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  1. YLChen

    Question Wrong Processor Name in CPU-Z

    We ran CPU-Z (version 1.9) on Intel E3940 system, but CPU-Z showed E3950 on processor name (other information is correct). We also checked the BIOS, it's E3940 without problem. Does anyone face the same situation? How to fix it? Appreciate any comments/suggestions.
  2. M

    Question Is My Memory Running As It Should?

    I am trying to figure out if my memory is running at the speed it was sold to be, DDR4 2400. The links are to screenshots of CPU-Z in my google drive: CPU-Z Memory Tab: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XYV4By9qjjo-iwCS-o419ZxXKn8DJwkB CPU-Z SPD Tab...
  3. B

    Question CL15 Ram is listing as CL16, but xmp properly set it to its intended CL15 in bios.

    My system is not allowing the correct RAM latency speed - it’s doing CL16 instead of 15. Hardware: Asus b450-f (bios updated) Ryzen 5 3600 16(2x8)gb ddr4 G.Skill Ripjaws 4, 3000mhz/CL-15-15-15-35 To start, the ram needed xmp on in the bios for it to register above 2k MHz speed - thankfully...
  4. F

    Question Help! Overclocking amd Fx6300/Ram Question

    I am experienced with overclocking but not an expert help me out to get the best balance between profomance and cool temps Graphics - Asus 1050 ti 4gb ddr5 Ram- ddr3 dual channel 4gb x2 dram freq of each module is 800 mhz but on my ram stick its written 1333mhz cpu- AMD FX-6300 Black Edition...
  5. KareemGT

    [SOLVED] RAM frequency

    My dual channel RAM (2x4gb) are supposed to be 1600Mhz but CPU-Z is showing them to be running at 668.8Mhz, Is this normal? CPU-Z screenshot: https://ibb.co/brtzrzs RAM model : https://ibb.co/3rRCGMW PC specs just in case: MB: Asus M5A97 R2.0 CPU: AMD FX-8350 8 Cores @ 4.0 GHz RAM: Corsair...
  6. S

    Is this graphic card compatible

    Hello. Will a gt730 or gt1030 run on my pc regarding the power as my psu provides 240W, max 265 it says on the sticker. i got 4gb of rams and a family x86 family processor something like that ?
  7. B

    Reboot and select proper boot

    Hi, How to fix the "reboot and select proper boot drive"? I use the EaseUs to wipe data on my HDD which contain some games and movies because i cant format it normally. I suspect the hdd was corrupt. Of course my windows in my SSD. But after the process was done. Suddenly my pc show the...
  8. R

    8700k worth buying If I won't be overclocking?

    Is the difference between a 8700 enough to justify buying it?
  9. S

    Safe to run window unit and pc in same room?

    Im not sure where to put this thread but is it safe to run a pc and a window unit ac at the same time on different outlets in the same room? I looked in my breaker box but it doesn't help. It just gives a list from 150 amps down to 40 and theres no clear diagram of my one bed/bath apt. My specs...
  10. J

    Even after i change my bios to default, computer wont boot.

    I have this pc for 4 months. Specs: I7 7700k 16 gigs ram Gtx 1070 It works perfectly fine until today, I go to bios setting and changed the X.M.P from disabled to #profile 1. I boot the computer and it wont start. And than i reset it to default and try to boot again and it still wont start it...
  11. M

    Need monitor help

    As of now I have a GTX 1060 3gb and i5 7400. Im buying a new monitor and cant decide on either a 1080p 240hz or a 1440p 144hz. Ive seen people say that a gtx 1060 cant rly run 1440p well so idk if I should get that or get the 240hz. If anyone could help thatd be great. Looking to order this friday
  12. S

    worth upgrading gtx970?

    Built my machine in 2015. Running i7-4790k@4GHZ and gtx 970. Want to know if it's worth upgrading to a GTX 1070? Should I wait - if so how long? Thanks.
  13. K

    wan network access

    hey everyone need help to configure local loop routers to access computer at each end . i.e i work for a company which has three branches over 3 towns and we just got wan with local loop network from an isp .the main brunch that i am get internet directly from isp and then shares it with the...
  14. M

    Cryorig M9I vs Cryorig C7

    Basically what the description says. Wondering which one is better. The C7 Looks Nicer and is $5 More. It's going to be on the MSI Mortar B150M LGA 1151 Artic Thanks!
  15. akattkisson

    13 Shows Like Game of Thrones (to Get You Through a Long Winter)

    Fill that Drogon-sized hole in your heart with these 13 awesome TV shows that will remind you of Game of Thrones. 13 Shows Like Game of Thrones (to Get You Through a Long Winter) : Read more
  16. N

    Files is corrupted with Help_Decrypt

    Files corrupted (.docx,.xlsx.pdf)all data has been corrupted please help me out. I have done data recovery but no use .
  17. B

    Razer Kraken audio not working

    I have a razer kraken and a few months ago my cat got to the audio splitter and broke it in half. I still have the headphones and the cord that connects to the headphones, and I have a splitter that can fit in the computer I have. The problem is, although I can hear through the headphones, I...
  18. M

    Cooler master v750 or seasonic m12ii 750

    Hey guys, I'm making a build around the i7 4790k and confused between these two psus which would be better for my cpu and will sli better
  19. K

    Replacing a Motherboard

    Hey Tom's I just lost my mobo in a storm and will be replacing it. I was using an ASUS z87-c because of my 4th gen i5 CPU. I've been out of the game for about two years though, so I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for an inexpensive replacement mobo with similar features.
  20. J

    Can an inspirion 7447 run the witcher 3

    Can I run the witcher 3 on a dell inspirion 7447? Specs: Intell I7-4710 GTX 850m SSD 250G 8GB Ram. Cheers