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  1. Avik Basu

    What is the Difference between the different types of Western Digital My Passport External Drives?

    A year or so ago I had bought a Western Digital My Passport 1TB drive after checking and some other places. I want to buy another one but now whenever I check Amazon or other online stores I only find My Passport Ultra and, recently, My Passport X. I have checked their reviews...
  2. C

    Looking to upgrade to a 980, what modifications would you make to my current build? Looking to upgrade my 2 year old build, what would you guys upgrade in order to better suite the 980 if anything at all. looking to replace the more outdated parts. also, is there a very big difference in performance from all of the different 980 models? ASUS...
  3. M

    1680x1050 GPU upgrade

    Best gpu for 1680x1050 monitor? budget 150$-200$ Psu : 500w blue storm II now i have gt 430
  4. U

    GTX 970 Strix by ASUS fan and GPU usage spiking in games

    I was just opening up a game (World of Wacraft on ultra settings), and there had not gone 1 second before my fan started running wild and being very noisy. I searched on the forums and found not very much similar. I know that the fan is supposed to start when the card is under load, but it...
  5. IInuyasha74

    Dropbox Clementine Acquisition Points To Possible Skype-Like Competitor

    Dropbox acquired Clementine, a company providing secure voice and text messaging services for BYOD businesses. Dropbox Clementine Acquisition Points To Possible Skype-Like Competitor : Read more
  6. D

    mini itx motherboard

    can i use an asus z97i plus motherboard with my i7-4790k or will i need a better one. i am going to use it for gaming with my msi GTX970 4g gaming
  7. W

    how to and if i can combine two different graphics cards like R7 and R9

    i have AMD radeon R7 and R9 they both 270x and i wanna know if i can somehowcombine them for more GB and more graphics power i have 2048MB ich card
  8. TheGRz

    Do i need to change my PSU to put Sapphire Radeon R7 240 1GB DDR5 in my PC???

    Hi, I'm buying a Sapphire Radeon R7 240 1GB DDR5 graphics card soon. My current psu is "Zebronics ZEB-450W Value" someone said me that I need to upgrade my psu to fix a graphics card on my pc. Or upgrading my RAM (Now 4GB-8GB) But I still doubt that "do I really need to buy a new psu? Cause...
  9. R

    how can i delete everything from my sd card i lost my phone

    I lost my phone. How i format my sd card and phone data.Is it possibele?
  10. O

    Absolute beginner's questions re: PC gaming setup

    My apologies to all you experts, but I need help with 2 very, very basic questions in the context of considering getting a PC rather than an Xbox: 1) How does a PC accommodate 2 or more different controllers--can they be wired, or do they have to be wireless? if wired, then through which ports...
  11. T

    Need new monitor

    Hello all, I am looking for a new monitor. I would like to know everyone opinion for what they think i should get. budget is around $150 +/- like $20 need speakers in it for gaming all types of games i have a msi r9 280x graphics card overclocked around 23" since i have limited space for the...
  12. F

    gaming on this pc

    Hello. Just want to know on which settings can i run these games: Alan wake, la noire, the evil within, dying light, resident evil 6, resident evil revelations 2, ac unity, resident evil 4 hd and resident evil hd remastered, payday 2, watch dogs, max payne 3. My specs: CPU: AMD FX 6350 3.9 GHZ...
  13. L

    can I use my win7 laptop recovery disc on my desktop ? desktop has its own license key

    Hey everybody. ... so I was wondering ...I am not gonna use my laptoos key . Desktop has its own key but I have lost thre installation cd and I only gave laptops recovery disk ! Is it gonna cause problems to my desktop if I install that disk ?
  14. M

    BSOD when playing GTA V

    Ive never had this problem until i started playing GTA V, My computer will just get the blue screen randomly and it will happen at least 2 times an hour. Ive tried lowering the display on gta but still get the same issue. The game runs perfectly but unsure why i keep getting the blue screen...
  15. customgtp

    ASUS m5a99fx pro r2.0 FX 8350 overclocking G.SKILL sniper 1866 ram issues

    Ok, I read this: Pretty much my issue. I am trying to overclock to a simple 4.4 for now. Works fine if I keep ram/memory on auto and not force 1866 and timing....but i'm worried about timing being...
  16. shaunak1

    How to handle the new hard drive for working long and happy live !

