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  1. G

    How to fix loose power jack component in laptop?

    So when I connect my AC adapter to my laptop, the power will disconnect if i wiggle or twist the plug that goes into the laptop. I replaced my AC adapter and I have the same issue, so I think it is the power jack component in the laptop. My question is, how do I go about fixing this component...
  2. AleksiDj52

    My CPU says that it can go 3.2ghz but i don't see it

    Hello everyone I have Intel Core I5 750 2.67ghz and in the processor it says that It can go to 3.2ghz. Do I have to overclock it? or I have to change some settings in the BIOS? Specs: GigaByte motherboard GA-P55M-UD2 Intel Core I5 750 2.67ghz Geforce GT 9800 Corsair 12gb Ram 1333mhz PSU...
  3. A

    RX 460 2/4GB OR GTX 1050ti ?

    which one is better for 1080p gaming? I currently have an HD 7770 in my rig.. cpu:amd athlon x4 750k ram:8gb psu:corsair cx500m
  4. S

    How can I use aux input in car audio system with portable CD player?

    [b]Bought new 2017 kia Optima car. It doesn't have a CD player. We have numerous CDs. Can I use a relatively inexpensive cd player connected to the sound system aux port? What would I need?
  5. M

    Canon 60D cannot be detected by PC

    Hi everyone! So recently I got myself a desire to start streaming via my Canon 60D and started figuring out how it goes. Nothing special really, just got the cables(USB one and micro HDMI in to HDMI out) and and installed EOS utility on PC and updated it and that's basically it. But now I'm...
  6. N

    Help with first gaming build

    I just picked out the parts for my first gaming build and just wanted any suggestions or advice (about compatibility or anything I have wrong)
  7. E

    best wireless router to use as wireless access point?

    my isp's (fios) router has a crappy built in wireless, but given it is both a coax converter and used for dvr stuff "I can not get rid off it. I need advice on a $60 to $80 dollar router to use as a wireless access point. I have a 75mbs connection and a moderately sized house.
  8. T

    Got blue screen, now screen is black

    Hi! I got a blue screen yesterday, and after trying rebooting several times and reading other similar problems, im still clueless. So what is happenibg after the blue screen is that the bios loads like normal, then I get a black screen and nothing more happens. Ive tried to boot from hdd and cd...
  9. Q

    Can't create system image

    I'm trying to create a system image on an external hard drive, but when I tell it to create one, it just keeps saying "Looking for backup devices" forever.
  10. I

    SLI with gtx 1080 and ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP

    I am think about buying the [GTX 1080 VR Ready] SkyTech Supremacy Gaming Computer PC Desktop i7-6700K 4.0Ghz, 360mm RGB Liquid Cooled, GTX 1080 8GB, 2TB HDD, 480GB SSD, 32GB DDR4, Win 10 Pro 64-bit on amazon link here...
  11. P

    Disable fan warning on desktop video cards

    I assume that all desktop graphics cards with fans have a warning in case the fan dies or is disconnected, but maybe that's not valid. Can this warning be disabled and is it saved between boots? Please list the manufacturer and model number with your answer. Thanks in advance.
  12. B

    Looking for a reliable PSU

    My system was burned by a corsair cs650m. The warranty covered everything ( no idea why) and it is now time to build. I have a radeon r9 390 and an i5 6600k. I will be happy if you can offer me something that wont get me in the same trouble. Btw i live in Bulgaria and here EVGA is not an option.
  13. B

    My new custom-made gaming computer (PC) keeps freezing up,

    so every since I got my new pc from cyberpower pc, it always kept freezing up even when playing the lowest graphics possible. like come on, I paid like 1,500 dollars for the pc and it cant even run low quality games, it gets me mad. so I think its time to ask the PROS what my computer may have...
  14. F

    mini itx cooler case combo for 6700k

    just bought a gigabyte z170 gaming 5 motherboard with i6700k. Not expecting to buy a GPU, looking for smallest possible case. Thinking of getting the in win bq695 case but CPU cooler clearance is ~43mm, Cryorig C7 comes in at 47mm.
  15. B

