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  1. B

    Question System performance with RX 580 vs GTX 760

    Hello! So i have this confing: Asus M5A99X EVO FX 8370 4.3GHz - DeepCool Gammax 300 Ram - 8 GB 1600MHz 120Gb SSD ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II OC 2GB GDDR5 256-bit vs XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 4GB GDDR5 256-bit PSU - Corsair CX750 Dell 144hz monitor So i just bought the RX 580...
  2. adamcurpier

    Question New Build, Fresh Win 10 Install, Fails at BSOD - unexpected kernel mode trap

    Hey all, just did a new desktop build: Specs: I7-6700K Asrock Z270 Killer ac 16gb Corsair Veng. Corsair H110 Cooler Thermaltake 700w psu AMD 580 - 8gb gpu (Sapphire Nitro) 3 - 120gb ssd's SO ... used the win 10 media creation tool to make a bootable USB stick (using my laptop). When I try to...
  3. L

    Question GTX 1060 GPU preforms very poorly

    As the title says my GTX 1060 GPU is preforming very poorly after I reinstalled Windows 10, I did install latest drivers for it. Speccy results: Benchmark test: If you need additional...
  4. E


    Hi everyone. Ive been experiencing low fps in CSGO getting around 120-200, struggling to keep above 200fps. I have no idea why this is happening, ive set my GPU power management mode to max and no difference. My Rig: i7 7700k 16gb ram 2133 msi gtx 1070 gaming 8g asus strix z270f gaming
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Intel® CNVi interface 802.11vs. TP-Link Archer T4U V2 US Version

    Hi, my new motherboard (Adorus Z390 Xtreme) has a built in wifi adapter with the following specifications: Intel® CNVi interface 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, supporting 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band BLUETOOTH 5 Support for 11ac 160 MHz wireless standard and up to 1.73 Gbps data rate It came with two antennas. Is...
  6. ThisTies

    Question Can my r7 1700 run 3000mhz

    I Wanna finnish my build but don’t know ik I can run 3000mhz with a r7 1700 no overclocking. My motherboard is a asus b450-f
  7. Z

    [SOLVED] Bought a new GPU need a new build to get rid of my bottleneck

    First of all thank you for taking a look at my post! I bought a 2080 and now I am bottle necked pretty bad. If the Budget will not suffice for my preferred CPU I can use my same case and PSU if they will suffice. Approximate Purchase Date: Item's will be bought at about 2 week intervals unless...
  8. Anthony Mondz

    Question Will a Nvidia Quadro K600 get bottlenecked

    My new desktop will have a Quadro K600 and a Intel Core i5 4570 and I am not sure if it is gonna bottleneck or not.
  9. C

    Question Using PC with 5.1 surround Sound av receiver and 144hz monitor

    Ok so my current setup is a 60 hz refresh monitor with my 5.1 AV receiver. I want to get a 144hz with display port but my only problem is that I run hdmi passthrough on my receiver. The receiver only has hdmi and optical cable on the back. Can I run an hdmi from my gpu to my receiver and then...
  10. skyvolt

    Question Windows 10 keeps disabling the NIC

    Hi all. I need a help on my network card. I have a Acer V3-571G with Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet. The ID is PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_16B5&SUBSYS_06471025&REV_10 I am running Windows 10 Single Language Edition. For an unknown reason, Windows keeps dropping my connection with the network card. For...
  11. Question installing palit super jetstream 1070ti

    so this is my ugly pc, and im new to the whole scene. where do i go from here, as to the black pcie cables? or have i done -----------?
  12. W

    [SOLVED] What kinda graphic card is good for my phenom ii x4 830 ?

    tell me some good graphic card that will not bottleneck in my amd phenom ii x4 830
  13. P

    [SOLVED] Asus z270m plus + NVME - need help

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing fine. I have an Asus z270M - Plus - with an i7 7700k and my old Samsung ssd is falling on me. I want to upgrade to a NVMe SSD since its on a huge deal here. This one - SSD Kingston A1000 M.2 2280 240GB PCIe...
  14. QuanticR34

    [SOLVED] Can my Ryzen 5 2600 go to 4.2 ghz?