    I bought wd blue hdd. Please tell me the neat & clean uses, how to handle for best results !
  17. C

    Sapphire Radeon hd 7970 problem

    So today has been one to forget. My parents have a PC that I built for them a few months ago and the 750W power supply I had in it decided to quit working; all parts are fine so that was a relief. I plugged my power supply in to test it. So when putting my PC back together I noticed that my...
  18. maarkr

    What would you check before buying a used laptop? (software)

    I can check out the obvious appearance, devices/keys function, boot functions, BIOS... but what would you check to be sure there's no other issues before buying a laptop from someone you don't know? I can think of: run Windows validation check check the serial on "" run...
  19. eddieb101

    I need help in overclocking my system

    Firstly here is my computer current specs... Processor: i5 2500k 3.3GHz (Sandy Bridge) CPU Cooler: Gelid Tranquillo Motherboard: Gigabyte P67A-UD3 Memory: 4GB Mushkin Sliverline DDR3 1333MHz CL9 1.5v HDD: Samsung spinpoint F3 - 1TB Graphics: MSI GTX460 cyclone 1GB PSU: 600w Corsair 80%...
  20. R

    AMD A10-5745m for programming and design?

    hi folks. i'm looking to buy a new laptop and i'm on a budget. my main use will be to run automation & programming softwares like Siemens Simatic Manager, RSLogix5000, Wonderware Intouch, Visual Studio etc. I'm currently looking at the HP Pavillion 15, with the AMD A10 5745M proc, 4 GB ram...
  21. K

    Micro SD can't read and can't format

    I need some help with my micro sd yesterday the micro sd is working just fine now it doesn't read on both of my phone (i tried switching the micro sd but it still doesn't read) and i tried to connect my phone (with the micro sd in it) to my laptop but the laptop doesn't read the micro sd and...
  22. C

    Blinking HP symbol on my laptop.

    I have an HP DV7-6135DX that will not come on. When I plug the charger into it, the HP Symbol on top of it just flashes, and so does the light right next to the ac adapter. I've tried googling the problem, but the only thing that has come close is when the capslock and numlock buttons flash...
  23. D

    Gta 4 horrible lag please help!

    Hey guys, I recently installed gta 4 with hopes of downloading the lcpdfr mod. So far I have been unable to make the game itself playable before I even download the mod. I will post my benchmark test I have messed with all the settings from everything on the lowest to highest, tried all the...
  24. J

    Would Like Some Upgrade Advice

    I'm currently using a frankenstein'd prebuilt computer. The specs are: Intel core 2 quad q6600 Radeon 7770 Antec 400w High Current Gamer A friend recently gave me 8gb ddr3 ram and a Radeon 7950. Im planning on getting: I5-4460 H97 motherboard Seasonic G-550 Is this a good choice? I live in...
  25. I

    Computer Speakers vs Your Own Stero Setup

    I had ordered the klipsch ProMedia speakers for my desktop, but from what I have heard, if they were built since their klipsch's acquisition, they arent very good. I am now thinking about building my own stereo setup with a $300 budget. These are primarily for music, although I will also game...
  26. H

    Which slots do I insert the RAMs?

    The Asus x99-A LGA 2011 motherboard has 8 RAM slots in total. I'm going to be using 4 x 8GB (32GB) but I don't know which slot I'm suppose to insert them in? Does it matter?
  27. J

    What should I do to my current display?

    Currently I having a GTX 780 running a Qnix 27 in 1440p monitor, flanked by two dell 2007fp's in portrait. I am planning on buying 2 970s for Christmas and I have been thinking about surround 1440p (how bad would the frame rate be?), surround 1080p with 2 other 27in 1080p monitors flanking my...
  28. A

    [WTS] Graphics, Motherboard, Processor, Power Supplies, Memory, SSD.. Check it out!

