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  1. R

    144hz or 75hz

    Hello, i need some help from you guys, i mostly play Wow, Wot and some Fortnite. Is there any good budget monitor you can suggest for me? I don't know real difference in these games between 75hz and 144hz monitors.
  2. H

    Soldering a Headphone's cables directly to front panel audio coonector

    I have a broken headphone and quite a few frontpanel audio connectors. Is it possible and if it is which cables should I connect to which? I have a Philips shp 2000.(I'm 15 and don't have enough money to buy a newone)
  3. A

    htpc Build for Movies good/ ok?

    So these are some of my old parts, some are new i don't know if its ok for just watching movies. Intel Pentium E2160 LGA775 Processor ASUS P5S MX SE LGA775 Mobo 2GB DDR2 Ram 500GB WDC Blue 3.5" HDD MSI GT730 Ver 3. 2GB DDR3 RAKK 450Watt PSU RAKK PHANTOM X Case
  4. A

    What to prioritize when buying a Monitor for gaming

    Hey guys, I wanted to buy a gaming monitor for myself and I had several questions when looking at what to buy. First off, what should be the most important aspect to someone who is planning to use it solely for games and web browsing? I assume refresh rate is the most important so I was just...
  5. Jack_paric

    word wont allow me to save files

    Ok, so when i want to save something in word, it says File not found, check name and try again. well why would it say this when I want to save something it usually cant be found..... I was looking on the net but only found some linux stuff. thx for advice.
  6. N

    Front panel switches

    I started to build my pc and I only have h.d.d led + and - in the same switch thing and power sw and can i use only these or do i need the rest like reset SW and does other ones
  7. Z

    Need help finding compatible motherboard for the CPU I want to upgrade to

    I currently have an A10 Kaveri APU and it's bottlenecking my 1050Ti. I'm considering upgrading to an i3 and I'm trying to find a compatible motherboard which supports DDR3 RAM and has DualBOIS. Any help is appreciated.
  8. T

    Can I use my HDD that was used in my old desktop and use it for my new desktop?

    I'm building a new PC and was wondering if I can take the HDD out of my old PC and put it in my new desktop. I should still be able to access the files and no, the OS is not stored on this HDD. I have a separate SSD that will have the OS on it. All I want to do is to be able to connect my steam...
  9. J

    rx 550 driver issue

    please help tried everything to install the driver and i keep getting code 43 everytime
  10. S

    GTA V For My laptop

    Can I run GTA V on my laptop? Specs:- Intel i3 6th gen processor, 8GB ram, AMD Radeon 520 2GB graphics, 1TB hard disk
  11. D

    1080 Ti dilemma

    Hi guys Just noticed a pretty decent deal on overclockers for the Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC 11G its £50 cheaper than the EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1080TI SC2 which I heard was a pretty solid all rounder with not many issues with cooling and fan sound. Is this gigabyte card im on about better than...
  12. D

    Gtx 1050ti or i5 4570 for i3 4130

    Need solution for increase fps in gaming for i3 4130. Replace old gtx 650 with gtx 1050 ti or go for i5 4570 will give me more fps ? Thanks..
  13. steven37

    Best slim laptop on market in price range

    Friend asked for help finding a laptop but I don't really know much about laptops.. so I ask what is the best laptop with a slim design for under $1200 Doesn't need to play high intensive games. Needs to handle photoshop and other editing software The one I've found so far is the Dell XPS 13 if...
  14. T

    Loss of parts of word documents

    I am typing along and have about one quarter of the document done. I save this part. Next I am in the middle of typing and suddenly what I have just typed has disappeared. Why?
  15. B

    Skyrim or Skyrim SE

    I have the Dell inspiron and wondering if i can run Skyrim SE with A lot of mods on ultra/high Setting or should i just get Skyrim with mods and run it on ultra?
  16. B

    Can 1GB DDR3 GT210 GigaByte this run on Ryzen 5 1600 and AM4 motherboard?

    I want to get a Ryzen 5 1600 and shopping for cheap graphics card. And I want to put that cheap graphics card as I don't game at all. 1GB DDR3 GT210 GigaByte Will this card fit in the motherboard AM4? AM4 ASUS PRIME B350M-A...
  17. S

    Will this pc be good for low end gaming?

    So I have been thinking of building a pc for a while now, and I have got a few parts in mind. I have an AMD athlon x4 860k quad core 3.7ghz, 8gb ddr3 ram, and a gtx 1050 ti 4gb graphics card. I am on a budget of around £400-450. Any recomendations would be appreciated, thanks
  18. R

    Need help overclocking CPU

    I have a 7700k and I feel like the temps are really weird. I just installed it last week and have been running it at stock. When I tried to overclock to 4.8GHz with a vcore of 1.24v the temps go to the mid 80s. Is this normal of this CPU. I knew this CPU was hot, but at 1.24 it seems really...
  19. A

    Router WiFi -> Laptop ->(cable)-> Desktop

    As the title says I am trying to get my internet to my desktop. I can't run a cable directly form the router due to doors. I googled how to turn your laptop into an access point and it told me that I should enable sharing under Wifi properties -> sharing -> enable sharing to internet to other...
  20. T

    Game lags even with really good parts???

    My specs are as follows gtx 1060 3 GB 32 GB of RAM AMD Phenom II x6 1055t 1 TB WD Blue Hard drive I also noticed that while in game the CPU doesn't even go above 60% usage so what is happening? I'm very confused.... I believe my cpu is bottle necking the gpu because I can't even run games on...