU compatibility list for my laptop's motherboard ?

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6-1314tx laptop and the motherboard is Quanta 3628 with an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600. I wanna know what CPUs are compatible with this motherboard and laptop model?
  3. X

    Question GPU not detected?

    Hi everyone, I've bought an used EVGA RTX 3060 12GB graphics card to replace my old Aorus GTX 1060 6GB (since I wanted a good but not huge upgrade in performance). The issue is that it is not working at all on my system. I've plugged it to the PCIe connector (I should mention the motherboard has...
  4. V

    Question PC sometimes freezes after RAM upgrade ?

    So, I have a Ryzen 5 1600AF (Zen+) processor and an MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX motherboard. Before the upgrade, I had two Crucial green RAM sticks running at 2400 MHz, and I replaced them with G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200 (2x8GB) with 16 timings. I immediately enabled XMP in the BIOS, and everything...
  5. Reeev

    Question Would an i7-3770 + 1660 Super work fine with an Intel DH61BF motherboard ?

    Hi, I'm currently using i3-3220 on Intel DH61BF board. I'm planning to upgrade to i7-3770 and 1660 Super. I want to know if my motherboard can handle both these ? Might be a silly question as on paper it should but one time I tried installing an i5-3470S and the system didn't boot, but after...
  6. Manuel_jesus

    Question ALIENWARE M15 R7 upgrading memory with G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 6400 (PC5 51200) Desktop Memory Model F5-6400

    Hello. I'm not sure about specs and compatibility. For my ALIENWARE M15 R7... it's supposed to accept ddr5 but all these specs for G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 6400 (PC5 51200) Desktop Memory Model F5-6400J3239G32GX2-TZ5RK (from here, specifically...
  7. V

    Question Swapped my CPU-MOBO-RAM, and now the PC won't boot. Also peripherals doesn't turn on (but USB ports do have power) and no video at all.

    I updated my PC recently, i went from an ASUS H61M-K to an ASUS A320M-K, and upgraded my CPU from an i7 3770 to a Ryzen 3 4100. Eventually, i was forced to change my RAM too, went from DDR3 to DDR4. I have x2 8GB PNY DDR4 3200MHz CL16 1.35V, don't remember the model name tho. Also i've added an...
  8. V

    Question PC Build 2023 - Upgrading my old Build

    Hello everyone, The community has been extremely helpful in the past, so I am reaching out once again. I am looking for suggestions to upgrade my current system (built in 2018). I'm trying to decide on an approach that would give me the best cost-to-performance ratio. I live in Mumbai, India...
  9. Odin1991

    Question Zotac Geforce RTX 4070 Twin Edge Compatibility Question

    Hello, can somebody tell me if I would be able to fit a Zotac Geforce 4070 Twin Edge into my case? I am running an older ITX build with the Fractal Define Nano S. The problem is that I have a Be Quiet Pure Power 11 power supply which is rather big. So there isn't much space between GPU and PSU...
  10. D

    Question Is my vg278hv asus monitor compatible with HP ENVY Extreme 12th gen?

    Is my vg278hv asus monitor compatible with HP ENVY Extreme 12th gen? If I thought ASUS or HP would actually tell me, I'd ask them.
  11. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Win11 - A CPU Monster

    Now this is particularly controversial and there may appear a multitude of differing and intriguing perceptions and points of view. Sure, on my current machine, the Core i7-12700H does not appear to bear more than 2-4% usage under lighter circumstances of usage, yet there exists the question of...
  12. C

    Question Will these components work well together?

    Hey guys this is the build I am thinking about, can someone with experience tell me if they would function well together. -3070ti Gigabyte 3x -Ryzen 7 5800x -MSI MAG Coreliquid b240 2x120mm -MSI B550 Gaming Plus (I guess you have to do BIOS update first for the CPU I am thinking about) -NZXT...
  13. B

    Question Will my OLD motherboard be compatible with newer Video Cards? How can I tell?

    Hey there! So I have two old "dinosaurs" for PCs, and I've been thinking of upgrading them with better and more current video cards, I'm just afraid they might not work in my pcs. As far as I know, there's no such a problem, but really? Also, would my old processor be a problem for newer graphic...
  14. Budgeteer_262

    Question How do I get my 4x4gb Corsair Vengeance Ram to post?