    Cant get my PC to boot anymore, only black screen, but fans are running

    Hello, i really need your help! A month ago or so, i encountered that my pc would not start. The LED's would light and the fans would run but no signal would come to the monitor. I took the power off and then tried again and then it worked. But lately the problem became worse. It would happen...
  16. C

    1080p gaming build

    I'm looking to build a computer for World of Warcraft and of course the usual browsing as well as school work. I do not plan on playing any other games on the computer for now or the foreseeable future as I have a console. I heard WoW is more CPU intensive. Will the i3 suffice? Also, I had...
  17. W

    Cpu socket pin bent with building

    hi after my new build pc didn't turn on. (didn't respond at all) i found out that a pin in the cpu socket was bent. only 1 pin was bent the rest of the socket was fine. (socket 1151). i haven't checked the socket before installing the cpu. maybe stupid, but you assume everything is fine :) i...
  18. A

    Should I clean it

    Yesterday I reapplied my thermal paste, because I knew I had previously put on too much, and when I took out the cpu cooler it was indeed too much. Some of it fell on the cpu PCB(it is Arctic Cooling MX-4 so non electrical inductive). I cleaned the cpu as best as I could without removing it and...
  19. G

    Weird noise from hdd

    Hi, so i just built new pc except hdd and it makes weird noise, my fans run slow at 560- 700 rpm, but pc still makes weird, annoying noise. opened the case and i think its the hdd who makes it. It works every 2 sec and makes this "crunch" sound but thats not what annoys me, it also makes...
  20. J

    Budget build of 430

    This Is my budget build to play triple a titles at respectable fps and resolution. : Proccessor : i3-6100 Mobo : gigabyte LGA1151 Intel h110 Ram.: Kingston hyperx fury black. 8gb Memory : 500gb seagate 5900rpm 8mb cache Graphics card : EVGA geforce GTX 950 sc+ Psu: 650watts Case : rosewill...
  21. R

    lost my motherboard dvd, and have to update drivers for my motherboard because of bluescreen issuses

    hi I have lost my moterboard dvd latly my pc has been bluescrrening alot pritty sure its about an hour after boot each time so I have been googling alot for an answear for my problem and founf out that I probaly should update my drivers for my mother board then the problem is that I no...
  22. M

    My laptop screen broke and it won't connect to my monitor

    I broke my laptop screen A few months ago and I got it back a few weeks ago. it worked fine but yesterday I turned it on and my monitor said no signal. I tried a different hdmi cable and it said no signal again. I also tried my sisters laptop and that connected just fine. I know my laptop is...
  23. I

    3 Monitors on Radeon 7970

    I'm trying to hook up a 3rd monitor to my desktop using the HDMI port as well as the two DVI ports that it has. Screencaps of my display settings: It detects all 3 monitors but for the third one it wont use it unless there are only two monitors plugged in. How do I get...

    google chrome slow

    I tried to start up google chome, and theses last 2 days it seems like it takes longer like 5 secs when It used to be instant. I have a i5 6600k not oc fresh built computer don't know why it's doing it granted I was downloading something, but it's weird and never happened before.
  25. G

    Need replacement GPU for older system

    Hi, I just signed up to the forum because I really need some advice regarding what GPU is best for my, admittedly dated, system. You see, I built my PC about 4 years ago and until earlier this year I had a 560ti in it, however that card died and since then I've been running with my ancient...
  26. M

    No graphical output

    Hey guys, I've just started building a new computer and having a really weird issue. When I plug in the computer to the power everything turns on and fans start spinning on everything including the GFX. But when I connect a cable to the graphics card, nothing happens? I've tried to remove the...
  27. I

    Best X99 Motherboard currently?

    Looking to upgrade pretty much my entire desktop after 5 years. What is the best X99 motherboard under $300? (Godlike one is prolly the best but not paying $600 for it. already paying $550 for the gtx 1080 lol.) Two I was looking at are the MSI Gaming 7 and MSI Pro Carbon...
  28. MushBrain

    PhysX causing low GPU usage (GPU PhysX)

    Hi everyone I own a GTX 580, I have been having strange issues with Batman Arkham Origins, if I disable PhysX altogether the 580 runs the game on max settings flawlessly sans MSAA (use FXAA), if I enable high PhysX, in the benchmark with no effects even in use the FPS will drops to 40-30 FPS and...
  29. Y

    Limiting multiple users on WIFI on a single setup?