    I have OVerclocked my R5 2600 to 4.1ghz but i am wondering if it can go to 4.2 or even past if so what is that max it can go to, I am using a Stock cooler atm but i planning on getting a AiO cooler or a Dark Rock Pro 4 and which one should i get.
  15. B

    [SOLVED] Idle 100C for 2700x ?

    idle 100 C for 2700x not good right? or it is just a misreading?
  16. J

    Question Issues with the RX580 outputting to my monitor

    Hello. I recently picked up a used RX580 Nitro+ on Ebay with the intention of using it to replace my GTX960. However, the card wouldn't output to my monitor at all despite the card appearing to function normally (Fans spinning, blue LED.etc.). I tried this card on two systems, both my current PC...
  17. E

    Question Pc crashing after BIOS splash screen after installing new GPU, need help!

    So I recently uppgraded my GPU from a gtx 960 to a 1060 so I figured I'd give to 960 to my little brother, since he needed a new graphics card anyway. I uninstalled the radeon drivers for his ryzen 3 2200g, shut down the system and disconnected all the cables from the IO. I then installed the...
  18. Info I figured it out what is wrong with the M.2 SSD

    After I built my rig 5 months ago, everything was fine until I notice that my pc can't boot randomly. However, it's not like a significant thing in the first place because it's gone after I turn off my pc for like 10 minutes. I start to feel uncomfortable when it happened more often (Imagine how...
  19. B

    Question My GPU has lights but I have no display

    I've been using this PC for about four years now and suddenly my GPU HDMI and DVI ports stopped working and my PC won't detect my GPU at all. I can still boot the PC with no other issues, just by using the HDMI port on the motherboard. The GPU lights still come on, but other then that I get...
  20. Selynelar

    Question Weird texture problem in games

    Hi all, I have a very weird issue and so far in my country nobody knows the answer. I hope someone has any idea about it. I have an MSI gtx 1080 TI gaming X videocard and all of the games has excatly the same texture issue. I can say that the card is fine because with the previous one had the...
  21. L

    Question Ryzen memory and zen 2 help ???

    Hi I have a Killer SLI motherboard and G.Skill Trident Z 16GB Kit DDR4 3200MHz RAM. F4-3200C16D-16GTZB which is ment to be 3200Mhz which I've never been able to get through XMP or manual setup. I want to get Zen 2 when it comes out and to spread the cost I'd like to get the memory now. any...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck

    Will i5 4460 bottleneck rx 560 or 1050ti And which one is better considering that rx 560 costs 160euros and 1050ti 200euros in my country
  23. N

    Question cant decrease brightness in windows 10

    Hello everyone, I am using windows 10, ASUS X456UAK. My problem is I can not increase or decrease the laptop brightness. Event I tried from windows mobility center and found that the brightness bar is already in 0% but still brightness is in the max. I tried to find out the problem and googled...
  24. A

    Question PCI Slots

    Hello Everyone, My Laptops specification is telling me I got one PCI PEG Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 X16 Slot Empty and other 4 PCI-Express X1 Slots Empty Does that mean I can add GPU from those slots? Also I wanna know if same RAM slot supports both DDR3 and DDR4 type? Cause in my laptops specification...
  25. Athilmoosa

    Question Recommend a GPU for 200watt PSU and smaller CPU sff?

    Looking for a graphic card that would support my PC config Dell Vostro 3470-2019 SFF Desktop-Core i3 8th Gen || 8 GB DDR4 || 1 TB || Windows 10 Home
  26. C

    Question Windows 10 recovery drive questions

    I have a few questions I hope you can help me answer regarding the Windows 10 recovery drive and restoring Windows in general. 1.) If my OS one day decides to not boot, I understand that this can help "restore it to a bootable state". What does this mean exactly? When I make the recovery...
  27. E

    Question Faulty built in keyboard HP Elitebook 2560p Typing different letters

    Good morning all, I seem to be having a problem with my old HP Elitebook 2560P. Some of the keyboard letters are typing double and wrong , for example when I press the 'c' key I get 'ce' or if I press the 'e' key I get 'ce' . If I press 'P' I get #P and a few others. I've tried removing...
  28. E

    [SOLVED] What is causing my performance problems?