    Hi All, I purchased ddr3 4x4gb 1600Mhz 9 9 9 24 ram modules. Corsair Vengeance However, upon closer inspection, I realised that they were two separate 2x4gb ram kits. Two of the ram sticks only have memory dies on one side of the pub while two of the modules have dies on both sides of the pcb...
  15. otringal

    Question 2x "single" RAM sticks vs. a kit of 2x "dual" RAM sticks

    I'm close to buying my new 2x16GB modules, however I'm a bit skeptical over the following thing: Before going any further, I KNOW what everyone out there says: "there's no such thing as dual channel modules, you only need to make sure your modules have the same specs so that the motherboard can...
  16. otringal

    [SOLVED] MSI Crosshair 15 B12UGZ keeps restarting when using both DIMMs (runs fine on 1 only)

    Hey, there! Ok here it goes... So, my brand-new laptop has a big problem: ever since I got it, it kept resetting randomly (anywhere between 10 min to 2 hours). Just so that you know, I'm not gonna ask why this happens, as I've already figured it out. BUT I really need your help with the next...
  17. hyperflux

    Question Compatibility Issues with High-End PC Build (ROG Z90 Hero Mobo and 128GB DDR5 RAM) ?

    Hello, I need some help troubleshooting compatibility issues with my motherboard and RAM (Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero motherboard and 2x64GB kits/4x32GB sticks of GSkill Trident Z5 DDR5 6000mHz CL32 RAM), plus some general guidance on how to proceed with the following situation. Any general...
  18. N

    Build Advice Do these parts work well together, and if they don't, why not ?

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 6-Core 3.7GHz motherboard: MB Gigabyte B450 AORUS Elite V2 AM4 DDR4 RAM: DIMM 8GB DDR4 3600MHz Kingston Fury Beast CL17 (2 x sticks) Main drive: SSD M.2 Samsung NVMe 980 PRO 500GB Graphics card: Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 XT GAMING OC 8GB GDDR6 2xHDMI/2xDP DX12U PCIe 4.0 RGB...
  19. A

    Question RAM Kit Not On Motherboard's Compatibility List. Should I Worry?

    As a last upgrade for my PC this year, I will max out its ram to 64GB, and got this matched kit/pair : Corsair Vengeance LPX (2X32GB) 64GB 2666MHz Model - CMK64GX4M2A2666C16. But in my mobo's compatibility list (MSI B560M-A PRO) only the 2400MHz version of this kit is listed: MSI B560M-A...
  20. E

    Putting Crucial P2 SSD 250GB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 3 x4 on Acer Nitro 5

    I'm planning to buy Crucial P2 SSD 250GB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 3 x4. I was wondering if it's compatible with my Acer Nitro 5?
  21. A

    Question What if my cooler isn't compatible with my motherboard?

    Thermaltake toughair 510 and gigabyte z690 gaming x, some sites say that these are incompatible, what should i do?
  22. S

    Question Difference between a 5V Sata SSD and a 12V Sata SSD?

    Hello all, This is the main storage machine for my at-home wifi security cameras: Its called the HomeBase3 and it supports up to 16TB of "Any 5V 2.5" storage drive (HDD or SSD) with a SATA interface.Note: 12V storage drives are not supported. " I was...
  23. Beto Spopovich

    Question A question about fan compatibility

    Hi Everyone. I just can't find what fans should I buy for my PC. I got a Cougar Darkblader X7 for my build and I don't know what fans can fit in the fan-ARGB panel already installed in the case. . Here you can see the little fan ARGB...
  24. Y

    [SOLVED] MSI B550M A Pro RAM compatibility

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade my motherboard,CPU, & RAM. The problem is I can't see the RAM model in MSI RAM compatibility website. I am going to pair it to G.Skill Ripjaws V, black, CL18 1.35v, pn: F4-3600C18D-16GVK dual channel 16GB 3600Mhz. Has anyone tried this before? P.S. That was the...
  25. R

    [SOLVED] Can a B450 GAMING PLUS MAX run 3600MHz ram with a Ryzen 5 5600x?

    Sorry if it's a silly question, I'm pretty newbie with computers. On the manufacture's site from MSI it's mentioned that these are the RAM speeds the motherboard can run on: For AMD Ryzen Gen3 (R5/R7/R9) 2667/ 2800/ 2933/ 3000/ 3066/ 3200/ 3466/ 4000/ 4133 MHz (by A-XMP OC MODE) For AMD Other...
  26. Notrix_

    [SOLVED] Ram Compatibility Question

    My setup right now is the MSI B550-A PRO with a Ryzen 5 5600x and the G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB @3600 [F4-3600C18D-16GTZRX ]. I was wondering if it is reasonable to add another set of the same exact ram kit, in order to get to 32gb, as opposed to buying another, different 32gb dual module...
  27. D

    Build Advice Gaming PC - Custom Build guidance request

    Hi there [helpful poster's name], thanks for reading this post! I'm looking for some advice and guidance on components and compatibility for a custom DIY gaming PC. I've always wanted to build my own PC from scratch but never previously had the opportunity. I've got a budget of up to £1300...
  28. rodolfo_cesar

    Question Is it worthy to use new RAM with existing RAM ?