    Hi, i recently moved in with my GF and lets say internet is not cutting it out. I have 10mb down and 1mb up. Yeah i know 1mb is crap. Anyway, she barely uses the internet, but when she does, most of the time it LAG Spikes while I play. I was hoping i could limit her up to 4mb down speed and...
  30. I

    What is an original model name?

    I'm trying to do my rebates but I'm not sure what the original model name is. There's a sticker with the serial no., part no., product name, EAN, dimensions, and the weight on it. Is the original model name on this sticker or do I cut out the big name out of the box (ASRock Z97 Extreme6)? Thanks.
  31. N

    Red and blue artifacts followed by system reset

    I just rma'd my GPU and waiting on the replacement, does this sound like a GPU issue to you guys? It can happen anywhere between 5 minutes gaming or 6 hours down the line, the screen hangs and is followed by red/blue artifacts (can still hear the game sound and YouTube running some music) which...
  32. F

    Do you need an SSD for a gaming build

    I was wondering if it was worth spending a little extra on getting a 250 GB SSD to boot my operating system off of and I want to know gaming wise how much in an improvment in performance will I get while playing games. My specs: Cpu i7-4790k 4.4ghz GPU GTX 970 16gb 1600mhz RAM 1tb hard drive
  33. P

    Looking for the best performing lowest priced laptop to play sims 4 and it's add on

    Looking for the best performing lowest priced laptop to play sims 4 and it's add on.I've read through some other forums and it sounds like desktops are cheaper and give better gaming experience and laptops are more expensive and don't offer great quality as the desktops. However I'd also need...
  34. S

    Graphics card selection problem

    hello sir, I have intel dg41ty mother board so can i use (Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card) for my mother board my system specs are as follows:- 1)intel core 2 duo E7500 Processor 2)intel dg41ty mother board 3)4GB ram ddr2 4)seagate 1 tb hard disk 5)450 watt...
  35. T

    7.94 GB Usable of 12 GB Ram

    My MSI A78-E35 motherboard only has two ram slots, I have an 8Gb ram and a 4Gb ram installed and both are recognized with details about each by multiple applications such as AMD Overdrive. However only 7.94 is usable and only 8192MB shows up in the BIOS, even though when I go to board explorer...
  36. B

    MEMORY MANAGEMENT ERROR (can someone help me)?

    Hi there, I recently built a computer myself which has the following components in it: - Corsair 8 GB DDR3-1600 Kit (2 x 4GB - CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) - AMD FX-8350, 4,0 GHz - Seagate Barracuda 7200.14, 1 TB - ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 - Sharkoon WPM700 Bronze - ASUS STRIX-R7370-DC2OC-4GD5-GAMING These...
  37. I

    Display Port to HDMI 2.0 Cable

    I need a cable that can connect my R9 390 and my 4K TV. My TV only has HDMI 2.0 ports and no display ports and the R9 390 has no HDMI 2.0 ports. I would prefer an amazon link.
  38. Zinrokh

    Gaming build upgrade: questions and suggestions

    I"m not particularly knowledgeable with PC specifics and would like some input and advice, please. Currently I have a 4-5 year old system, (a build that was copied from an old forum post on this site), it has served me faithfully through the years but I think it may be time to upgrade to allow...
  39. T

    install more Ram on P8p67 motherboard

    At the moment I have 2x2 gb of ram, Samsung, Dual Channel DDR3 @ 668 mhz (9-9-9-24). Can I upgrade to for instance 2x4 gb and if so what would be a good choice, perhaps around £70 to £80. Thanks
  40. A

    Are these parts compatible for my gaming computer?

    Im trying to build a gaming computer and im wondering if these parts would be good to finally start building Motherboard:Gigabyte LGA 1150 Intel H97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX DDR3 1600 ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER...