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  1. P

    What PSU to buy???

    ive looked to many post but all of them talk about their own computer, so i could found any answer, this is my PC setup Thermaltake Core P7 Intel I7 7700k (with water cooling) 4x8 G skills trident z asus strix 1080ti (with water cooling) asus rog maximus IX formula (with water cooling) 2x EKWB...
  2. C

    Motherboard taking 3 minutes to boot PC

    I recently upgraded my computer and installed a new motherboard, cpu, and ram. I am currently using the ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 motherboard with an i7-7700k and GSkill Ripjaws V Series 3000mhz ddr4 ram. I am booting from my ssd and I have 3 raid 1 hard drive setups in there as well...
  3. M

    will 750 ti oc work amd a8 _5500

    hi just wondering i have amd a8 5500 with radeon hd 7560_d+r5 235 deul graphicks mem 6 gb ddr3 1600mht
  4. J

    toshiba satellite A505D S6968

    I would like to know know how much my 2009 toshiba satellite A505D S6968 worth?
  5. S

    Internet speeds slower on PC than all other devices

    I have BT Infinity, and doing speed tests on my phone and other devices I get download speeds of around 50 mbps with around 14mbps upload, and on my Xbox when downloading games I also get around these speeds the majority of the time. However, on my PC, doing multiple speed tests on different...
  6. Rexer

    Did the latest R9 390(x) drivers improve performance?

    I heard a rumor.. and the rumor is newer driver updates from AMD boost the 390(x) gpu clock speeds. The new Radeon drivers give the Hawaii/Grenada cool, stable clock speeds at 1200 mhz. (which would benefit the R9 290's as well). I can achieve overclocking to 1200mhz on my 390x but that speed is...
  7. A

    NVIDIA NOT working after update. Help!!!Please!

    Please help!!!I have a NVIDIA Geforce 560Ti running of Win7, 64bit. I had no problems with the card until th 28th Jan driver update when it stopped working and only showing me the blue screen of death.Restarting and running in the safe mode helps,but so far I have had NO luck with installing...
  8. T

    Best game screen recorder for windows?

    I want to know that which is the best game screen recorder among: Bandicam, Dxtory, OBS studio, D3DGear, Xsplit game caster and Fraps (Except shadow play and Action) I want to record CS GO gameplay. I want a better recorded video without lag both in game and in its video. And size of video must...
  9. D

    will it fix the bottleneck

    will a fx-8300 fix bottlenecking. Currently i have a gtx 1070 with a fx-4130 and its pretty awful on battlefield 1 and other highly intensive games
  10. B

    Will my setup limit an asus 1070 gpu?

    Hey guys im very new to building rigs. I wanted to upgrade my radeon 6970 to a asus rog 1070 gpu. My stats are: i5-2500k cpu Corsair vengeance 2x 4gb ram Thermaltake tr2 600w psu Z68MA-D2H-B3 Mobo Windows 7 OEM NZXT guardian mid tower case Is it worth it to only upgrade the gpu or do you guys...
  11. J

    Graphics Card Advice

    Can anyone recommend a graphics card to fit this machine - - to be able to play GTA etc with no probs? Thanks
  12. X

    Best mobo for i5 6500?

    Looking for the best motherboard that is no more than 80 dollars and i reliable. I do not plan on overclocking nor sli. Dont want it to be a pain to install and want no probs running windows 7. Just want something cheap and reliable. Thank you!
  13. A

    looking to close this topic

    how to remove threads?
  14. D

    Lenovo keyboard settings incorrect. Can't change it! Help!

    When I first booted up my laptop it prompted me to select a Keyboard letter configuration. I selected English (United States) - Dorvak Keyboard. But I really wanted the traditionalstandard US keyboard. I cant find the settings that allows me to change it. Now my default is Dorvak and the US...
  15. B

    Dell U2515H 25-Inch 8ms for gaming

    I want to get this Dell U2515H 25-Inch monitor for gaming and other things but im not sure if the 8ms would be too slow for me. I play alot of csgo and fps games and im not sure if 8ms would be bad. Im currently using and old acer monitor with a 5ms response which is good enough for me. Any...
  16. andrewman447

    Planning on moving from a stock Alienware. (only keeping drives and CPU) Anything I should be aware of?

    NZXT H440 is the case I'm planning on moving to. I am only planning on keeping my drives (3TB Hard drive with windows on it and 128gb SSD with a few games) and my CPU (Intel Core i7 4930K Ivy Bridge-E) I want to switch from the stock alienware motherboard. I'm trying to stay away from alienware...
  17. W

    No display with onboard graphics while a new card is installed.

    Hi, I recently bought a new GeForce GT 730, and removed my old GeForce 8400 GS drivers. Before, the 8400 was working just fine. After I removed the old card and plugged in the new one, I got no signal. However, when I took out the card, the onboard started working. ( as I am posting this...
  18. B

    trouble with my dell inspiron computer. cant get on the internet

    using window 8.1 isn't there a system key?
  19. G

    Upgrade My Rig

    OK, so I just bought my rig about 3 month's ago from Xidax. I am not having any problems with it at all at this time really. I just bought Battlefield Hardline and also running Call of Duty Advance Warfare and I have all the setting on Max with V-sync on as well and I think I am pulling around...
  20. D

    gtx 550 ti fan noise

    How loud is the gtx 550 ti in decibels? (I'm comparing gtx 550 ti fan noise to the evga gtx 980 super clocked acx 2.0 cooler noise) thanks!