    Radeon R9 270:GIGABYTE GV-R927OC-2GD Radeon R9 270 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready Video Card - 150$ Radeon R9 290x:R9 290X, AXR9 290X 4GBD5-MDHG/OC - 500$ MSI GD65 Z77A MOTHERBOARD:MSI Z77A-GD65 Z77 DDR3 1600 LGA 1155 - 150$ Forgot to take a picture of this one but heres a link...
  29. I

    SSD with OS only crashing

    So recently I've started having problems with my SSD. My PC has blue screened a couple times and when I go to reboot it it doesn't recognize the SSD even being there. It's working fine right now as I type this though. I'm wondering if it's dieing slowly or if the problem is elsewhere. I've ran a...
  30. A

    Computer price reduction and performance

    After asking around, I have found some components, that when all put into Amazon, comes to about $805, higher than what I would like, including shipping and tax. Now my question is how will will this perform on games such as Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2, and can I make it cheaper still without...
  31. Arishok N7

    Which GTX 980 has the most power?

    Lets put aside our love for any particular company. I just want to know, which 980 as of right now is the strongest? Basically, which one will give the best performance?
  32. A

    Monitor not connecting to pc

    I recently built a pc but it doesn't seem to connect to my monitor. Im starting to think that something is wrong with the pc that I just built. Can someone please help me fix this problem!!!!!!!!!
  33. PhatLloyd

    Throttling from Hell

    Greetings. For clarity, I'm from South Africa. The 2 main ISP's are Telkom (also doing land-lines and ADSL line rentals) and MWeb. If I want ADLS I have to go through Telkom. My predicament: I got 2Mbps, uncapped internet from Telkom in June this year. Being a teen I immediately started...
  34. L

    Why do all the psu's i buy smell?

    hello, so after inspecting the smell in my computer i realized it was coming from the psu(500w unbranded),so i decided to replace it with a Corsair CX 600w. since i started using that, it also had a type of burning smell coming from it, so once again i replaced that one too with a EVGA 600b...
  35. yellowpois0n

    AMD build vs Intel build

    These are my last 2 builds and one of them are going to be the victor. They both come at around same price, however I have no clue performance wise. Intel build: AMD build: Can someone tell me which build is better performance...
  36. T

    Noticeable differences between 780 TI and 980?

    I have 2x 780 TI, and obviously I know that there's 5% performance difference (literally 3-5 FPS in games and so on). Is it worth upgrading? If you'll look well, you can get 780 TI for £385, whereas 980 is about £430-440?
  37. G

    Xeon 1230v2 or i5-3570k for streaming?

    Hello! Would you recommend an Intel Xeon 1230v2 or an i5-3570k for gaming and streaming with OBS? I've got a Z77 motherboard and I can OC the i5 to +4,5 GHz. Just not sure is the HT still better for streaming? My GPU is R9 280. Suggestions? Yours, Xoxo
  38. Azathoth667

    Asus X202E random freezing

    Hello, I have an Asus X202E laptop that I've had for almost a year. It came with Windows 8.0 and I noticed maybe a few months into using it that it will randomly freeze and I can only do a hard reboot. There is a slightly larger probability that it will freeze within 10 minutes of it booting...
  39. T

    Please help upgradeing computer

    i am wanting to start livestreaming and just upgrade my computer for gameing so wanting to know what i could do to help. AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor Memory (RAM) 6.00 GB Graphics ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series Gaming graphics 3323 MB Total available graphics memory Primary hard disk...
  40. MrJak

    PCIe SATA3 Controllers -- x1 Not Fast Enough?

    Okay, I have a PC with SATA 2 connections, and I was looking to boost it to SATA 3, and I found PCIe controllers that used one slot, and others that used 4. I took a moment and wondered if gen 1 PCIe was fast enough to handle multiple 6Gb/s connections, and found, on wikipedia, that the max...