    I have 4 slot for memory and I'm planning to buy this: Memory Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 is it worthy to keep my current memory (so the total would be 24 gb)? current memory: 2x4gb DDR4 the speed i don't know the right one to consider 3k or 1k (print below)...
  29. X

    Question Looking at getting some new components, will my mobo properly comnect to case?

    So I have a Cooler Master 690 II, and I want to put in an ASUS B35 ATX motherboard. Pretty sure it'll fit, but will the front panel connectors all wprl together? I really want to have those small luxuries, like power buttons and audio ports and hdmi ports, without reaching all the way around my...
  30. tsomek

    Question Mesh between Linksys WHW03CFv2 and TP-Link Ax5400 (AX73) routers possible?

    Hi I have a TP-Link Ax5400 (Ax73) and my new provider has just given me a new Linksys WHW03CFv2. They are both quite new and capable routers and I was hoping to use the Linksys as my main, and the TP-Link as a mesh to expand the reach. (Or the other way around) Is this possible, or is there...
  31. Z

    Question Will Kingston HyperX Fury RAM work with the B85 Pro Gamer motherboard ?

    So I want to purchase a 16GB (8GBx2) Kingston HyperX Fury 1866 Mhz Kit for my Asus B85 Pro Gamer motherboard. I tried looking but it seems like this is not listed in the official memory compatibility list according to Asus. Just wanna know if this will definitely not work for this system...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] is 3060 is compatible with my motherboard?

    hey y'all just wondering if GeForce RTX™ 3060 GAMING X 12G is compatible with my GIGAABYTE B360 hd3 thank u
  33. DRickraft

    [SOLVED] Can I use this GPU on this old system?

    So, my 8800 GT broke and I'm looking for a replacement (I only need Firefox and Word basically). Just found this GPU for a good price ($53 new), but will it work on this 13-14 y old PC? GPU to buy: Nvidia GT 610 CPU: Intel 2 Duo E8400 RAM: 2x2 GB DDR2 Motherboard: Asus Striker II Formula...
  34. Seyathen

    [SOLVED] Would the X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 work with my system?

    Simply put, would the X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 support and be compatible the parts I currently have? I do know it would need to have a bios vP1.20 but I just want to get a second opinion and check to make sure. I would be getting the board used, but it should be fully working CPU: Ryzen 3...
  35. m4di

    [SOLVED] Which CPUs are compatible with the MOBO & RAM below?

    CPUs: MOBO...
  36. I

    [SOLVED] PC upgrade compatibility issues?

    I'm getting fairly close to pulling the trigger on an upgrade for my current system. I'm still rocking with the i7-4790k and I feel it's time to jump to a 12th gen processor. I've got a 3070 so I'm good graphics card wise. This is what I'm thinking about as...
  37. m4di

    [SOLVED] I want to upgrade my computer. Check compatibility, please.

    Hello, Here is my current build: Case: NZXT H500i ATX CPU: i5 6500 LGA1151 GPU: MSI GTX 1060 6 GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8 GB MOBO: MSI Z170A M3 LGA1151 PSU: XFX 550W 80+ Bronze I want to upgrade my CPU to the following: (If you think that there's a better i7 or i9 CPU for around 1000-1500...
  38. L

    [SOLVED] Z690 and DDR4-3600MHz issues

    My z690 mobo advertises DDR4 speeds up to 5333mhz, my XMP profile to 3600mhz doesnt even boot Heres my specs: CPU: 12600k OC to 5ghz-P cores, 4ghz-E cores MOBO: Asus Prime D4 Z690-P RAM: 2x16gb Vengeance LPX 3600mhz 19-22-22-36 (advertised timings) CASE: Corsair 275R Airflow CPU Cooler: Arctic...
  39. matt_souza

    [SOLVED] SSD upgrade and power consumption differences

    I'm replacing my laptop's SSD, and I'm considering two options: 500GB WD Green SN350 and 500GB WD_BLACK SN750. My laptop is a VivoBook 15 (X513EP), and it came with a Western Digital's 256GB PC SN530. Looking over the specs for these three SSDs, I see that the SN750 seems to draw more power and...
  40. M

    [SOLVED] Kingston Fury Renegade compatibility with AMD B550 chipset?

    Hello, I am considering to buy one of two modules Kingston HyperX Fury HX436C18FB3/32 or Kingston Fury Renegade Black KF432C16RB/32 . Both should not have big performance differences, I guess, but Renegade is newer RAM. So there is compatibility question. My motherboard is Gigabyte B550M DS3H...