    Hello guys, I am quite inexperienced with PC components and performance tracking, so I figured you'd be the best to ask. I've started to have performance issues on newer games (Battlefield 5, insurgency) even though my GPU looks to be well above minimum requirements. Is my CPU, RAM or something...
  29. I

    Question What is a good, possibly $500 or lower build for a GT 710?

    Hi everyone, sorry if this isn't the right way to communicate here, but a few momths back I decided (without any knowledge on how) to build a pc for gaming. Now, I decided I'd buy a used one from a thrift store cause I didn't have that good of a job, working part-time and all, earning minimum...
  30. N

    Question How to connect multiple monitor to a single pc

    Hello everyone, I want to connect multiple monitor(more than 16 monitor) to a single pc while 15 monitors will be only used to show different different data from website and one monitor will be primary monitor for operating the pc. So far, I tried using splitter but that did not serve my...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] Want to move the center of my TV screen

    So I'm using the AMD Radeon Settings to Center my screen at a smaller resolution (4k to 1080p), and instead of having the smaller screen in the center I want to move it to eye height so I don't have to look up. Is there any way to achieve this?
  32. L

    PC won't go to BIOS

    I have just built a PC but i can't get an output and can't see anything on the monitor. Everything is connected properly.
  33. T

    75hz support for Dell SE2717HR & RX480 with DP adapter?

    I have a Gigabyte RX480 G1, which only has 1 HDMI port, and I had been using it with my Dell monitor at 75hz 1080p using a normal HDMI to HDMI cable. However, I got an Oculus Rift which also uses HDMI, so I wanted to have my monitor use one of the DisplayPorts on the RX 480 with a DP to HDMI...
  34. A

    Constand BSOD on FRESH Install of windows on brand new build

    As the title suggests, I'm getting non stop BSOD's on a fresh install of windows and a brand new build. Let's Start off with the specs and i'll give you guys more insight on what I've done to troubleshoot and the information I've gathered so far. CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x GPU: Asus ROG STRIX Radeon...
  35. aafusc2988

    Downloaded CPU-Z to see what it said about my memory... G-SKILL AEGIS 2x8GB DDR4 3000Mhz (XMP Profile - had to set as it was 2133Mhz at build or something) ASRock Z390 Extreme4 LGA 1151 motherboard be quiet! Shadow Rock TF2 cooler (overhangs RAM) My friend and I built the PC and we installed the two sticks of RAM in B1...
  36. XGamer_BiH

    Toshiba SSD can't be initialized

    Hello folks, I've got an SSD from a Toshiba laptop, and I tried using it on my PC, after the drivers got automatically installed, I didn't see the drive in My Computer. So I went into Disk management to see if it's there. First time entering it asked me to select the way that I'd like to...
  37. H

    Threadripper 2950X - Need help choosing high speed ~3600Mhz ram for gaming performance

    Hi All, Looking to upgrade my RAM keeping gaming performance as priority. My PC Specs are as follows CPU : AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x with CM Wraithripper cooler Mobo: MSI X399 Gaming pro Carbon AC GPU : Nvidia Zotac RTX 2080 Ti Memory: 2x16GB DDR4 G.Skill 3200Mhz Ripjaw V-series CL16 Hynix...
  38. S

    Is corsair Cx450m enough for rx 570 8gb?

    The rx is the sapphire nitro+. Cpu either ryzen 1700 or 2600. Neither will be overclocked. I just want a cheap, reliant, silent, semi (or full) modular psu...
  39. N

    [SOLVED] Cant turn on my new pc

    So im rly new to building pc and i bulid my pc today but theres is one problem. I have 8 pin atx on motherboard and 6pin and 4pin cables with power suply. And they cant split up. Pc is very budget and everything is cheap so yea im out of ideas. What do i do?
  40. G

    Gigabyte Planning Layoffs Amid Motherboard Woes - Report

    Gigabyte is reportedly planning to lay off motherboard workers as the segment’s dwindling sales numbers are expected to continue their decline into 2019. Gigabyte Planning Layoffs Amid Motherboard Woes - Report : Read more